The Escapades of MegaMan and Django Now Translated

As you may know, back in the days of Mega Man Battle Network, the series shared a connection with Konami's vampire hunting title Boktai. However, since the third installment of Boktai never released out of Japan, its special scenario was removed from the English version of Battle Network 6. But now a translation hack has been produced thanks to the efforts of fans, and translation by, eh, some guy.

The video above shows the translation an action. You can find out more about the patch and how to get it at The Rockman EXE Zone. Please, no emulation links in the comments! *waves finger*

Thanks for the tip, Django!

Move Over, Sonic; It's Mega Man and X's Show Now!

Fans have long compared the similarities between SEGA and Capcom's two iconic heroes, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man. Both are blue heroes who fight evil scientists who send wave after wave of robot armies after them, and are frequently shown up by their red-hued allies. We could probably go on, but you get the gist of it; they're similar, but would anyone consider them interchangeable?

As you can see, YouTube user "Megamaniscrazy" did just that with Sonic's 20th anniversary game, Sonic Generations (hey, it's Mega Man's 25th, so why not?). There's less Buster-action than one would expect from the Blue Bombers, but it's overall still pretty amusing. Plus, Zero and Rayman get in on the action as well!

Incidentally, while the models for X and Zero look a little odd here, they do seem to match up rather well to the on-screen proportions they had in the Super NES games, do they not?

You can find more details here, though there doesn't seem to be a downloadable patch yet. Thanks for the tip, KKM!

Mega Man Hacked for Speedy Weapon Changing

Did you like Mega Man 10's ability to let you change weapons on the fly, without having to go to the menu screen? Personally I tended to get messed up by it, and I always seemed to go in the direction that would take longest to get to the weapon I wanted. Nevertheless, the speedy weapon switching feature was a gift to those who love shaving seconds off of their impressive speed-runs, and that's the major impetus behind programmer Guy Perfect's modifications to Mega Man 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Bypassing the menu, these hacks allow one to cycle through weapons and adapters with the start and select buttons (though I wonder how you'd get to your E-Tanks then). What's more, there is an option that lets you start the games with the weapons already acquired. This is particularly neat, albeit not tremendously useful, in Mega Man 2 and 3; allowing you to enter stages with the weapons from their respective Robot Masters, a feat not possible prior.

You can check out more videos like the above from other titles on the Press The Buttons article this is sourced from, as well as info on the hacking process. The hacks are not available to the public yet, but Guy is taking suggestions for the ideal means to distribute the modification. I might also ask him if he can do a hack that turns all the weapons to Metal Blade, and Mega Man has unlimited Metal Blades and he emits Metal Blades any time he moves and he's made of Metal Blades.

Thanks for the tip, Matt!

Hidden Level Editor Discovered in Mega Man X/X3

Maybe you thought stage editors were something recent to Mega Man, but you'd be wrong! Try going back to 1994! After roughly a decade and a half being hidden away, GoldS and JLukas at The Cutting Room Floor have discovered an unused stage editor in both Mega Man X and Mega Man X3. The editor lets you scroll about the stage with a cursor and place tiles that you can select manually, or copy a tile that's already on the screen. There are other features, so much so that two controllers are needed to operate it entirely. Information on how to access and use the editors are here for Mega Man X and here for Mega Man X3.

Thanks, Rick!

Mega Man vs. Metal Man... er, Metal Men

Once upon a time, almost a year ago (and before we widely employed the use of tags, apparently), we brought you a video which showed what would happen if Dr. Wily were to wise up and send all of his Mega Man 2 Robot Masters after Mega Man at once. Unfortunately for Wily, it still doesn't go in his favor. But... what if he were to instead send a whole platoon of just one Robot Master after the Blue Bomber?

Hardly a flawless victory, but I would imagine it would be good enough for Albert's liking.

Get equipped with laser eyes

Maybe Mega Man 2 is too hard for you. Maybe you can't get past Quick Man's laser beams, or Heat Man's lava pits, or you just can't beat Air Man. If that's the case, this hack may be for you. The Nintendo emulator FCEUX has a special scripting plugin called Lua, which allows for object manipulation like you see above. Aside from seeing enemy data, you can drag virtually any object; pulling enemies away or dragging Mega Man out of harm's way. Or, you can hit select and make Mega Man shoot frickin' laser beams out of his frickin' eyes. So much for Metal Blade!

Granted we don't condone emulation, but hey, maybe this is something Capcom would like to explore for those who said Mega Man 9 was too hard. Be sure to check out the Lua scripted Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3 too.

News Credit: GoNintendo and Tiny Cartridge