What's Next for Mega Man?

A question and answer panel with Capcom happened at this year's Comic Con. A young lad spoke for all of us when he asked, "What's next for Mega Man?" Though Capcom originally tried to direct the child's attention to Mega Man Star Force 3, Seth Killian decided to step up to the plate when it was revealed he already owned the blue bomber's latest DS entry. While ultimately not giving a direct answer to the question, he had some interesting things to say. Apparently, Mega Man 9 was a "big surprise" to many working at Capcom. While Keiji Inafune is still the one to actually make the call on where the franchise goes next, Seth had this to say:

"When Inafune-san wants to make a game happen he can really make it happen quickly. I think it's worth being hopeful."

With Rockman.exe: Operation Shooting Star already announced, it will be interesting to see what other surprises are in store for the blue bomber.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner