Sample Manami Matsumae's Original Track with World 1-2 Pre-Order

Some months ago we informed you about "World 1-2," a game music album project bringing together a number of artists from the game industry. This includes an original track by Manami Matsumae, one of the original composers of Mega Man and creator of some of its best known tunes.

World 1-2 is now available for pre-order for $10, and will release on May 2nd. However, you can listen to five tracks from the album right now, including Matsumae's. Furthermore, if you pre-order now you can download those tracks right away in whatever format you desire.

This is Matsumae's first work on a non-Japanese project. What do you think of her single? Does it seem Mega Man-ish?

An Interview with Mega Man Music Legend Manami Matsumae

250px-Manami_Matsumae_-_04A short while back, we reported to you about the development of World 1-2, a gaming inspired music album headed by Mohammed Taher, and bringing together a number of big names from game music, including original Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae. Recently, Mohammed got to sit down with Ms. Matsumae and had a pretty lengthy conversation with her. They go over details such as how Manami got her start in music, her work in joining Capcom and scoring Mega Man, returning again for Mega Man 10, and the tune she's making for World 1-2. It's a very fascinating read, especially those interested in the people behind game music.

Thanks for sharing, Mohammed!

Image via Videogame Music Preservation Foundation Wiki

Manami Matsumae Contributing to "World 1-2" Album

250px-Manami_Matsumae_-_04Composing legend to the classic Mega Man games, Manami Matsumae (though you might know her better as Manami Ietel or Chanchacorin Manami) will be contributing a musical piece to the game music appreciation album, World 1-2. Directed by Mohammed Taher, World 1-2 brings together a variety of notable musicians from throughout gaming. You can find out more here. Mohammed tells us that Manami will be contributing an original track, but one that steeped in classic Mega Man style. They are going for something like Nitro Man's theme Manami's track from Mega Man 10. We certainly can't wait to hear it!

Thanks for the tip, Mohammed! Good luck in your project!

Image via Videogame Music Preservation Foundation Wiki