Interview with Mega Man Unlimited's Philippe Poulin (Part 2/2)

Interview with Mega Man Unlimited's Philippe Poulin (Part 2/2)

After five years of work, Philippe Poulin (aka MegaPhilX) and his team have released "Mega Man Unlimited" to overwhelmingly positive reviews and ever-increasing popularity. Phil was recently able to sit down with The Mega Man Network and answered a plethora of questions. If you haven't already, enjoy the first part of this interview and read on for even more questions about game design, discarded concepts and the awesome final bosses in "Mega Man Unlimited".

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To Infinity and Beyond! MegaPhilX Reveals Mega Man Unlimited Fan Game Trailer

You asked for it, you got it! Here's the official trailer for MegaPhilX's upcoming Mega Man PC fan game, Mega Man Unlimited:

There is no release date yet for the game which was once going to be called Mega Man 10, but MegaPhilX has a status report on his page here, and you can also follow the game on Facebook.

Thanks to Stealthwoman, Trigger.EXE, and CnCBoy for the tips!

Need a Mega Man Fix? Maybe Rokko Chan Can Help! (Update)

As 2011 draws to a close, it's clear that it has not exactly been a banner year for the Blue Bomber when it comes to video game releases. Some might even regard the year as a "Blue Hole" in that respect. However, Tony Ponce over at Destructoid has come upon a game which may help scratch that itch, at least the part craving some new levels and gameplay. Rokko Chan is a pretty blatant Mega Man clone, and doesn't try to hide it in the slightest:

[Indie developer] King does not disguise his wholesale copying of the Mega Man formula down to the tiniest dust mote. You have an ensemble of robot villains with "-Man" monikers, facsimiles of Mega Man stock enemies like Mets and Sniper Joes, an evil scientist with a skull motif, amazing chiptune music, disappearing blocks, E-Tanks, passwords, and even a list of achievements straight from Mega Man 9 and 10. Even the name of our star, Rokko Chan, sounds similar to how Mega Man's Japanese name is read (Rockman -> Rokku Man).

Destructoid goes on to note that the game is full-featured and still manages to add a few twists of its own, such as a tag-team boss battle, Super Castlevania IV-ish rotating rooms, and more. And the best part? It's free. Plus, for the experts, there is even an optional one-hit mode.

The only issue is that you'll want to have a controller for your computer handy, with joy2key to help you play. That is, unless you want to test your mettle with the keyboard.

Check out Destructoid for more screens and images from the game.

Update: We've received a tip from John Polson that the game has moved to another server, which you can find here. Thanks, John!

Surprise Character in Smash Bros De-make!

What do you get when you combine Super Smash Bros with the GameBoy...? Why, a retroesque, low-resolution, greenish de-make called Super Smash Land of course!

This PC fan-game, which has been in the works for quite a while, is now finally available free for download, featuring six playable characters, eleven stages, 4-player mode and more!

The character roster may be small for a Smash Bros game, but do mind that creator Dan Fornace finally fulfills the one wish that many fans had since the initial announcement of Super Smash Bros Brawl...

That's right, now you can smash your thumbs sore with the Blue Bomber... or should I say Shades-of-Green Bomber? Anyway, his inclusion comes complete with a fitting Skull Castle Stage.

Watch the trailer to see the game in action:

Mega Man Joins the Fight in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion is a custom-made fan game (and not a hack, in case you were wondering) we have mentioned previously on the site, one which features a wide variety of playable characters and settings from many various video games. Naturally, Mega Man elements play heavily into it, including some stages and the ability to play as Roll, Proto Man, Zero, and Vile. However, neither the Blue Bomber himself (nor his futuristic counterpart) were playable. Zerothemaster passed along the following video update of the project, which not only explains why, but offers up some good news:

If you aren't interested in watching the first part of the video, then you can skip ahead to the relevant part here.

Fan-Made Mega Man Stage Creator

Since the Mega Man Universe front has gotten so quiet these days, let's take a look at a fan endeavor for the time being. Here is a video from the in-the-works Mega Man Engine by MegaMangaArtist. It appears to imbue all the stage building elements found in something like Mega Man Universe or Mega Man Powered Up. It will also have support for "2.5D" style graphics and custom tiles. In more recent videos, MMA appears to also be adding full-on 3D models as well. Quite the mixed bag! You can see all the videos for Mega Man Engine development here.

Mega Man vs. Street Fighter

It seems that the Blue Bomber has finally had it with the stars of Street Fighter getting to take on all comers in company crossovers. As such, he's said "nuts" to the First Law of Robotics and decided to do something about it, hunting down the best of the World Warriors to remind them who Capcom's real unofficial mascot is. First up? None other than the figurehead for the franchise itself, Ryu:

Contrary to what the end may have you believe, though, the game is far from over. So for those who may have seen the above before, read on for something new.

Now equipped with the powers of the mighty Ryu, Mega Man has set his sights on a neighboring combatant from the Far East: the Yoga Fire fighter, Dhalsim:

Two are down, but one question remains: how many are left to go?

Mega Man vs. Street Fighter is a fan game under development from Capcom Unity member SonicZX, and they seem to have no problem with it, having featured his videos two times on their blog. As it's a work in progress, one is left to wonder how many of the Street Fighter crew will be featured, and if they will all be from the original Street Fighter II, or if new challengers from its expansions, spin-offs, and sequels are fair game.

Hopefully the latter, because let's face it, there is probably a wide audience for Mega Man vs. Cammy.

Dr. Wily Prepares for the Next Game; Plus: More Mega Man & Wario

This has been making the rounds a bit lately, so we decided we should do our part in making sure as many Mega Man fans see it as possible. And if you already have... well, we hope you'll enjoy it one more time. In short, have you ever wondered how Dr. Wily spends time preparing for the next Mega Man game? YouTube user Jarosh Barksdale did, and came up with a series of nine microgames in WarioWare: D.I.Y. to illustrate the mad scientist's equally mad labors:

"The first part of the video consists of all the mini games played in order, 2 or 3 times in a row," he notes. "I occasionally make mistakes on purpose to show what happens when you lose."

"The second half is me playing the games shuffled in the Game Blender. I tried to keep it to around 20 rounds, so not all the deaths are unintentional. I don't suck THAT much at my own mini games."

For those unable to view the video, the nine microgames are as follows:

  • Spikes! - Dr. Wily tests the spike shafts
  • Dumpster Claw - Dr. Wily steals old robot masters from Dr. Light's dumpster
  • Door Jumping - Dr. Wily tests the boss doors for their... "jumpability"
  • Blocks! - Dr. Wily and Guts Man collect disappearing blocks
  • Eyebrows - Dr. Wily gets a much needed eyebrow trim (with some help from Cut Man)
  • Teleport - Dr. Wily tests the teleport hatches and tries not to turn into THE BEE
  • Fueling up - Dr. Wily gets gas for his saucer
  • Wily shops - Dr. Wily gets some shopping done before the big day
  • Revenge - Dr. Wily finally defeats Mega Man

These games are the results of three months of labor, "on and off."

Additional random facts about the games include:

Dumpster Claw:

  • There are 4 different robot masters that randomly appear in the dumpster: Crash Man, Shadow Man, Elec Man, Tornado Man
  • The contents of the dumpster change and items are shuffled around in every game
  • The "claw" is a modified version of Mega Man 9's Bunby Catcher enemy


  • The resulting transformation/mutation when you teleport with the bee was quite obviously inspired by The Fly

Fueling up:

  • The gas pump's OS gets pretty emotional over spilled fuel

Wily shops:

  • There are a total of 16 different enemies that are randomly stocked at Wily-Mart
  • The non-Mega Man enemies are from: SMB 1, SMB 3, Kirby's Dream Land, Dragon Quest, Pac Man and Castlevania III
  • The non-Mega Man disguises are obviously from SMB 3
  • Roll prints a receipt for you when you check out

You can learn more about the making of these microgames here, as well as find some other creations in the sidebar.

Not owning WarioWare: D.I.Y. myself, I'm unsure whether or not those numbers at the top are what allow you to download these games for yourself online. Hopefully they are, as otherwise it would be disappointing to not be able to.

And finally, so long as we have Wario and Mega Man together, we may as well throw in this fun fact: the magazine Club Nintendo, which at one time was the German equivalent to Nintendo Power, there was a comic story in which Dr. Light botches an attempt to duplicate Mario, resulting in the creation of the greedy grabber of goods known as Wario.

You can read about the story, "Super Mario - Die Verwandlung," at the Super Mario Wiki. Or, if you can read German, you can check out the full comic itself at (it's the third one down).

Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch Now Available

Late last year, we brought you a couple of stories about a fan-made Mega Man deathmatch game which runs on a modified Doom engine and uses a graphic style reminiscent of the 8-bit titles in the series. Now, there is some new information. The game was playable at the recent ScrewAttack Gaming Convention, but more important in the here and now is that you can download and play the game yourself, here and now! But if you still desire more information, you can pop over to CutmanMike's blog to learn more.

So, if you think your computer can run it (this reporter's can probably not, sadly), give it a go and tell us what you think of it in the comments below (just keep it clean)!

Source: Destructoid

Mega Man Spearheads New v1.1 Upgrades to SMB Crossover

A little over a month ago, we reported on Super Mario Bros. Crossover, a new fan game in which a number of classic NES characters (Mega Man among them, of course) fight their way through the worlds of the original Super Mario Bros. with their original controls, special moves and abilities, and music intact. A more recent video revealed that an update would soon be coming to the game, and would add Ninja Gaiden star Ryu Hayabusa to the fold. And now, another video has been posted by developer Exploding Rabbit, showing what the rest of the Crossover crew can expect to gain from the next version's upgrade.

Mega Man leads the charge, with music from Mega Man 3 playing over the first half of the video and other members of the cast "getting equipped" with their own upgrades:

We'll bring you further Mega Man-based updates as they become available.

Mega Man Saves New Worlds in Super Mario Bros. Crossover

In Japan, Mega Man is called "Rockman," which effectively makes his weapon the "Rock Buster." However, despite the name, the Blue Bomber very rarely uses it to bust any rocks. However, as you can see in this screenshot, it seems to be very proficient at busting some rather familiar-looking bricks.

Such is one of many scenarios in explodingRabbit's Super Mario Bros. Crossover, a Flash game on Newgrounds which allows you to play through the entirety of the original Super Mario Bros. with not only Mario, but also Mega Man, Metroid's Samus Aran, The Legend of Zelda's Link, Castlevania's Simon Belmont, and Contra's Bill Rizer, who gets a real charge out of being chosen.

The game has become an instant sensation, sweeping the internet in a mere matter of days. This is because, unlike many ROM hacks which merely switch out the sprites of Mario or his enemies for other characters, this version actually manages to maintain the feel of each character (for the most part).

In addition, each character is able to use Mario's power-ups to enhance their own abilities in such a way that is befitting both the Mushroom Kingdom and their own home games. For example, our friend Rock starts off sans helmet and with a regular Buster shot (plus sliding ability). Grab a Super Mushroom, and he powers up with his helmet on, which allows him to charge his shots and to shatter bricks by jumping. Gain a Fire Flower, and Mega Man can charge up with some literal fire power as he dons red and orange garb.

You can give the game a shot over at Newgrounds here. Be warned, though: the site is largely not-safe-for-work, so venture beyond the game at your own peril.

As an aside, those of you who knew of the game might have been wondering what took so long for us to post (thanks to everyone who tipped us off, by the way). Simply put: policy. We typically don't endorse pirates copies of games or straight-up ROM hacks, and unfortunately, by the very inclusion of Mario, this game is probably teetering perilously close to receiving a letter from Nintendo.

Still, it's difficult to ignore the unique feel of running through familiar territory with a new set of legs, to say nothing of how it can make you appreciate the traditional methods. So if you haven't already, give it a try.

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Visits Slash Man and Napalm Man

I had thought we had spoken of this previously, but a search of our news archives seems to indicate that is not the case. For those unaware, a group of fan game designers known as "Fusion Team" have been working on an ongoing project titled "Mushroom Kingdom Fusion." Unlike some fan games, this is not a hack, but an original from-the-ground-up creation.

The idea behind this is a massive crossover between various video game worlds from the likes of Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, The Legend of Zelda, Halo, Metal Slug, and more. And of course, among those is also the world of the Blue Bomber himself, Mega Man, else we probably would not be covering it in this space.

Throughout the course of the game, players can assume the identity of numerous gaming icons, including Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Link, Wario, etc. However, not included among their ranks is Mega Man himself, with the reason for this being very simple: Mega Man icons (such as a Mega Man 1up for Mario) would allow the players to don a suit giving them the powers of different characters: Mario becomes Mega Man (Mega Mario?), Luigi takes up Proto Man's shield, Wario becomes Guts Man, and so on.

At least, that's how it was. Now, it seems that Proto Man, Roll, Zero, and even Vile playable. Mega Man, however, remains a captive of Dr. Wily, and is said to be an "important NPC that figures into the story of the game."

As for why we are bringing this up now, the answer is simple: a new video has surfaced on YouTube, depicting Mario fighting his way first through the Jurassic-styled park of Slash Man and facing its master before proceeding through the base of Napalm Man for a showdown. And along the way, the Mega Man Suit is used quite a bit:

For many more videos of this game in action, check out JudgeSpear2's account on YouTube. You can also learn more about the game at the Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Wiki.

Atari-flavored Mega Man 2600 demo available to play

Now here's a curious one. This is a demo for an Atari 2600 version of Mega Man that was created by David Galloway to be presented at the 2007 I Am 8-Bit art show. The demo, which was created on a tight schedule, has five screens of Elec Man's stage with Elec Man appearing as the boss at the end.

For those interested in trying the demo, you can download the binary for it here.

News Credit: GameSetWatch (via GoNintendo)