Rock-ahem, Mega Man Universe JP Homepage Opens

Tonight Capcom of Japan opens their homepage for Mega Man Universe. Normally this would not be an unusual happenstance, but... something about it feels odd. I just don't know what though. So far only two sections exist for the site, one having the teaser trailer we've all grown familiar with, and another listing a Rockman Unity Twitter account, with a layout that would make Geocities sob. Rockman Unity is helmed by "Ucchi," who is a "non-development staff Rockman fan." His aim is basically seems to be coordinating fans, a mission Capcom Unity has done for some time now.

Still, I wish I could understand what's bothering me about this page...

Zero Collection Page Gets Some Action

After blowing so many minds last week with its story and timeline synopsis, the Rockman Zero Collection homepage has been updated this week with some less jaw-dropping but still cool info nonetheless. The Action section has been updated, which demonstrates Zero's weapons throughout the series. These include his Z Sword, Buster Shot, Shield Boomerang, Triple Rod, Chain Rod, Recoil Rod and Z Knuckle. Each weapon has illustrative videos which show how the weapons are used. Something that I find curious is that the videos have no music at all. Is it perhaps an indication that they're updating the soundtrack?

Rockman 10 website goes live

runningFollowing the 22nd anniversary live stream, Capcom of Japan has launched the Rockman 10 homepage. For now the info mostly surrounds the game's story and main characters, but be sure to check out the promotional movie and delicious screens. It does mention, however, that the game is only one player, so the rumored co-op seems to be out. Pages yet to come will detail the bosses, items and how to purchase. Edit: The Mega Man 10 homepage is now available, and is rather different from the Japanese site, language notwithstanding. --LBD

Rockman EXE OSS homepage updates

starcoloThere are some new and some not so new updates to Capcom of Japan's Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star homepage. The first new section shows Star Force MegaMan's special abilities: his lock-on attack and shield. He also still has his rapid fire buster. He will of course retain these abilities in linked player battlers (and personally I believe it'll make him the better of the two).

The second new section explains Program Advances: super attacks you can make by selecting chips in a specific order. Powered Cann0n is shown as an example. The brand new PA Double MegaMan is also shown, and it's mentioned that one of the necessary chips is the SF MegaMan chip.

The third new page is all about ClockMan, and now his attacks are explained. He's armed with the Clock Slicer, a slow moving boomerang-like spinning set of clock hands, Clock Laser, a laser beam that fires from a warp hole, Calling Dragon, which makes ClockMan warp behind MegaMan and summon Mega Man Star Force 3's final boss Crimson Dragon, and Mega Clock Laser, a huge laser that fires from the clock floating around the battle field. So wait, he can't stop time?

The final new section is for the Mega Man Star Colosseum (and man do I love that artwork). The game's three modes are explained: free-for-all, where each player fends for himself, team battle, where players work together in teams, and Vs. Bass, where all players must work together to fight against Bass. Furthermore, points won in the Star Colosseum can be traded in the main game for Navi chips and other rare chips.

Additionally info about the game's scenarios has been updated. The scene with SF MegaMan and co. at WAXA will in fact be part of the game's prologue. Meanwhile, the new scenario where Roll is kidnapped and SF MegaMan appears to be the culprit appears to take place sometime after NumberMan's scenario.

Operate Shooting Star site updates

faiamanCapcom of Japan's Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star homepage receives updating tonight. What you'll probably be wanting to see most is here, the game info area. This now has sections for OSS's storyline, scenarios and game systems. In the game system, we see that MegaMan will still be using the old power up system, with level and all. However, a somewhat new feature is shown off: wireless chip trading.

If you've played MegaMan Battle Network before at all, none of the info is new to you by any means. But at least you can drink in the colorful screens and new mugshots.

Additionally, it's been announced that MR. FAMOUS! (well, Mazakasu Eguchi) will be appearing at the Rockman Special Stage in the 2009 Tokyo Game Show next weekend. They also show off the special OSS stickers that will be available.

Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star homepage updates

exe_oss_logoToday Capcom of Japan has revamped their official Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star homepage for future updates, following Clark's unexpected journey to 200 years in the past. The new website so far contains basic background details to both the Battle Network series and Star Force series in order to get users acquainted with the content. There's also a page meant to discuss the new elements for the DS port, which shows off some screens as well as ClockMan. According to the site, ClockMan's intentions seem to involve him wanting to change the course of events in the past.

Finally, there's a section for the development staff to discuss matters, and includes a mail form for fans to send their memories from the BN series. So far the page contains a welcome to fans and a neat picture of Lan and MegaMan.

Unfortunately little else is shown, but more updates are likely to be on their way, so we'll keep you posted.