Interview with Mega Man 2.5D's Peter Sjöstrand (Part 1/2)

Interview with Mega Man 2.5D's Peter Sjöstrand (Part 1/2)

While most news these days revolves around Mega Man's spiritual successors, fans of the original Blue Bomber have been busy with "Mega Man 2.5D", an unofficial labor of love that features not just Paper Mario-like perspective but a 2-player cooperative mode that we once only dreamed about. The Mega Man Network recently sat down with Peter Sjöstrand, the game designer of "Mega Man 2.5D", to discuss the background of their project and features new with their upcoming Beta 3.0 release.

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When Mega Man Meets Quake 3 Arena

Most of the fan games we see come through here tend to emulate the classics in some way, whether it's through use of the 8- or 16-bit art style, 2D gameplay, or other elements. That's why GeminiSparkSP thought there might be some interest in "Mega Man Arena", a Quake 3 Arena mod which features Mega Man X, Vile, Bass, and Proto Man.

The above video is from 2011 (we picked it for better sound quality), but you can find more recent videos, screens, and updates about the game on its homepage.

Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch Gets V3 Update, V4 Teaser

Last week, Cut Stuff's extremely popular Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch got a content and refinement update. The V3b patch adds updates and fixes to various maps and weapons. Furthermore, maps for Shadow Man, Top Man, Gemini Man, Spring Man, Burst Man and Wave Man have been replaced entirely with all new maps.

What's more, as you can see from the above video, Cut Stuff is already teasing a version 4 update, which will bring even more content to the game.

Thanks for the tip, Beed28! And to whoever showed me the version 4 trailer; I don't remember how I came across it!