TMMN's Hands-On with Rockman Xover - TGS Gameplay Footage

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Granted, it's a very brief hands-on, but considering this game is revolutionary in that it's the first Mega Man game you can play entirely one handed, this much should suffice. I only got to play part of the Rockman Xover demo - the Capcom Mobile area was always just being closed off when I got to it, so I managed to play a bit off of a nice woman who was carrying an iPad.

So having gone all the way out to Tokyo to give it a try, what do I think of the title? Well, not much honestly. Which is pretty much what I expected. Everything about the game lived up to what I imagined it being since reports started coming out. And while I'm certainly not taken by it, I can't find it in me to be angry at it since, for what it's supposed to be, it might actually be amusing.

In truth, there is still a lot to Xover that has yet to be shown, making it difficult to wholly judge this game now. It's really surprising how brief the demo was, considering this is such a simple game that's probably coming out by the end of next month.

Anyway, time to go more in depth (on what little we can).

The video above may be brief, but it gives a solid idea of how a stage in Rockman Xover plays. You automatically run forward in a forced scrolling stage, and jump and shoot at the oncoming enemies. In the demonstration stage, this was as simple as it could get, with enemies just sitting in the ground or hovering in midair at the height of OVER-1's jump. You automatically charge your weapon as well, enticing you to wait until the last moment to attack so you can blow through a row of enemies. A graphic appears for hitting chains of enemies (1 Hit, 2 Hit, etc.) but I don't know if there's a bonus for getting chain attacks. Defeated enemies drop life and weapon capsules, as well as cards (presumably "Battle Memory" items).

For the boss battle I didn't get to play, I'm relying on Conrad Zimmerman's fantastic hands-on at Destructoid. When facing bosses, the game becomes a simple turn based RPG system. You and the enemy take turns attacking, and you have a couple different attacks to chose from. You also build up energy from taking damage, allowing you to fire more powerful attacks in return. Presumably, you will be able to summon friends' characters into battle to help you out, or at least do so in another mode.

There is still much left to be revealed, however. There was no sign of how the card-based upgrade system works, briefly shown off in the game's promotional trailer. There was also no look into OVER-1's various forms, also hinted at in said trailer. And of course, there are other modes, such as "Team Battle" and "Master Boss" were not playable in the demonstration. Personally, I imagine the customization aspect of the game may be its true meat and potatoes, while much of the gameplay itself will just be grinding for experience and new cards. But, that really depends on how much depth the customization system has.

If there is anything I can gripe about on Xover, it would be its production value. Granted, I wouldn't expect much being a mobile game and all. But most games for iOS by professional companies tend to look better than this. Perhaps the character animations are so stilted in an attempt to harken back to classic Mega Man visuals, but I think it's more likely that the small production team just doesn't want to create too many sprites. And for a game that's meant to be a crossover for all Mega Man series, it's a shame the enemies all seem to be ported over from the Mega Man X iOS game so far.

As well, I couldn't really hear the audio to the game in all the ruckus of TGS, but according to CAP Kobun, the music and sounds are from previous games; the demo used X1's opening stage and boss battle themes. No indication if there's going to be any other original music like the catchy tune from the trailer, which is also a disappointment.

But as much as the game is underwhelming, I just can't get irate over it. Namely because it's not in my nature, but also because for being a simple mobile game, I think it could be interesting. It's definitely nothing that will satisfy the cravings in dedicated Mega Man fans, but I always expected that. The game is reportedly free to play, so if you already have a supporting iOS device, there's no reason you shouldn't at least try it.

I do get where the anger comes from. This simply isn't the Mega Man game that fans want to see. And heck, I'm with you guys; if I had my way I'd love to see a luxurious new Mega Man game on dedicated game hardware and packed to the brim with content. But I don't think that desiring some imaginary super Mega Man game that Capcom just won't make automatically turns Xover to crap. Xover would still be Xover, regardless of what climate of emotion it were released in.

Rockman Xover will be releasing for iPhone 3GS/4/4S and iPod touch models generation 3 and higher. It is also playable on iPad although its resolution is not designed for iPad. Capcom has confirmed that the game will release in North America and Europe, but have not yet given a time frame.

Many great thanks to Kyle Fyfe, my on-hand cameraman, who braved getting yelled at every time he held up his camera! You were a tremendous asset, Kyle! Also, a shout out to Sensei-Hanzo. It was nice to meet you finally, if only a brief time!

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UPDATE: IGN also has this short hands-on report of the game, and while not much new information is given from this account, it does state that aside from the eight regular Robot Master stages, there will be eight more stages, which IGN believes hints at two final castles. Furthermore, the Challenge Mode will include 88 total challenges.

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A TMMN Special Report: Hands On with Mega Man 10!

Earlier this week, Capcom announced that Mega Man 10, among other titles, would be available to try in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show. Living roughly five hours from Vegas, I heard this news and decided "time to have a little adventure." Much fortunately, Joveth "Jgonzo" Gonzales and the other guys at Capcom warmly invited me over to their suite at Planet Hollywood for a hands on with Mega Man's latest adventure. And I've just now returned to tell the tale. I was able to play the Xbox 360 edition of the game. The only stage available for the trial was the stadium themed stage (unfortunately I'm not allowed to divulge the boss's name now). The stage starts in a stadium field with pitching robots that lob baseballs at you, which sort of arch down at you and come back up. Soon, however, you head underground, facing small locker doors that open from the background and shoot at you, and enemies similar to the Springers from Mega Man 2 - when you disturb these guys, not only do they spring around wildly, but fire off shots as well.

Very soon you get to the game's mid-boss, which is a large soccer goal-like structure with a robot head. A soccer ball flies in and bounces around the room, and then the robot goal post will try to smash you with its hands, and knock the ball around some more. This was easily the most frustrating enemy in the demo, and took me a couple attempts to beat.

You then face more of the above mentioned robots, along with basket-like robots that toss various kinds of balls at you, and you must head upward using platforms shaped like huge basketball hoops. As you progress upward, you'll encounter soccer ball shaped platforms that will briefly rise into the air when you shoot them, and fall back down. But after you get back to the ground level, you'll face against the same platforms but with spikes, lined up in long rows. You must continually shoot at them and pass under when they fly up.

Eventually you head back down and face the same mid-boss again from before, but this time parts of the goal post frame have electrified borders, and its fists have more complex motions. Being fortunate enough to beat this second incarnation of the enemy ends the demo.

I was also allowed to play through the stage in Easy Mode (which, I'll pitifully admit, was the only way I could beat the last goal post enemy). Enemy placement differs somewhat here and they move slower and take less damage. The goal post enemy only used its fists in this mode. I was able to easily breeze through the stage in Easy Mode, and I can definitely see it allowing people less familiar with Mega Man games to easily get used to the gameplay.

Personally I found the 360 controller to be a tad cumbersome. Not owning a 360, I'm not really used to using it, and I had a tendency to accidentally slip my finger onto the right bumper, which changes your weapon (in this case to Rush Coil). That really messed me up the first time I faced the goalie enemy.

I was informed that Capcom expects Mega Man 10 to release worldwide in early March. However, all other details that weren't explicitly available from the demoed stage were under lock and key, and try as I might I couldn't budge any info out of their well-trained PR guys.

I will be updating this post with video footage directly from my gameplay as soon as Capcom's PR sends out the OK for posting. I will also be writing up some of the discussion I had with Jason Allen, the man on hand to introduce Mega Man 10 to me. Look forward to it!

Driving to Vegas and back in a day is quite a tiring feat, but it was well worth it, even for a single stage. And there are a lot of people I must thank for making this happen. Much thanks to Jovith Gonzales and Jason Allen, as well as everyone on hand at the Capcom show for welcoming me to try out the game. You guys really rock! I must also give thanks to m'boss, BD, for arranging me to get to this shindig. Thanks to the guy at the suite who called out to me that he loves this site. I'm sorry I didn't notice you 'til at the last moment, I was a little preoccupied. Finally, thanks to my long time friend Cheston for coming along with me on the trip, doing some of the driving and taking some great footage of the game.

I had a lot of fun with Mega Man 10, so definitely get excited for it!

From left to right, me, Joveth and Jason. Thanks you guys!