Next Round of Rockman Ultrabook Voting

ultrabookvoting2 Last week we introduced you to the latest merchandise in the works for Rockman in Japan: the Rockman themed Ultrabook notebook PC. Furthermore, fans are being given the opportunity to vote on which special design elements the computer will feature. Last week it was the laptop's back design.

Although the results of that poll have not been revealed, the next poll is now running. This one asks what special add-on you'd like to see with the laptop. The first is a desktop mat featuring the box artwork from the ten classic Rockman games. Next is a set of stickers meant to go on the keyboard, featuring different sprites. Last is a cover for the laptop back which can be detached and used as a mouse pad. Like before, there's also the option to submit a feature of your own choosing. Certainly a Mega Buster USB would be nice...

Personally speaking, I suppose I like the keyboard stickers best, although I can imagine they'd also look a bit garish and start coming off in time.