Legends/DASH 3 Appreciation Art Starts Rolling In

Teisel tries his best to draw...So, Mega Man Legends 3. Pretty big deal. Lots of people excited. Some crying even, I've heard. I doubt it'd be an exaggeration to say this will be perhaps the most anticipated Mega Man game for another whole 10 years. So it's no surprise that those with an artistic affinity are already celebrating the best way they know how. Past the break, you can check out a gallery of Legends 3 love in visual form. Though I will admit, a lot of this was found on Pixiv. Pick up the pace, western artists! But for now, hit the jump below and enjoy the wonderful eye candy.

by Yaguruma

by Cement

by CAP Kobun

by Yoshi

by Dinef

by Grand

by Umeboshi


by Postino

by Ryuufu Yuya

by M'i

by Yosaku

by Unou

by Kinniku

by Radix

by Midoriko

by Kevin X.Nelms

by Heat Man... yeah

Ok, so maybe that last one doesn't quite count. But yes, lots of fantastic artwork (besides mine), and sure to be many more to come! In fact, if you have your own celebratory Legends 3 fan art, be sure to promote it in the comments! Or better yet, submit fan art to our gallery!