IGN Staff Attempt to Break into the Robot Master-making Business

Recently, some of IGN's staff had an opportunity to meet real-life Mega Man father-figure Keiji Inafune. Naturally, they did what many of us have wanted to do over the years...

Unfortunately for them, it seems they forgot that Inafune no longer has anything to do with the Mega Man series, though he'll clearly pretend if the money is right.

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner

MMN Retro: Spread the Joy of Valentine's Day with These Special Cards!

It's Valentine's Day, everyone! Need a quick card for that special someone? Then fire up your printer and put together one of these handy-dandy Mega Man cards! You can thank us later.

Okay, so we're cheaping out a little bit on today's update. We'd almost forgotten about these, until someone brought them to our attention, so we figured "why not?"

To see the full spread of cards, just click right here. Do be warned, the post is image-heavy.

Thanks, Jeff!

A Double-Dose of Dr. Wily Humor

The folks at CollegeHumor and Dorkly have been hard at work lately on creating video game satire, and featured in some of their recent creations is none other than our favorite mad scientist, Dr. Wily. First up is a video of "Undercover Boss," in which Albert joins many other video game villains in walking a mile in the shoes of their underlings...

Next up, diabolical doctors unite as Wily gives Eggm-- er, Robotnik some tips on how to best utilize his robot army. Here's an excerpt:

Dr. Wily: So, uh, what robot is defeating your robots?

Dr. Robotnik: Huh?

Dr. Wily: You know, what robot is better and beating your robots? You know, if we examine his mechanical weakness-

Dr. Robotnik: It’s, um, a hedgehog.

Dr. Wily: Excuse me?

Dr. Robotnik: Sometimes a fox, too. He can fly.

Dr. Wily: Oh that’s cool. I have to battle a super robot. You know, a Mega-man. He’s like a super robot who can steal powers and use them. But, no dude, small mammals, wow…that’s intense.

To see how this episode plays out, click over to Dorkly for the full conversation.

Spread the Love with these Mega Man Valentine's Cards

Valentine's Day is coming up this Sunday. You didn't forget to get something for that special someone, did you? What's that? You've been so mesmerized by Mega Man 10 news you forgot!? Well we at The Mega Man Network are a caring bunch, and it just so happens we have some lovely Valentine's Day cards for you to give your sweetheart. It's not Jared or anything, but hopefully it's enough to keep you from sleeping on your friend's couch. Seriously though, enjoy these silly "cards". Should also warn, this is an image heavy post.

Now, while we try our hardest here at TMMN, not all of our cards were winners. Below are a few of the cards that got rejected. We assure you that these cards (probably) won't be included with your order.

Kind of irreverent.

Kind of uncomfortable.

Kind of sad, in a funny way.

Just sad.

Many thanks to BD and Red for helping me come up with ideas. Also, BD demanded I do the Charge Man one else I'd be fired. Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

The Mega Man Bosses Have Had Enough

Capcom*Unity posted this, it gave us a few chuckles, and so it was decided to pass it along to you, the Mega Man fan. CollegeHumor.com, purveyors of comedy both relating to video games and not, has put together a short back and forth conversation between Cut Man and Dr. Wily about the latter's way of doing things. Specifically, his constant tendency to make robots whose weapons are capable of destroying his other robots. And just when it seems like Cut Man is about to get through.

The unfortunate thing here is that this isn't one of the site's famed videos, which usually tend to be pretty funny. Rather, it's more like a script reading... and hopefully someone will build on that.

Oh, and we know that Cut Man isn't one of Wily's... but we'll let it slide, this time.

Inafune's New Mega Man

As we're all no doubt aware by now, Capcom Head of Research & Development and Online Business, to say nothing of the Man behind Mega Man, Keiji Inafune, seems to have become quite fed-up with the Japanese gaming industry. Recently, he's even been seen hanging out with Halo developer Bungie Studios to pick up a few pointers on game development. People have wondered what this might mean for Mega Man, a rather distinctly Japanese property and style of video game. And that's where we come in.

Our crack covert team of MMN cyber-ninjas have managed to infiltrate Capcom of Japan's headquarters while everyone was away at the Tokyo Game Show and rummage around through Inafune's desk, and you won't believe what they have found. What follows are what appear to be concepts for the next generation installments of Mega Man:

We're not sure which series these would belong to; it's possible that they could be part of an all-new series as well. It certainly wouldn't be the first time.

What's more, the names given to the files, "masterrockman" and "masterzero," would seem to indicate that the two are a part of the main timeline, perhaps something leading in to the Legends/DASH series.

Unfortunately, no other information could be retrieved at the time, as the CCTMMNCNs had to make a hasty exit before the janitor caught them and called security. Nonetheless, we now have an idea of what to expect from the future of Mega Man and what the fruits of Inafune's visit to Bungie have brought to bear.

One thing I think we can count on, however, is seeing this series surface in the West. After all, it was practically tailor-made to us and what we like.

The above is entirely satire. For the love of anything, please don't take this seriously.