Rockman 3 Graces PSN This Week

Hey PS3 owners. This week (in fact tomorrow I think) Rockman 3 Complete Works will be landing on the PSN Import Classics. Like the two preceding it, this version has all the special features like the arranged music and navigation mode, but because it's an import classic it's still in Japanese. Nevertheless, a language barrier won't stop you from kicking Wily's butt yet again. It'll be $5.99, for one of Mega Man's greatest adventures! Edit: Don't forget that PS Plus members can purchase Rockman 3 for a discounted $3.00!

News Credit: Capcom Unity, PlayStation Blog

Win a DL of Rockman Complete Works

Right now, Capcom Unity is giving away a few downloads codes for the PS1 imports classic Rockman Complete Works (the first in the series). All you gotta do? Simply comment in the thread why you think you deserve a code! And let me tell you all, none of you is more deserving than I am. But I don't own a PlayStation 3. So you're lucking out there!

Preorder Your D-Arts Rockman X Figure

Because you know you want to. Right now, Amiami is offering them for 25% off the standard retail price: just ¥2,400 (roughly $28.74 US). The figures will ship in late April. I will definitely be grabbing one!

If you're not too keen on the importing aspect yourself, Protodude's Rockman Corner also reports that Big Bad Toystore is offering preorders for $39.99, though they will not ship until May.

1Up Pillow Gives You Sweet Dreams

Following Capcom's Mega Man 10 promotion with the E Can pillow, the e-Capcom store will be receiving yet more merchandise you can rest your head on. This time it's the 1Up cushion, a rounded orange pillow with the Mega Man 1Up smiling brightly at you. It measures close to 14" in diameter, nice and big, though I still don't think it's as cool as the E Can. The pillow is on pre-order now for ¥2,100 (roughly $24.46 US), and will release on September 30th for you import hounds. And disregard BD's earlier post about the E Can. He lives in Canada and just gets the news slowly. Hahahaha.

News Credit: Capcom Unity

Preorder Your Rockman 10 Original Soundtrack

Inti Creates will be releasing the Rockman 10 Original Soundtrack in a month, containing the collaborative works of over ten musicians who have worked on music throughout the Mega Man series. If you're looking it preorder it, you have one option so far with CD Japan. I'd also keep an eye out on Play-Asia and VGM World, as they should be adding it to their stock sooner or later. It's uncertain if importing will also nab you the Inti Bonus Disc Vol. 1, though in my experience the first shipment that importers get has always included bonus items, if any were offered. We'll keep you updated on sites to make sure you get the best deal. And of course, I'm pretty sure lots of Mega Man 10 music samples will be coming out next week.

Preorders are go for Operate Shooting Star

If you're looking to import Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star then Play-Asia has you covered. You can now preorder the game, which costs $44.90 (plus shipping). What's also interesting is the loosely translated description Play-Asia gives for the game.

Rockman Exe is ported to the Nintendo DS with new upgrades. The battles system is easier to learn, part card battle and part action, both old and new gamers are going to pick it up in no time. There are new scenarios, a certain enemy, clockman was controlling the flow of time, defeat him and discover his motives.

More people could play together. Turn on your Wi-Fi network and ask a couple of friends to join you on your quests and mini games. A maximum of 6 people can do battlee together in the Rockman Coliseum.

While the battle screen we saw before indicated the classic Battle Network system, I have been curious why descriptions keep referring to it as card battle and not chip battle. Whatever it indicates, we'll see.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner