A Taste of ASIAGRAPH's Rockman Exhibit

Back in February, it was announced that the ASIAGRAPH group would be featuring Rockman for an upcoming exhibit. Digital artists from all around Asia were invited to submit their work fir display and a chance to win prizes. Although the main exhibit isn't planned until October, a kick off event was recently held at Cafe ASAN displaying some of the works received from the first round of submissions.

Along with the exhibit, speeches were given by members from ASIAGRAPH, Comic Toranoana (who is also sponsoring the event) and Capcom. Also, Ucchy-san was on hand give out special Rockman DASH 3 poster cards. You can check out more photos from 4Gamer.net's report, which certainly shows a wide variety of styles and themes. What do you think of these initial pieces?

MM2 Snags Honorable Mention in Smithsonian Vote

You may recall earlier this year the Smithsonian American Art Museum was running a vote for games to showcase in their 2012 Art of Video Games exhibit. Eighty titles have been selected to represent the various systems and generations of gaming over the past 30 years. Mega Man 2 was a contender for NES action game of the 8-bit era, but it ultimately lost out to Super Mario Bros. 3. I'm not terribly surprised; without a doubt the 8-bit era was one where high quality games were constantly popping up from around the corner. Mega Man 2 is a great title, but it also had quite a lot of stiff competition for the time. As a nominee, I don't think Mega Man 2 will be represented in an exhibit, but it's still a strong show of just what an impact the game for its time! You can check this PDF for a list of all winning titles, as well as nominees for the respective brackets.