A Look at the Rockman Wares Coming to Winter Wonder Festival '13

wonderfest2013 The 2013 Winter Wonder Festival is taking place in Japan this weekend. The Rockman offerings seem a little sparse this time around, compared to last year's HOBBY ROCK bonanza. However, once the event kicks off, even more custom and homebrew kits may surface. For now, you can take a look at what we've managed to dig up!

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First up is Fighting Fefnir by Seyou-san, part of Yama Tai Koku's Repliroid Moving Series. This is the same sculptor that has produced fantastic garage kits of Leviathan and Harpuia, as well as Iwamoto's original character Merti. To express Fefnir's position as a power character, Seyou gave him a bit of muscle definition. The kit is color cast, but would need additional detailing to look as good as these shots. And at a planned price of ¥10,000, it'll be a big dent in the ol' wallet!

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Next up is this completely adorable and completely poseable Servbot by Matadora. This garage kit has eight varaties of facial expression stickers and three heads you can use to display them. This kit is also color cast, and as Servbots aren't so detailed, additional coloring may not be necessary. This should be a real product! The asking price is ¥5000, with an additional ¥1000 for the stand and cooking accessories.



Last up is this Ciel statue by Shinshi Doumei (ever notice there are a ton of Zero series characters at these?). As you can see, being an unpainted statue, this will would certainly take some work to make presentable. The size is said to be comparable to Kotobukiya's Zero kit. There is no information on the price.

Sadly I won't be making to to WonFes this time - it's a bit of an expensive pain in the butt. But good luck to you, avid garage kit collector! Here's some of what you have to look forward to!

July Giveaway! Win an Elec Man Resin Kit!

Gotta keep that gratitude train going! Got many more prizes to give away! This time we'll have THREE winners! And what we have to offer is a little bit interesting. Please, it's important you read this post carefully!

We are giving away three Elec Man resin kits by Planeswalker. These were purchased earlier this year during my trip to Wonder Festival. However, these are not normal, take-out-of-the-box-and-admire figures. They require assembly and painting! You will have to sand and smooth off stems from the resin mold, glue the pieces together, and paint the figure yourself. Needless to say, this is not a prize for novices! You should only try to win one if you feel comfortable making it yourself, as it will likely require special glue and paints meant for model kits. Please understand all of this before you enter!

As for how to enter, that's simple enough. Comment on this post stating what is your favorite classic Mega Man stage. You can argue from any standpoint, be it design, gimmicks, music and its boss. Only one comment per person, multi-commenters will be disqualified. Only comment if you intend to win the prize! The winning answers will be randomly selected. In order to win this prize, you must live in a country that can receive mail from Japan. Please ask your parents' permission if you are under 15.

The deadline for commenting is Saturday, July 14th, at the stroke of midnight, PST. Once again, this is a resin kit that requires assembly and painting! Check after the break to see exactly what you're getting. Good luck to you!

Here are the individual pieces that come with the kit.

Here are the pieces by a dollar bill for size comparison.

Here is an example of what a finished kit could look like. Image via Planeswalker. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU WILL RECEIVE THE KIT.

More Merti, More Color

The last time we saw X's manga-nificent gal-pal Merti/Marti/whatever, she was looking a little... well, barren. At least, insofar as her attire was concerned. And truth be told, not much has changed... but, that isn't to say nothing has changed. Courtesy of Auto, we have a new pic (click to enlarge) of the Reploid-mermaid-pirate-Saint Seiya cosplayer (thanks to Auto again for that one), now with all of her colorful paint apps applied.

As you can see, she now has eyes! She also has more blue across her costume, while the red parts from before now carry a snazzy new metallic sheen, with a fade to gold along the... er, wings? Cape? The things which aren't hair and are going down her back.

Of course, as Heat noted previously, it is a garage kit, and so there will be some elbow grease required in order to have a finished product sitting before you. Whether that includes paint and decals (meaning the pic is just for show), we still have no word. But for now, enjoy!

Some More Schweet Garage Kits to Oogle

Hobby Rock is highlighting a lot of the fan-made Rockman models and figures to be showcased at the upcoming Wonder Festival, but they're far from the only ones who will have wares to show off. A few that I've taken a real shine to lately are the above garage figurines of Elec Man, Tornado Man, and Punk by Kurukuru Mecha Atelier. I really enjoy the attention to detail and proportions, and characters like these have a long shot of being picked up by professional model and kit companies. Sadly, like many garage kits, painting is probably required!

Anyway, while it's not a big deal really, I suppose I should mention that, after a bit of initial resistance, I've finally decided to make my own way to Wonder Festival next month. Will I blow way too much money? Will I make a fool of myself in front of other Rockman fans? Will I get goods that could potentially find their way into future contests? Only time will tell...

Merti Appears in Color (Primarily Flesh)

H'ooooooh man. We're not gonna need to install an age gate on this site are we? Here is the basic color cast of Yama Tai Koku's Merti garage kit, commissioned by Rockman X manga writer Yoshihiro Iwamoto himself. If you could attend Wonder Fest next month and purchase the kit, this is essentially what you'd end up with without any additional painting. It's not terrible actually; most garage kits come in plain gray. Along with the photo, additional kit details were also revealed on figure site FG. The kit was essentially designed to match the proportions of the D-Arts Rockman X figures. It will include three facial expressions, three hand types, and Merti's spear-like weapon. The joints, which are typical consumer figure joints, must be purchased separately. There is no word on whether or not the kit will come with decals for the finer details, such as eyes. If you do come to Wonder Fest, though, you can get an autograph from Iwamoto himself!

So if you're really looking to grab this kit, you better be prepared for a bit of DIY work. On the other hand, your laziness is essentially being rewarded with more skin than Merti's outfit normally features!

Thanks for the tip, Auto!

Rockman Garage Kits Converge at "Hobby Rock"

For you fans of awesome Rockman garage kits and figures you'll probably never be able to buy, things got a lot easier to keep track of with the opening of Hobby Rock. This site lists the various Rockman kits planned to be at the Winter 2012 Wonder Festival, on February 12th, with product pics and expected prices. Some of the figures present, like Yama Tai Koku's Leviathan kit, were released last year. But there are new ones in the works too, such as an Ariga styled Quick Man, a waist-up of Zero styled after the Mythos arranged album, and of course Iwamoto's highly touted Merti kit, also by Yama Tai Koku, which is said will be color cast (and run you ¥10,000!). Don't think I've heard anything before about that color cast Prairie kit either. So much cool stuff!

Incidentally, it appears Yama Tai Koku is working on a Rockman X kit based on Kotobukiya's Zero kit, although I can't say for sure whether this is aimed at being a Wonder Festival product (they'd certainly be busy with everything else).

Man, I really don't know if I'll be able to make to Wonder Festival, but it'd be a shame to miss out on this rare swag. Perhaps now that Hobby Rock has manifested, we should raise our voices if having them bring their wares out of Japan! They are on Twitter!

Merti Becomes Whole, Party in the Works

Hey X, still have a reason to act all emo and depressed?

A couple months back we reported on the announcement of a garage kit in the works for the original Rockman X manga character Merti. And not just any garage kit, but one officially endorsed by series author Yoshihiro Iwamoto. Mr. Iwamoto has been posting gradual updates, and recently showed off the first look at the figure's completed body form. I actually don't know much about Merti or the X manga in general, but I think Iwamoto's statement of "It's Sexy Dynamite!!!" says enough.

As you can see, the garage kit is roughly on scale to the Bandai D-Arts Mega Man X figures. Also, while it uses a stand in the above photo, the kit is capable of standing on its own feet. While it looks like things are coming along well, Iwamoto still wants more detail in the back of the hair and the back parts. In other words, more focus on the backside. Hm.

The garage kit is planned to go on sale at Wonder Festival in February, 2012. However, revealed on a Spicemen podcast last week, Iwamoto plans to hold a party in honor of Merti's "substantiation." This event is planned to be held on January 27th, somewhere in Tokyo. It is likely the first time the absolutely completed Merti kit will be shown, and other surprises might be in store, too. More details of the event will be announced before long, so Iwamoto fans should keep their heads up!

News Credit: CAP Kobun's Daletto Blog

Merti Garage Kit Seemingly in the Works

Here's a real interesting one for you figure and model fans. Perhaps you're familiar with Merti, an original character in Yoshihiro Iwamoto's Rockman X manga series. I never really thought she looked like much of a Rockman-esque character, but then I don't see a lot of guys complaining... Today Iwamoto put up a teaser page on his website, announcing something to do with Merti at next year's winter Wonder Festival, set to occur in February. The details aren't ironed out yet, but Wonder Festival is a well known event for the sale of hand crafted garage kits. The announcement is rather mysterious, though the link title does say "Merti Garage Kit Announcement!"

If you're a fan of Iwamoto's manga, or just like Merti that much, this sounds like something you'd be dying to have. We'll keep you posted on the details.

News Credit: CAP Kobun

A Look at Dimension Diver's New Rockman Kit Completed

Some time ago we clued you in on a new Rockman garage kit by makers Dimension Diver. It was set to go on sale in August, and that it did this past weekend at the CharaHobby 2011 event. Although Dimension Diver did do a Rockman kit before, this one features improved joints, hair parts for a helmetless Rockman, and a Beat figure. You probably won't ever own this, but you can still check out all the fancy pics on their site. Hmm, now that I live in Japan I ought to start attending these events! Then again I just got lost today trying to come home from the JR station. Maybe a bit down the road when I get my bearings (and a phone with GPS).

Thanks to Auto for the tip!

Dimension Diver Preps New Rockman Garage Kit

I'll be honest that I don't know of many garage kit makers, but that won't stop me from saying Dimension Diver is one of the best. And their latest project in the works is Rockman. Rockman was one of the first kits they tackled in the past, and you can see it here. The new model will feature improvements to the joints and balance of the feet. It will also have plenty of new options and features, like an extra part for Rockman to appear helmetless, an additional hand for his right arm you can put in place of his buster, and a cute figure of Beat. Right now production is still in the works, but the kit is planned to go on sale in Japan in August, albeit probably solely at hobby events like so many garage kits are. Should you manage to grab one anyway, do keep in mind garage kits require a bit more care; often glue and drilling are required, and painting may be necessary as well for complete effect. This particular kit will come with pieces molded in blue, light blue, flesh and red. It will also come with decals for additional details. Good luck, hobby hunters! This is a rare one!

Thanks to Auto for the tip!

A Parade of More Wonder Fest Garage Kits

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2" orderby="title"] In my opinion, Yama Tai Koku's Leviathan would have been Best In Show at the Winter 2011 Wonder Festival, but then it's not like I even went. But it was far from the only Rockman themed garage kit appearing at the show. Here are a few more, via Tomopop. Check out their gallery to see more pics, as well as non-Rockman themed figures.

Thanks, CronoLink!

Leviathan Garage Kit Revisited

Just giving an update from our previous post to show off the finished sample of Yama Tai Koku's finished Leviathan garage kit, and boy, this is a thing of beauty. The full list of features include being completely poseable, having four face plates with different expressions, coming cast with six colors (resin kits are often entirely unpainted), and comes with decals for the pupils. Aside from the kit, you get a bonus postcard.

Again, it's going for ¥8,000 and is only being sold at the 2011 Winter Wonder Festival in Japan. But if you're diligent enough, you might find a way to get it! Good luck! Check here for more individual photos of the kit.

Thanks Viku-Asakura!