Rockman Xover Adds 12th World and OVER-10 Armor

Rockman Xover Adds 12th World and OVER-10 Armor

While Rockman Xover was met with jeers and disdain upon its announcement, the game continues on to this day in Japan, and has even managed to build up something of a cult fandom outside of its homeland among those Mega Man fans who would seek it out, despite not being released abroad. So with that in mind comes this bit of news and information.

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Capcom of Japan Lists Rockman iPhone 5 Case

A100042461010Here's another new piece of anniversary merchandise coming from Capcom of Japan. This time we have a Rockman themed iPhone 5 case made in "3D sprite" style. Believe it or not, such silicon cases with elements sticking out of them are fairly popular in Japan. The case will run ¥2,480 (roughly $25 US) and release July 3rd. Perhaps Capcom Unity will offer a similar product?

Thanks for the tip, DT!

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Announced for iOS

Now it's time to take Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for a ride. Capcom Unity announced on Friday that the legendary crossover sequel featuring Mega Man, Roll, Tron Bonne, Servbot, and many others will be released for iOS platforms (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) this Wednesday, April 25th in North America and Europe. While the price point is unknown, this iOS game will be available for purchase via Apple's App Store. Details are still sparse, but it appears that this port will include the full cast of characters and features from the original release.  Given the uneven nature of iOS ports/remakes in the past, time will tell if the touch controls work well with MvC2's frantic nature.

So what do you all think? Will you be downloading MvC2, or will you keep the New Age of Superheroes a strictly arcade and console experience?

Source: Capcom-Unity

Mega Man X for iOS Gets New Updates

Heat Man has just passed along word that according to Famitsu, the version of Mega Man X released to the App Store is poised to receive some new updates. No word on whether this will come to the U.S. version, though we'd say it's likely. Edit: The update is available in the US. In any case, the additions are relatively minor, with one allowing the game to fit the screen of the iPad and iPad 2, whereas it was originally scaled for the iPhone with an option to double the size. The other part of the update is a new mode called Time Attack.

In Time Attack mode (called Time Race in the Japanese game), where your life bar is replaced with a swiftly depleting time gauge. The game is over when you run out of time, but enemies drop time replenishing items. Enemy placement is somewhat altered as well. You also get a "T Tank" in the boss gate which gives you a full time gauge with which to fight the boss.

If you're unfamiliar with the game, you can find a handy review here.

The TMMN Megacast #16 – What is Robot DNA?

The TMMN Megacast #16 – What is Robot DNA? It's a new year and while 2011 hasn't been the brightest year for the blue bomber (and could arguably be the worst yet), Heat Man, Tabby, returning guest Ash Paulsen, and I (Main Finger) try to leave you with a positive hope for the future.

But before that, we take a moment to reflect on the Mega Man Star Force series which recently had its fifth anniversary. Of course, we can't get through it without a ridiculous amount of tangents. Honestly, though, would you have it any other way?

To top if all off, Heat tells us about Mega Man X for the iPhone. All this and more on our 16th episode of our year in review podcastacular MegaCast: "What is Robot DNA?"




Check Out LBD's Mega Man X iPhone Review on Slide to Play

It's a rare thing for me to talk about my non-MMN ventures here on the site (or even speak in the first person), but today, I felt it was warranted. As you probably know by now, a new version of Mega Man X was released to Apple's App Store last night, and since one of my jobs involves reviewing iPhone games, I spoke up as soon as it was announced. Slide to Play complied with my request, and as the game was released last night, I downloaded it, played it, and probably churned out the fastest release-to-review turnaround I've ever had on the site.

To give you an idea of what I thought of the game, here is the review's "Bottom Line:"

As a stand-alone platforming action game for the iPhone, Mega Man X isn’t bad, but it falls well short of the standard set by the original nearly two decades ago.

Want more details? Then check out the full review here. I could have probably written much more about all the differences and nuances which set this release apart from the original or Maverick Hunter X , but sometimes you have to show some restraint. In fact, there originally was more, but some things had to be edited out for size and flow.

Suffice to say, the game engine isn't bad, but applying it to such an ambitious game and trying to follow it so closely (while at the same time falling well short of the mark) probably did the game no favors. Had this been an original venture, or at least one not based on this particular game, it might have fared better.

Mega Man X Hits the App Store Tonight!

Current issue: It appears Rockman X has been removed from the Japanese app store for the time being. It contains a bug wherein people bought the full game, but only received a demo and were prompted to buy the game again after completing the intro stage. When attempting this, it wouldn't work, making the full game unobtainable. It's currently unknown if other regions the game is available in are also experiencing issues.


It wasn't long ago that word came forth that Capcom's Super NES classic, Rockman X, would be released for the iPhone. However, despite the announcement, there was nothing to indicate when or if Mega Man X would be gracing iPhones outside of Japan in a similar manner.

But now, according to a report by Protodude, it seems that there are indeed plans to release the game in the West... tonight. $3.99 will be the price for Yanks and Canucks, whereas our friends across the pond in the United Kingdom will be looking to pay £2.99. Or, if you're in New Zealand, you can get it now for $6.49.

(Update: As it turns out, Japan only has the demo, and it is unknown whether New Zealand has the full version yet, either.)

Until then, here is a video of the game in action, followed by some further details:

In addition to the graphic overhaul, there are now leaderboards, two difficulty settings (with a third one unlockable, if we were to guess from the footage), and a ton of challenges. At 6:15 in the video, we also get a look at the shop feature, which includes a downloadable soundtrack, as well as the option to buy your special weapons, heart tanks, armor pieces, etc. Or you can just drop $3.99 on the whole lot, though you can still get them in-game.

Here is more information from the New Zealand App Store, which also has the game's icon... you know, in case you wanted to use it as an avatar or something.


One of the best action games of all time, “MEGA MAN X” comes to iOS with several new options.

◆Supported OS iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S with iOS 4.3 onwards / iPod touch 3G onwards ※Please note that iPod touch 8GB Model No. A1288 is not supported. (Model No. can be found on the back of the device), ※This App is not validated on iPad / iPad2

----------------------------------------------------------------- ◆Powered-up features include:

1.【 Beautiful Game Graphics Supporting Retina Display 】 The nostalgic graphics of “MEGA MAN X” are optimized for the iPhone’s Retina Display.

2.【 Two Different Display Modes 】 In addition to a “Regular Mode,” a “Full Mode” is available to display the game in full screen.

3.【 Difficulty Levels 】 In “Story Mode,” “Easy” and “Normal” options are available. “Easy” mode includes helpful modifications to make platforming a bit easier for beginners. For more agile action gamers, they can skip straight to “Normal” mode to test their skills.

4.【 Ranking Mode with Game Center Support 】 “Ranking Mode” encourages players to compete with others. In “Score Attack,” aim for a high score in each stage to earn higher ranks. Additional modes will be added in future updates.

5.【 80 Challenges with Game Center Support 】 There are 20* challenges in the opening stage of “Story Mode” alone and a total of 80 challenges overall to keep players aiming for high scores and higher rankings.

*The first 20 challenges are not supported by Game Center.

6.【 Support Items Provide Advantages for Game play 】 When reinforcement items are not immediately available or for an immediate power up, the “Customize” screen allows players to readily access helpful items like “full armor,” “full weapon” and more through in-app purchases*. A “perfect set” provides the best chances for beating the tough enemies. Players can also customize the music by selecting between the in-game back ground music or an arranged version.

*To purchase the items, 3G or Wi-Fi environment is necessary.


◆Operating Controls

Move・・・・・Direction button Shot・・・Attack button Jump・・・Jump button Change Weapon・・・Change Weapon button on the right top

Quick Change・・・Touch the top of the game screen. And scrolling a finger right and left, can change the weapon quickly and easily. Dismounting Ride Arm・・・Tap the icon on the right side of the screen


Check out the World of “MEGA MAN X!”

Check Capcom’s latest updates on Twitter: http//

Incidentally, for those hoping for a port to other platforms, Capcom VP Christian Svensson said "I do understand people would like to see this on other platforms. That's not currently the plan but we'll see what happens."

Restyled Rockman X Coming to iPhone

In a continuing case of what's old is new again, Famitsu APP has reported that the SNES classic Rockman X is coming to iPhone later this month. However, this isn't just a simple port. The game will feature new graphics, giving a "hand drawn" look to the original sprites. Additionally, on top of the original game there will be a player ranking system managed through Game Center, as well as over 80 challenges to fulfill.

There is no word yet if the game is reaching outside of Japan, but given that the iPhone is pretty widely used worldwide, there's a likely chance we'll be seeing iMega Man X before long as well. Hopefully it will reach other (i.e. superior) brands like Android, too!

'Course, whether or not you want to play the classic Mega Man X with touch screen controls also remains to be seen... Still, what do you think? What other Mega Man games would you like to see tackled like this?

Thanks for the tip, Amunshen! (plus Protodude's Rockman Corner since Famitsu APP seems to be down)

Steven Chase's Silly Pretentious Review of Stewie as Mega Man in Family Guy: Uncensored

Sure, we know that the iPhone game Family Guy: Uncensored has been out for a couple of years already, and sure, we know that the television show upon which it is based has pretty much run its course. Heck, even creator Seth MacFarlane has recently come out and said that he thinks that maybe the show should have ended already. All of that said, Steven Chase just passed along to us his recent discovery of the iPhone game, in which baby Stewie Griffin and family dog Brian take on the roles of Mega Man and his robodog Rush, respectively, as they proceed through a sequence of the game inspired by the classic series.

All familiar info to many of you, no doubt. But this prompted us to check our archives and, lo and behold, it seems we really have not paid much attention to this game at all. Of course, it's not an actual Mega Man game, so there is only so much attention it would receive here anyway...

But we digress; some of us haven't played the game for one reason or another, but Chase has. And if you've been on the fence or just wondering if it's worth 99 cents from the App Store, then check out his review. And why not? It's not as though a real Mega Man game has been announced yet.

i + Mega Man 2 = Mega Man 2 on iPhone

If you're one of those people who just needs to have Mega Man games on every electronic device possible, and you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, Mega Man 2 is now available for your downloading pleasure. Five dollars grants you the full game with touch screen controls, which I imagine is a little easier than using a regular cell phone keypad. I don't have an iPhone myself, so I'll just have to wait for them to port MM2 to coffeemakers.You can find Mega Man 2 on iTunes or the App Store. News Credit: Zero Atma and Capcom-Unity