D-Arts Mega Man X Full Armor Now Available

Once again, it's Toy Arena who first flaunts the North American version of Bandai's most recent D-Arts figure in the X series. So if you didn't dig importing, now you can buy locally for $39.99! (If you live in North America anyway). With this, other online shops and hobby retailers ought to have their stock before long as well.

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Full Armor X Struts His Stuff

Figure and hobby vendor AmiAmi has a review post up of Bandai's D-Arts Full Armor Rockman X figure. By now you probably know more or less all there is to know about this latest in Bandai's Rockman X series, but the images of the figure are worth seeing. Not only do they demonstrate its great poseability, they make some interesting use of the figure's accessory parts, as well as other figures (like recreating a fateful moment with Zero). I could sure take some pointers myself. I tried making my D-Arts X look cool but he really just looks like his back hurts. Check out more pics here.

D-Arts Full Armor X Arrives in Japan this Friday

The third in line in Bandai's D-Arts Rockman X figure line is a fully armored X (from Mega Man X). Tamashi Web has announced it's on course for a release this Friday, September 23rd. The figure seems to be equipped the same as the original X figure, coming with two facial expressions, a swappable buster arm, and effect parts for shots and a charged shot. This time, however, the figure comes with a whopping five normal shot pieces. The charged shot is not pictured, but this being the fully armored X I wonder if it's insane.

As we reported before, the figure's parts are completely interchangeable with the original X figure (not to mention Zero's as well). It'll retail for ¥3,675 (roughly $48 US), and can be imported from online retailers like AmiAmi and HLJ. Or you can wait a little longer since it will probably be out in the States next month.

With this figure out the door, there's still no word what character Bandai will tackle next. A 2nd version of Zero seems pretty likely, but perhaps we'll get a bit of a curve ball, like Sigma or Vile. Or Wire Sponge.

News via CAP Kobun