Let's Welcome Reo Uratani, Composer

Tonight we are introduced to another member of the Mega Man Legends 3 development team: Reo Uratani. Uratani is the main composer for the music in Legends 3. AndI think we're all aware that getting into the music of Mega Man is serious business, so I don't envy the burden on him. Uratani seems to understand the intricacies, explaining the task handed to him here:

A composer's job is to create music, but it's not as simple as that -- especially for a game music composer. It's imperative that we think about things like what's going on in the game, when a song will play, what kind of song it should be, etcetera, etcetera. We have to consider the whole package when composing because it's no good if we come up with the best song in the world if it's going to clash with where it's going to be used.

As someone who lives vicariously through Mega Man music, I must confess Uratani is not someone I'm familiar with yet. So far the only other game I can attribute him to is Monster Hunter Tri, which truly has fantastic music. I greatly look forward to hearing how Legends 3's music comes along.

Besides introductions, Uratani also comes with a little info for our interests. First, he announces that those people whose Bonne mecha designs are chosen as finalists will be notified this Friday, the 10th. He also mentions that he is trying to come up with a sound-related event, so all you composers out there might want to brush off your Yamaha keyboards. For now, though, he invites us to contribute what songs we really like most from the Legends games. Be sure to check out his full post.

Oh, and while not related to Uratani, Capcom Unity is offering a special Legends 3 artwork themed after the Bonne mecha contest that you can use as a backdrop for your mobile phone. Go grab it!

Say Hello to Fujikawa and Ozaki

As the final hours of the Bonne mecha design contest roll on, let's take a little time to meet more of the people at Capcom who will be working our ideas into Mega Man Legends 3, via Capcom Unity. Our first introduction is a little belated; it's Programming Director Yoshiyuki Fujikawa. He'll be in charge of putting the bits and bytes of our contributions together. Says Fujikawa:

In the past, there have been titles where we've attempted to involve users by holding boss character proposal contests, and asking users for beta version opinions and feedback. But I think that this Legends Devroom takes that concept much further than anything we've ever done before, and I personally am both very excited... and nervous.

I mean I've got in-house planners making crazy requests, telling me they want like "3000 exploding missiles" and stuff... I can only imagine the kind of requests that might come in from the people in our Devroom.

Don't worry, Fujikawa. I think 2,980 missiles will suffice pretty well. You check his full blog post here. And next up is Kohei Ozaki, the Planning Director of MML3. Ozaki's task is, well, pretty much everything outside of the game's core components. As he puts it:

There are those out there who hear the title "game planner" and immediately think that my job is all about taking my ideas and creating the game exactly as I envision it, but it's actually more accurate to say that my job is to ask and count on others to make what I think up. So actually, you could say that I'm the most unskilled person on the dev team. I can't draw or write, I can't make the models that go in the game, and I can't program. I'm hopelessly tone-deaf, so sound-related stuff is completely out of the question. Day in and day out, all I ever do is ask favors of others, it seems.

Man, if that's what a planner does, I could totally nail it. That's practically what I do here at TMMN! Anyhow, you can catch Ozaki's full blog post here. Give them both a warm welcome!