Introducing Our Brand New Community Forum!

Nearly a year ago, we began making efforts to revamp The Mega Man Network, making it a richer and more user friendly site. We are still continuing with these efforts, which honestly goes to show how lazy we are. But progress is progress. Today is perhaps a small milestone, though, because we are ready to unfurl our new TMMN Community Forum. Unfortunately, you all must rejoin, should you so desire. The new forum is a much newer version of the script than the one before, and truthfully, having people rejoin will afford them the opportunity to check out what's new. However, you not need to be a member to interact either, as we are now allowing guests to post replies to topics.

A couple of other things to note. The old forum is not gone, just inactive. If there is some thread of posts or the like that's vitally important to you, we should be able to go back and get it for you. Also, our gallery is no longer bridged with the forum, so fan artists now must use the gallery to login and such. We will also be working on the gallery to make that a little easier to use too.

Anyway, I know this is all a bit sudden, but I recommend you just hit the ground running and have fun! We hope you enjoy the new community!