A Look at Production Kotobukiya Roll Kit

Kotobukiya's Roll figure kit should be released in a matter of weeks if not days. As a sign of its impending production, a hobby magazine has released some shots of the figure crafted with a test run of the mass production parts. This should give you an idea of what to expect when you make the figure yourself. While painting is certainly not required, it is needed to make the figure look as good as the promotional prototype. A couple things to note. First, the kit will definitely come with eye plates that have eyes painted on them, just like the Rockman figure does, so don't worry about being stuck with a zombie Roll. Additionally, while her ribbon is made with white plastic here, odds are good that particular part will be painted green during production. This similarly occurred with the Rockman figure, whose buster gauge was painted yellow after being molded with white plastic (you can an example of this before the painting here).

Thanks, Auto! (Image via Toy-World)

Roll Gets Cutesy on Kotobukiya Box

Been a little while since we've heard from Kotobukiya, but don't worry - they don't want your money any less. As a reminder that the Kotobukiya brand Roll figure is coming this December, they've revealed the kit's box design, showcasing both Roll's original and Mega Man 8 costumes all cutesy-like. If you recall, the kits contains pieces to dress Roll in either costume. You planning on importing her next month? Or might you wait to see when a US release is announced? For images of the figure itself, check here (though remember, these are from a finely tuned prototype).

News Credit: CAP Kobun