Legends 3 Devroom Kicks Off

At least in Japan, so far. The Capcom of Japan side of the Devroom has opened, and already it has roughly 500 members! That's a lot of Servbots! Members join the Devroom by signing up through the Daletto blog service, it seems. But if you're on the Western side of things, just hold your horses. The western branch of the Devroom should be launching on Capcom Unity within the next 24 hours, I'd imagine. (We will update when this occurs.) So far we already have some interesting details. If you recall the heroine contest from before, Komaki's design has now been made "Legendary," as you can see pictured right. However, her name is no longer Lilly, it's Aero (エアロ) Sephira. You can check out the process taken to make the finalized design here.

Additionally, we have some more details on the Bonne Mecha design contest. Registered users will be able to submit designs until midnight, November 29th, Japan time. Then from November 30th to December 5th, viewers will be able to vote on their favorite designs. The top ten voted designs will then go to the development staff, who will make the final decisions on what design to use. It appears all entrants will receive 2,000 zenny, five finalists of those will receive 100,000 zenny, and the grand prize winner will be rewarded with 1,000,000 zenny, their design (and name) in the game, and will be able to choose a premium Servbot number (1~41).

All progress is represented by the percentage of the rocket's completion, which so far is a scant 1%. It looks like we have a lot of work ahead of us!

Update: Apparently there was some initial confusion. Capcom actually intended the heroine's name to be Sephira! Whoops!

Legends 3 Heroine Contest Reminder

The first project in Mega Man Legends 3's fan interaction, the Heroine Contest, is still going on strong. Already the contest has gotten over 15,000 cumulative votes via Capcom Unity, Capcom of Japan and Capcom of Japan's Mobile Site.

Additionally, Capcom of Japan has published some preliminary results. So far the leading design is Shinsuke Komaki's, followed by "Sensei" Haruki Suetsugu's in second, and Tatsuya Yoshikawa's in third (all three pictured above). Incidentally, I know on the Unity side that Sensei's design leads, so it looks like this race is a pretty close one!

If you haven't voted yet you still have time, but it's running out. Voting will run until October 25th, 10AM Japan time, which is October 24th, 6PM US Pacific time. After voting is tied up, Capcom will announce the winner on October 29th! (around 5PM in Japan, 1AM US Pacific). So get those votes in!