Vile and Zero 2 Appearing in Living Color, Plus a Mystery Zero

We've already been wowed by the prototypes of Vile and Zero "Type 2" but they are just that, prototypes. And typically, when a prototype is shown, it means more months ahead before the final thing comes out. But it seems these two prototypes is growin' up real fast. These are the full color prototypes set to appear in exhibition at Tamashii Nation 2011, starting tomorrow. Also, along with the additional gold trim and boxy shoulder pads, Zero "Type 2" naturally comes with his beam saber for slashies. Other included accessories, not to mention price and release time frame, still remain unknown. Nevertheless it looks like they're coming along great!

There are appears to be an X1 modeled Zero, but with a faceplate not featured with the original figure. Could this be a hint at an Iwamoto manga styled Zero? Unfortunately no details are present.

While I wouldn't consider it a major chance, I am lined up to head to Akihabara this Sunday and check out the Tamashii festivities myself. And with luck, I may even run into Ucchy-san and Bandai's Adam Newman. Can't make any guarantees, but if you'd like me to relay some questions, here's the place to propose them!

Thanks for the tip, ExiledCross! [Image credit: Shimazou Report]