An Up-Close Look at Mattel's Unreleased NT Warrior Figures

Back in Battle Network's heyday, it was getting all sorts of animes and toys and comics and what have you. Toy manufacturer Mattel was also getting in on the merchandising train. However, after having released two waves of figures, Mattel decided to pull out in the midst of the planned third wave. Today, those prototype figures find their way on auctions from time to time, and generally sell for steep prices.

Recently, hobbyist TiggerCustoms acquired a few of these figures and decided to share them with all, since pictures of the prototypes are pretty rare still. The unfinished figures he acquired include FreezeMan, seen above, as well as ShadeMan and BurnMan, who you can see after the break. Pretty neat stuff; Mattel was sure building up a well rounded selection of characters! It's a shame they didn't follow through.

Now you might be thinking Tigger would love to flaunt these off in his own collection. However, he tells us that he plans to paint them to their completed appearance, and sell them at a future time. If you're interested in nabbing them yourself, you should send TiggerCustoms word!

A Look at Wonder Fest 2012 Summer's Rockman Wares

Another Wonder Festival has come and gone. Being in the US, I'm a bit far from the action, but I did still manage to find a bit of coverage. Blogger N2 caught a bit of the Rockman action at the event, and you can see the above and more at his blog, split into a part one and part two.

Also, HARVEST-WKS's Rockman Zero figures made the rounds a bit on various sites, thanks to a report originating from Kotaku JP. And here's even a little Rockman 7 cosplay, via Gadget Tsushin:

Zero 2nd Contest Entries - A Mega Man Merchandise Party!

Even after wrapping up this contest, it still haunts me! As promised, Tabby and I have collected together all the entries for your viewing pleasure. I think when you look over them, you'll come to understand why we had so much trouble deciding on a winner. Be warned, this is a very image intensive post - I hope the site will be able to take it. Some of you sent in so many images, we had no choice but to offer them entirely in zips. Nevertheless, beyond the break you'll see a truly impressive trove of Mega Man toys; some stuff I didn't know existed, some stuff made entirely from scratch!

I cannot think everyone enough for taking the time to arrange and send your pictures and videos. They're all extremely cool! Also, rest assured, we are working new giveaways to come soon. Stay tuned!

Moogy - Grand Prize Winner

My MegaMan figure collection, along with the rest of my other figures, are a small number. But "small" does not mean "not cool enough" now, isn't that right?

Well I can definitely say my collection should not be briefly set aside. My collection is scarce, yes, but in their companionship, my figures have learned humility, dignity, and to treat those around them with the utmost respect..

They are the few,

they are the proud.

My figures.

Gallantly taking reign on my dresser are our favorite reploid trio: X, Zero and... Zero, riding on their majestic steeds claiming their place in my household. Rest assured, however, they are willing to spare a place for one OTHER red-clad blondie.

... especially when the most unfortunate events today occurred to poor D-arts Zero, while taking this picture.

While I was preparing for more photos, to show off MORE of the wonder that is my collection, fate had something else in mind.

And apparently, Zero's hair was no longer needed.

Fate can be so cruel.

And just mere minutes after the unfortunate loss of ol' Zello's golden locks, the ball joint that connects to his wrist fell out as well!

"It's okay Zero. They'll grow back! ... right?"

Clearly fate is also quite biased in this situation.

... it has not been a good day for our dear hero.

Oh well. It's nothing a little super glue can't help!

"... you SERIOUSLY want to put GLUE in my hair? REALLY?!"

Yes, Zero. Yes I do.

But for all the disasters that have occurred in the past 12 hours, they are still a proud three. A strong three who, as we can see, will always stick together, no matter what may happen!

That, in my opinion, makes my collection pretty cool.

And an extra blonde partner would just make it even cooler!

"Please! So we can share joints or limbs, or hair, or SOMETHING!"



. . . . . . . . . . . .

"Thank you for your time."

Alexx1083 - Grand Prize Winner


Dash My in-progress Zero helmet for my Otakon costume. The LED assembly mock-up (it's been installed since). A mosiac my friend made for my for my birthday. My Zero figure collection so far. Aaaaand finally, my Zero tattoo.


DL: donald's collection









DL: Runner - Zero Contest




The Gov



L, E

The bad guys have captured Roll! It's up to every Megaman ever to join the fray!


DL: Gileum Model Contest Entry


DL: Andrew Collection






Mr. K





Lunaar has a huge collection! Click here to see more of his photos!

Cainer san



Robert has a large collection! Click here to view the rest of his photos!


Undamned also has photos of his collection! Click here to view the photos!




Majinman has a huge collection! Click here to see all his photos!


glitchy *Asked that we do not display their entry on the site.



DL: Avatarofnyx's Megaman Figure Collection


RDG and Ginga




Nick Man X

Oscar (Lumine Infinitus)

Angie Bass

Announcing May and June's Contest Winners!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I sort of hate to admit this, but being able to announce these winners lifts a huge weight off my shoulders. This is far from the first time I've had to apologize for the lateness of a contest this year, but I'd like to explain something. See, I love doing contests that encourage you guys to make things. There is no lack of talent in this community, and I see awesome fan creations on a weekly basis. That being said, a few burdens have come up in trying to do contests like this every month. First, it's tough to keep thinking of ideas that cover a varying range of skills. It would be easy to do fan art contests every month, but not everyone thinks themselves a great artist. Next, judging these contests also becomes difficult, as I've painfully found out. Not only does it take a lot of time, it takes making some harsh decisions as well. We often just get too many cool entries to make such a simple decision on. A lot of you put in fantastic efforts, but only a few can win.

But, that's largely my own sob story. And I'm very thankful for the efforts you all continue to put up in spite of how inadequately we've handled some of these contests. In the end, I just hope that we can provide some joy and fun in these times where Mega Man is on the back burner. So, without further ado...

Woah! A sudden page break! For drama!


The winners of the D-Arts Zero Type 2 figures are alexx1083 and Moogy! I want to point out here, the above images are only portions of their entries. I plan to put up everyone's entries in their entirety, but it's going to be a ton of work. Many entries were loaded with images, text, and even video! alexx1083's entry made good use of figures in a series of panels to tell a funny story. Moogy's meanwhile, well... it had a charm straight off the bat that we weren't expecting. Again, it was exceptionally tough. Many entries were deserving of prizes, and would that I could award them all.

Next is the D-Arts VAVA giveaway, the burden of which I put entirely on a random number generator. In this, the honor goes entirely to HeatGutsV3. V3's comment reads:

My favorite moment in the X series is in Megaman X2 after you collect all the pieces for Zero and your on your way to fight Sigma and a fake Zero is there waiting for you. Just when you think you have to fight him three blasts come through and destroy the fake Zero and it was the real Zero that did it. That shows that original is better than a copy.

Phew, and that wraps it up. Winners, we've already notified you via e-mail. Be sure to get back to us at your soonest convenience! Everyone else, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your contributions. Even though I've talked at length about the difficulty of upholding contests, I still pledge that TMMN will continue to have monthly prizes, likely in the form of the giveaway we did with the VAVA figure. This will definitely be the case in the next couple months, since I'll be taking a pretty big vacation in August (though I'll still find a way to be active I'm sure).

Until then, keep your eyes out for future chances of goodies! And thanks always for supporting The Mega Man Network!

Rockman 8 Merchandise Mania

Mega Man 8 released in North America with no more than the usual amount of fanfare. A special edition package came with a small booklet of the series history, and there was also a chance to buy a Mega Man figurine in honor of the Blue Bomber's 10th anniversary (even though it was still only his 9th). In Japan, however, things were a bit different. There was Rockman 8 merchandise galore! I'd have never believed it myself if not for the book Rockman Super Encyclopedia (pictured right), which came out in Japan in May of 1997. There was a whole variety of good available, from simple toys to whole room decor! And all for the game Rockman 8 (and by some association, the 10th anniversary).

Some of this stuff you've surely seen before, but I'll bet there's a good chance that some of it you haven't. Hit the break below to take a gander!

Bandai may be making waves now with their D-Arts line, but they're far from unfamiliar - they've been making Rockman goods going on 20 years now. These are their Mega Armor model kits, featuring various characters from Rockman 8. You've probably seen these before; I even had a few a while back (although they were Chinese versions). The Rockman and Blues assembled figures had a buster capable of shooting a small metal ball. The page also says there were Duo and Astro Man kits available too. I do recall seeing Duo (and Forte as well), but I can't ever say I've seen an Astro Man figure! Maybe it's a mistype?


Rockman 8 gashapon figures! You know, those dispenser machines that pop out a random encapsulated toy. There were a total of 21 types of these figures, and 2~3 were included in a capsule for a mere ¥100. Not a bad deal!

The rest of the gashapon figures. I wonder how many full collections are still around today? Over on the right, Roll laments that she wants to be made into a figure too. Don't worry, Roll, you got your day eventually.

Here's where things get more interesting. On the left we have a variety of vinyl figures by Bandai once again. The top were "Power Buster Rockman" figures for ¥200 and the bottom were "Rockman Fighters" figures for ¥100, which also came with a sticker. Both were included with packs of ramune candy. They could be purchased at supermarkets and candy stores.

On the right was how the real big spenders showed their Rockman 8 love. Itoki Co. is a manufacturer of furniture, including a line of study furniture for children. They'd made other Rockman themed furniture before, and 8 would be no different. But be ready to hurt your wallet - the desk alone cost a whopping ¥89,800, or $790 US using the currency exchange back at the end of 1996 (man were those the days!). And all it really had was a nifty Rockman collage. Sold separately were the chair with Rockman 8 cushion for ¥19,800, the Rockman 8 floor sheet for ¥9,800, and a satchel backpack with a Rockman 8 keyring for ¥27,000. If you were lucky enough to get all those things, you better have studied hard!

Here we have stationery galore. On the right is a variety of goods by Mitsubishi Pencil (who are a part of the electronics and automotive super conglomerate) and Showa Note. The left features pencil cases and a sets of colored pencils, with 12 color and 24 color sets. On the left we have regular pencils, a sketchpad and coloring book. Other products by Mitsubishi not shown include a container for slippers and a handbag.

Then in the lower right is something real interesting. Apparently, Bandai had machines called "Prename" installed at various game centers. These let you select from various designs and make your own meishi; eight to a sheet. And wouldn't you know it, there was a Rockman 8 design too.

Hey, wait a sec. What does it say there on that pencil box on the left? What the...


...Huh??? What the heck does that mean? Who is Dr. Nemy!? Even if that's not what it says (maybe it's "OR. NEMY."?), I really can't understand what it ought to mean. Was it just supposed to say Dr. Wily? How do you misspell it that badly!

Finally we get to the end, and back to a little more familiar stuff. Up top is a puzzle released for Rockman's 10th anniversary; a collage featuring all the characters from the past 10 years. A friend of mine named Joey managed to get one of these and I was always really jealous! What I never knew, though, is that there were actually two varieties. A 300 piece puzzle for ¥2,000, and a 500 piece puzzle for ¥3,000. The puzzle was produced by a company called Central Hobby.

Below is the CD single by GANASIA, featuring the Rockman 8 opening song Electrical Communication and the ending song Brand New Way. Actually, did you know that besides this, the duo of GANASIA only released one other single before they broke up? A little sad, that.

Anyway, that wraps up what the book had to offer. I'm sure there's plenty of other Rockman goods floating around out there. It may be impossible to document them all!

New MM10 Theme for PS3, Closer Look at Trading Figures

4gamer has some cool news about some Rockman related items. First off, a new Rockman 10 PS3 theme is coming out. This one features Mega Man and the gang striving to jump higher and higher into the sky via boon blocks. It also features the Robot Masters in the section tabs. I imagine we'll be catching word of a North American release of this theme pretty soon.  The theme is selling in Japan for ¥200. A video demonstration is below.

Next up, 4gamer is showing off some high quality, individual pics of the "Super Model Spirit" Rockman trading figures, set to release in May. Also show is an E-Tank strap, which will randomly be included in the individually packed figures. No word on its inclusion in the box sets, though it likely will be. Check our gallery below for the highly detailed figures. [gallery]

A Closer Look at Bandai's "Super Model Spirit" Rockman Trading Figures

While these are still unpainted prototypes of the figures, with this view you can get a much greater look at the detail these figures will possess. The source of this image, Amiami, also has the box set of 12 figures for preorder, currently with a 25% discount at ¥5,720 (roughly 62.19 US). A somewhat better deal, although you should probably expect shipping to run $20 or more. The figures are releasing in late May. Still kind of pricy, but you'll probably get the figures in under a week after they release (assuming you live in the US). Now again, these are trading figures, which means when you buy one you don't know which figure you're getting. However Auto, who drew my attention to this news and claims to have a lot of experience and spent money on such figures, tells me that when you buy a box set of these figures you assuredly get one of every variety. So as always, buyer beware, but Auto is pretty confident a single box set will nab you one of all eleven figures.

News Credit: Auto

Words Cannot Describe these Rockman Figures

Rockman Zero FiguresJust when you thought things didn't get any cooler than Dimension Driver's limited edition Rockman and Roll figures, Atelier-Sai has to come along and make these magnificent works of art. As seen in the photo on the right, Zero and two of the four Guardians have been accurately modeled into completely posable, color-cast resin kits. The diaroma just adds to the sheer epicness emanating from these figures.

Not for the faint of heart, these kits require drilling your own holes. In fact, the ball joints actually have to be purchased seperately along with 1mm-thick brass rods to hold the joints in place.

In addition to the Rockman Zero characters, Atelier-Sai also had figures of classic Rockman and Forte. You can see all Sai's figures as well as other figures shown at the 2009 Wonder Festival here.

News Credit: The Spambot

Dimension Diver's limited edition Rockman and Roll figures

img_1689661_27051662_70Custom figure designer group Dimension Diver has crafted up what looks like some ultra cool Rockman and Roll figures. In fact, said figures were even featured recently in Replicant, a Japanese magazine that covers figures. Each figure is 11cm, and both come with stands and the respective coloring kits and eye decals. If you're looking to grab them, they'll be available May 6th at the Hobby Complex 07... in Tokyo. Have a bit of cash on hand too — the Rockman figure runs ¥7,000, while the Roll figure runs ¥8,000 (since ladies are generally more expensive). Getting both figures would run you roughly $150 — likely more if they land on auction. But man, seeing the detail in the figures, I think it'd be worth it News credit and magazine scans: AWD!