Mega Man V - The Replacement Stream

Last week, Capcom Unity continued their tradition of monthly Mega Man streams with Mega Man V for Game Boy. Unfortunately, the stream didn't work out well due to technical issues. But Mega Man V is one of the most unique entries into the series, and we think it's story still needs to be told. So teaming up with Press Start and mugenmidget, we give you our own Mega Man V live stream! It features amazing things such as:

-No giveaway prizes or trivia challenges -Less interesting game commentary -Awkward delay in commentary due to Skyping across the world

Also, the stream started off with some echoing issues; if it really bugs you, you can skip to 13:30 where it works out. Nevertheless, Dan played a good game and did manage to complete the challenges originally given to Brelston! We hope you enjoy; Mega Man V is definitely a game worth revisiting! Many thanks to Press and mugen!

Check Out Over 40 Minutes of Street Fighter X Mega Man

The cool folks at Capcom Unity live streamed Street Fighter X Mega Man earlier (not to mention are giving us the game, too). But in case you missed it, here's the recap recording where you can see it all, or see it all again as the case may be! Of course, with the game on its way in just five days, you may want to hold off for the sake of freshness. But 'ey, no one's gonna blame you if you take a peek!

Plenty of New Rockman Xover Gameplay Details and Images

Famitsu has posted an article concerning the Rockman Xover contents set to appear in their upcoming coverage in Famitsu App. The details give us the biggest look at the game we've had yet.

The article introduces Dr. Cossack's daughter, Kalinka. She acts as your navigator in the game. She is 14 now, compared to age 9 from the events of Mega Man 4. I don't know if that really adds up with the series timeline, but just run with it...

First in gameplay, the game is composed of various areas, and each area has a certain number of quests. In quests, as explained before, you run ahead automatically and press buttons to jump and shoot. You can also choose "Auto Play" during a quest. As you might expect, this is a feature that pretty much makes your character attack automatically as well; essentially making the game play itself. It's an option for those wanting to make some quick progress in the game. However, it's not recommended if your aim is to gather up items and upgrades.

Next, the card system. This is where you place the Battle Memory cards you collect to upgrade OVER-1. Setting Battle Memory can of course increase your various stats, including HP, attack and defense. But Battle Memory can also alter other factors, such as your element type and particular skills. It's said it will be important to set your skills appropriately to bolster your given stats. OVER-1 also has a cost indicator, and Battle Memory cards each have a particular cost. The combined cost can't exceed what OVER-1 is capable of.

Battle Memory cards themselves come in elemental flavors, indicated by their background. White is neutral, red is fire, green is wood and wind, yellow is electricity, and blue is water and ice. Determining your elements maximizes how effective you can battle enemies with elemental weaknesses. However, it's not exactly indicated how setting cards changes/manipulates your elemental status.

Next up is the armor change system. This relates to the silhouettes we saw in the trailer. New armors can be acquired by collecting their parts - five in total. These new armors give different benefits for how Battle Memory cards can be used, such as "bonus lines" and "bonus spots." For example, the attack-centric OVER-2 armor gives you six spots for Battle Memory cards instead of five. Three of the spots are red, and improve attack power. Furthmore, if cards that are linked with lines have the same element, attack power is increased even more. A defense-centric OVER-3 armor is also shown.

Next are the Master Boss and Team Battle modes. Master Boss battles can be unlocked by collecting map parts in regular quests. Accessing them lets you fight a powerful, large boss. You can summon in your friends' characters to fight the boss with their equipped skills as well. Beating the master boss will reward you with special items, but the reward payout changes depending on each character's contributions to the battle.

In Team Battle, you will encounter a boss in the middle of a quest. However, the boss will try to flee instead of attack, making your goal to crush the boss. One of you friend's characters is randomly chosen and selected to battle with. You're then paired up against another team of two, and the two teams compete to be the first to beat the boss. Your partner is controlled automatically in this mode, and is updated once a week. Beating the boss first wins you rare Battle Memory.

And last, the promotional OVER-1 card that Famitsu App is giving away in its magazine. This card can be used in the game once you clear the tutorial. It will strengthen OVER-1's attack power during boss battles. The code for the card is redeemable up until the end of December 17th.

Additional images:


PXZ Gameplay of Tron and Her Servbots

Bandai Namco is releasing more gameplay to countdown the impending release of Project X Zone, and this one features the Bonne mechanic having to get along with the likes of Frank and Hsien-Ko (or "that cameraman" and "that jiangshi" according to the Servbots). It even features an arrangement of "The Flutter Vs. The Gesellschaft", which by now has become the trademark theme of all things Legends.

Thanks for the tip, Magnet_Man!

Game Informer and Grega Man Tackle Mega Man Legends 2

Here's a treat for you all you Legends fans. Capcom Unity's Grega Man teams up with the Replay crew at Game Informer to take on Mega Man Legends 2, arguably the greatest Mega Man action adventure game ever made. You can check out the first hour long episode of their play above. Currently I can't watch it myself, so hopefully it's not full of swears or anything (like the comments undoubtedly will be).

Be sure to keep an eye our for the continuing episodes, which will air every Thursday and Sunday!

News Credit: Capcom Unity

Rockman Online Demo Details

This has definitely turned into a Rockman Online week. And while you've no certainly seen tons of footage, how does the game itself play? Japanese gaming site 4Gamer has a hands on report with the G-Star demo, along with the video footage, and they were also able to speak with NeoWiz's assistant manager Min, Woon Gi. In the final game, players will be able to join together in up to teams of up to four, although the demo was only single player. When you start the game, you select your character and transfer to a "town" that serves as the lobby. At the town you can purchase avatars and weapons, and select the stage you want to go to. According to Min, the ability to use stronger equipment when you level up, and how it relates to your avatar design, will be very "Rockman-ish." In the G-Star version the town was not implemented, but the town is already complete (for the final game).

The characters are controlled simply with the keyboard. Directional keys are used to move right and left, pressing down crouches and you use up when the area moves (not sure what this means). You can dash by double typing right and left on the directional keys, or by pressing C. X is jump, Z is attack, and holding Z lets you charge your attack. A gamepad was not available for use with the demo, and there's no word if the final game will support one.

In this version of the game, special attacks could be assigned to A, S, D and F. There were empty slots in the demo, so the number of keys may increase as you gain new weapons. Furthermore, four kinds of Battle Disks could be cycle through with the tab key, and activated by pressing B. Battle Disks give special abilities, such as becoming immune to spikes, causing your character to attack automatically, and increasing speed and defense. The player was using X, but it's likely these keys are the same for every character type.

Finally, the 1 and 2 keys let you use refill tanks; 1 is for HP (like energy) and 2 is for MP (weapon energy). There's a "cooling time" after using a tank that prevents you from using another for several seconds, though the writer speculates this was only for the G-Star demo.

As a final note, the writer adds that when you die, it makes the classic "tiun tiun" noise in the headphones when you die.

Rockman Online is expected to go into public beta sometime in 2011, though its formal release is not set. Furthermore, there is also no plans for service in Japan yet (nor anywhere else, I'd imagine).

There is also an event report from Capcom's own Ucchy-san. Largely the same info, but many fun pics from G-Star if you're interested, including Rockman ring toss. Yes, really.

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Rockman Online Gameplay Trailers (Updated)

Rockman Online ScreensRockman Online 2nd Teaser And thanks to Protodude's Rockman Corner for helping us keep up!

Here is the first of two trailers via YouTube, which won't have the streaming problems ThisIsGame is.

Also, here is 10 minutes of shaky cam footage:

Video source:, GameMeca

Rockman Online First Gameplay Look, Art

[gallery link="file" columns="3" orderby="title"]As anticipated, it does appear to be a side scrolling action game with RPG elements. Furthermore, one screen indicates there will be some kind of system for inputting keyboard commands.

Moved gameplay trailers after the break, since they are not loading well.

Images via ThisIsGame, MMOCulture


Mega Man Universe Gameplay Trailer

Well, immediately following my speculation post, here is our first look at Mega Man Universe's gameplay! Which... appears to be some kind of polygonal Mega Man 2. No sign of any Kinect and Move usage, but the visual style is a little... interesting. Still, this only seems like just a taste of what to really expect.

We've updated with our own copy of the full length official trailer. Check after the break to see the other three individual character trailers.

Thanks, XHunter! [via Rockman AMV], Shoot Man