100,000 Strong to Represent at Mega Rock Fan Festa, Seeking Funding for Big Project

249158_462879903786256_115459473_n A few months ago, we brought you word of a new fan-run event to celebrate Mega Man in Tokyo, Japan, called "Mega Rock Fan Festa." Some new information has come up about the event, including the attendance of Hitoshi Ariga, Ippo Yamada, and Yoshihiro Iwamoto.

What's more, 100,000 Strong For Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3 will have representation there from the Japanese branch of the effort. And by the sound of things, they have some very big plans in store for the event, though they've declined to elaborate further at this time except to say that "it's liable to obtain unfathomable amounts of mainstream coverage." Very interesting.

Unfortunately, these plans require funding, and while they've obtained a significant amount from their Japanese supporters, they're still a little bit short. If you'd like to contribute to the cause-- even for curiosity's sake-- then you can PayPal whatever you're willing to chip in to milktea[at]milcoco.net until June 10th, which is the cutoff date for the project.

If curiosity or simply supporting the movement isn't enough for you, however, there are also rewards that will be in effect for those who donate, with everyone who chips in receiving a copy of this mysterious project after Mega Rock Fan Festa concludes. According to Skybane Zero, "As someone who actually knows what this project is, let me reassure you all that your money is not going to waste in the least. This is the kind of thing that I'm sure many of you would happily fund on Kickstarter just to have a chance to experience it for yourselves!"

To give an idea of the scope of the project, they go on to reveal that they have enlisted the help of illustrator Hideki Ishikawa (who worked on Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Legends 2, among numerous other Mega Man titles from the Super NES/PlayStation era) to draw all of the artwork for the event. For those who don't recognize the name, here is one well-known sample of his work:


Additionally, a smaller-scale western project will be making the rounds at the event as well. They'll also be showing off footage from the rocket launch (which has run into some editing complications at the moment) to help make those on the Japanese side of things more aware of the passion for the movement worldwide.

"Honestly, there's no way for me to fully express just how much I think this event could benefit our movement," Skybane Zero says. "This is practically the chance of a lifetime. Numerous iconic people in the Mega Man universe will be present for this, hundreds of passionate fans from all over Japan will be gathered, and above all, this event is taking place in Japan, where our main target, Capcom of Japan, is located. Giving a demonstration of our support in CoJ's own country is almost equivalent to being on their front lawn. Needless to say, the closer we are to them, the more likely our chances are of having our voices heard."

"Now," he continues, "I'm not saying that I think CoJ will be inspired by this show of passion enough to reinstate Legends 3. I'm not saying that they'll be touched enough to give us a proper apology (or reason) for cancelling the game. What I am saying, though, is this: if ever there was a chance to make them realize our passion, if ever there was a chance to convince them of the overwhelming demand for Mega Man Legends, now would be that time. So, by all means, if you'd like to see these plans come to fruition as much as we would, we'd greatly appreciate your donations!"

Of course, beyond Mega Man Legends, this is also a great opportunity to show how much passion there is for Mega Man in general. We wish 100,000 Strong the best of luck in reaching their goal and getting the project underway-- we're dying to see what it is!

A New Rockman Fan Festival is in the Works: Mega Rock Fan Festa

mrff Last year we informed you about Rock Party, which is actually taking place tomorrow in Japan time. Really wish I could go! But making a day trip to Tokyo is neither cheap nor easy. Hopefully we'll see some good coverage coming out of it.

But that aside, there is already a new Blue Bomber celebration being planned. This is the Mega Rock Fan Festa, which has the aim to be the greatest Rockman fan event of all time.  After the break below, you can read the very moving declaration by CAP Kobun, the event committee's representative.

Planned festivities include a marketplace for doujin goods, an exhibition of Rockman goods throughout the past 25 years, a talk session and game competition with the Spiceman crew (Ippo Yamada, Hitoshi Ariga and Yoshihiro Iwamoto), a brand new musical performance of Live Communicated Rockman (by the NSF MUSIC COLLECTIVE and SENSORS), and a live DJ playing various Rockman tunes.

Mega Rock Fan Festa is set to take place on June 29th, a Saturday, at the Lapin Et Halot gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo. The event runs from 1PM to 9PM and admission is ¥4,000.

Hrrmm, Tokyo yet again. But this doesn't seem like an event to miss! We'll share more info as it becomes available. Don't forget to read the declaration before the break!

It's been a fast 25 years since the original "Rockman" for Famicom was born in 1987. In that time, Rockman has grown to be a character beloved all over the world.

In the same period, boys and girls who've enjoyed Rockman have grown into adults, and Rockman is active in many forms around the world. I too, as an individual among that crowd, have run along with Rockman since my youth, and today still I continue to walk alongside those characters.

Twenty-five years since Rockman's birth. Today, Rockman is in a great upheaval. New works and goods still come out with unprecedented fervor, and on the surface everything looks great. But if you look from another perspective, Rockman is now facing his greatest battle in history. Over the course of a quarter century transition, a number of voices declaring "Rockman is finished" have emerged.

Therefore we ought to encourage the feelings of fans who root for Rockman and his future. Cooperating with people who won't give up on Rockman, and continue to love it, we put together the "MRFF Committee" and have kicked off plans for "the greatest ROckman event in history, to celebrate 25 years."

And so, this is the Rockman 25th anniversary event we prayed that all fans will convene. A dream collaboration that leaps over the barriers of host and participant; real world and cyber world. It's because it's 25 years now that we can do it. This is what's really a "Xover"!

All Rockman fans, assemble!

Famous Last Words

Here's a scene from the Rockman 20th anniversary event Capcom held in Tokyo five years ago. I think it's safe to say right now that Capcom of Japan is probably not planning such an event for the 25th anniversary (although fans are, at least). The event was a veritable Mega Man museum, containing playable classics, a series timeline, and displays of production materials. There were also stage events, including the lauded father of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune, giving thanks to fans in place of the Blue Bomber.

Looking over Famitsu's coverage of the event and getting nostalgic, a particular quote struck me in a bitterly amusing way. A caption below a photo of Inafune reads "Mr. Inafune pledges to continue further with Rockman, stating 'I look forward to being able to meet the five-years-older you, at our 25th anniversary event five years from today.'" Granted, I'm sure Inafune would still be happy to see fans, but mainly to show them Soul Sacrifice.

At any rate, it just goes to show you how much can change in five years. Coming upon the 25th anniversary, though, I would definitely like to think of some happier things!

Conjure Ruins of Mystery in the Next MML3 Neo Devroom Event

Mega Man Legends enthusiasts cease to let up, and have been continuing the work of the Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom, if at least to keep up the spirit. You may recall the original Neo Devroom contest to design a weapon, and it wrapped up with big results. For this next contest, the aims are even bigger.

In the Ruin Roundup, you are tasked with designing designing, outlining or otherwise creating one of the ruins in the Mega Man Legends universe; the mysterious underground labyrinths that teem with Reaverbots but promise the treasure of refractors and ancient technology.

This is definitely a complex task, and one that requires a bit of imagination I'd say. There are so many elements to consider! IMO, it's not enough to think of a stage with neat gimmicks; you really have to think of what significance such a place would have had to the ancients. Was it an ancient city, or a factory, or a control system for something else? What kind of elements and hazards would that create? How would the diggers exploring it now interpret it all? It's these kind of wonderings that, among other things, keep the interest in Legends so strong.

Of course, there are great prizes to be had for winning, with the top award being a Mega Man Legends 3 Project poster signed by Inafune himself! You may also snag a MegaMan Volnutt T-shirt, or a custom notebook featuring the winning ruin.

The contest is currently underway, and the deadline is July 1st, Sunday, at 11:59 PM EST. If you fancy yourself a maker of mysteries, give it a shot! You can see the discussion thread here, and submit your entry here. Good luck to you, and keep on supporting! When it comes to Mega Man, the fans never hold back!

Rockman Fans Will Converge for "Rock Party"

Fans of Rockman are gearing up for a mega event marking the Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary. This time the shindig is Rock Party: an all Rockman, only Rockman doujin convention.

Right now Rock Party has a pre-site open, and they plan to begin adding event details later this month. The event itself, however, won't be until next year, February 24th, and will take place in Tokyo. I'm definitely gonna try to make it there!

For the time being, the group has released some promotional art for the event flier. The top one is by GO!, and the bottom is by Miyazo; both fan artists very active with the Rockman community and events (GO! is also involved with the Rockman Zero 10th Anniversary Anthology). Pretty cool stuff; I can't wait!

News via CAP Kobun's Daletto Blog

The Bright Bats Chose "Tinker" as Their Mascot

The results of the latest Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom event have been announced, and the winning concept for the Bright Bats' mascot character goes to the little ferret Tinker by Devroom member Espiownage (Servbot #1061). Congratulations, Espiownage! Quite an accomplishment being picked from over 450 entries from Japan and the west. He seems like an adorable little pal for Barrett and the gang. From Espiownage's own details:

Tinker is a mischievous little ferret that the Bright Bats found while exploring ancient ruins, where Tinker had accidentally wandered inside out of his own curious nature.  When he was found, he seemed like a normal ferret except for a strange belt with a reaverbot eye around his waist.  Oddly enough, Tinker seems very protective of it when people even try to touch it.  When the Bright Bats took him in, they couldn't think of a name for him until Barret noticed the curious ferret would observe Grill as he made his inventions, one day seeing him try to create something himself out of the junk Pic had collected.  Barret came up with the name Tinker due to the way he would play with the parts and his curiosity.

You can also check out the runner up and honorable mentions entries in the report. Thanks to the Devroom, Mega Man Legends 3 will never be short of interesting ideas. Keep thinking them up and pumping them out! More Devroom events are bound to come soon!

Mega Man Legends 3 Easter Egg Winners Announced

This contest saw a bit of a delay due to the Devroom's downtime, but with things back in gear the winners have been announced! And in fact, a total of seven winning entries were selected. I had no idea it would be that many! From doing things like bouncing from shop awnings, playing with inflatable Reaverbots, battling Data and stealing the Bonnes's fan mail, it sounds like things are going to be pretty lively on Klickelan Island! There are a number of runner ups too, and each selection has commentary from programming director Fujiwara-san explaining what he likes about it. If your submission was picked, congratulations to you! Let's all look forward to the next events too!

Upcoming Kotobukiya Zero Display

Kotobukiya is prepping another Rockman themed in-store event, the Spring Rock 2011 exhibition, on April 29th. They'll be selling the usual assort of Rockman model kits and goods, including a limited supply of Mega Man branded kits and badges, for whatever strange reason. I think the big pull, however, will be a display of the upcoming Zero model kit, albeit still in prototype form (so potentially still uncolored). Furthermore, the e-flyer seems to indicate the kit is releasing in fall now, not summer as originally announced.

Of course, you might be saying to yourself "Well that's cool and all, but I don't live anywhere near Japan!" Fortunately, Capcom's Ucchy-san has your back, and will be reporting from the event!

News Credit: CAP Kobun

3DS Experience Event Unfortunately Canceled

Capcom of Japan had been intending to hold the Nintendo 3DS x Capcom Premiere Experience event in Akihabara next week, where players would get their first hands on experience for games like Biohazard Revelations and, of course, Rockman DASH 3. After the terrible Touhoku earthquake, however, many companies began canceling events, and the fate of the 3DS event seemed uncertain. While it hung on for a little while, Capcom has finally decided to cancel the event due to the earthquake's impact. I'm sure Capcom was looking forward to getting a lot of user response on DASH 3, but there are just too many other things to worry about now.

MML3 Event #6: Promotional Ideas

Your next mission in the Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom is to take on the job of PR. The devs want some spiffy and clever (but realistic) ideas for promoting Mega Man Legends 3. Here you can see I've tossed up a concept... Not real imaginative but it was just off the top of my head. You can submit up to three ideas, just keep them to an individual post per idea. Entries must not exceed 250 words, and you can include up to three images in the usual formats. All entries will be crowned with 1,000 Unity Points, runner-ups get 5,000 Unity Points and a Servbot Bobble Budd, and one grand prize winner gets 7,500 Unity Points, a Servbot Bobble Budd and a special badge. And maybe a career in marketing.

You've got until Tuesday, March 22nd, at noon PST, so get thinking and enter those ideas! Be sure to come up with things that are striking, clever, and will spread quickly across social networks!

Don't Forget About Those Easter Eggs

Just to remind you all, you'd better finish up your Easter eggs for the latest Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom event soon. Be sure to have them nicely colored, and that they don't break. Oh wait, that's not the kind of Easter egg they mean. Now I have to start over! Awful jokes aside, the event deadline is March 1st at noon, PST (which is a Tuesday, although the post claims it's Monday). So, finish up and get those entries in! I wonder what the next events will be like...

Rockman Selected as ASIAGRAPH 2011 Mascot

So hey, you know that whole ASIAGRAPH event in Japan, right? Yeah, me neither. But it seems this celebration of digital art and culture has selected Rockman (Mega Man) as its theme for this year's event, and this is a big enough deal that Capcom of Japan issued a press release over the matter:

This year, Capcom's Mega Man has been selected to be the theme for the CG Art Gallery Mascot Exhibition. Since the release of the first Mega Man game on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987, the series has gone on to sell over 28 million units and is one of Capcom's key franchises. Mega Man has reached the hearts of many around the world through not just his video games, but through TV anime series, movies, comics, character goods, and several other types of media as well. For this event, however, the theme will focus on Mega Man as a video game icon.

Capcom would like to take this opportunity with an internationally recognized event to support the various designs of Mega Man coming in from future creators. This will not only brew continued support from the Mega Man fans around the world, but will increase awareness and support for the Mega Man brand.

So it seems many digital artists will be presenting their take on Mega Man. Interesting. Submissions for the event are being taken starting right now until March 24th, and a secondary submission time is planned between May and July. Artists can submit still images or animations, and have a chance at winning various prizes, including a grand prize ¥200,000. The event itself will take place in Tokyo, running from October 20th through the 22nd.

News Credit: CAP Kobun

MML3 Devroom Event 5: The Easter Egg

Seems a little soon for this one. Easter isn't for a couple more months yet. Ah well, this Devroom event is for users to submit some kind of hidden trick or gag that will appear in Mega Man Legends 3. This is something like how in the original Mega Man Legends, where in Apple Market you could kick the can into the bakery and get zenny.

For this event, you must think of a trick to be performed in Temeo Town that specifically involves kicking, jumping, and/or grabbing and throwing an object. Your entry description needs to be 250 words or less, and can include up to three images. Be sure to check the post for all the requirements. Also, Fujikawa-san has some example ideas that will help kick start your gray matter.

All entries are due by Tuesday, March 1st at noon PST. All entries will be judged by the dev team, and will be awarded 2,000 Unity Points. Runner-ups get 8,000 points and special badge, and the grand prize winner gets 20,000 points and a special badge. Be sure to think of some really interesting things!

Devroom Reaverbot Event Reminder

You been drawing them Reaverbots? Making sure they're just the right amount of creepy? Sneaking up on unsuspecting Diggers in a dank and dark ruin ever so quietly, until they suddenly start to notice the faint red glow around them. They slowly turn around and... Oh, right. This is just to remind you that your entries are due in the Devroom by this Tuesday, February 1st, at 1:00 PM PST. "Better late than never" does not apply. If you're still finishing up, or even just thinking about entering, get the lead out of your pants and hurry up! I know it's been pretty tough, with this going on along side the Mega Man Tribute submissions (which ends tomorrow). Just how many art contests can someone take?

Legends 3 Event 4: Build a Reaverbot

The next Mega Man Legends 3 event is upon us, and I think this is one that many people have been waiting for: Design a Reaverbot. You know, the creepy and mysterious robots that patrol the ruins in the Mega Man Legends world. The Devroom heads are looking for a design for a four-legged Reaverbot. The time for submission will run from now until February 1st, 5PM PST (Tuesday). All people who submit a design will receive 5000 Unity Points. Runner ups will receive 10,000 Unity Points and a special badge. The grand prize winner gets 30,000 Unity Points, a special badge, a premium Servbot number AND their name in the credits!

There are a lot of details for this one, so be sure to read all the conditions and guidelines carefully! Especially since you only have a couple of weeks on this one! The page also has plenty of suggestions and general design elements for Reaverbots. Good luck to everybody!

Hmmm, what's a cool and creepy Reaverbot design...

Townspeople Event Winners Announced

It's been some time since the announcement of the Townspeople Event in the Devroom, but tonight the winners are known. You can head over to the Devroom to see all the details on the winning entries. For now, though, congratulations are in order for the winning participants!

Congrats to Stephen, Alex, Austin, Megamanmegafan, Dashe, Protodude, Cleveland Rock, liquidcross, Mimi, David, Nightshade, Kyle, Antumbra, MegaMac, Ryan, Orbulon, and Antubmra and liquidcross again! And of course congrats to all the Japanese participants, who we only know as mere numbers.

Good work everybody!

Mega Man Legends 3 Event 3: The Townspeople

Things certainly are cruising along with Legends 3 development. Coming a day early (more or less), the Townspeople Event has now kicked off at the Capcom Unity Devroom. We have been given a selection of townspeople (see above), and there are two separate projects available to give these people life. In the first type, you have the opportunity to name one of the townspeople, give them a personal background and a memorable quote for them. The second type is a bit easier. Here you can pick a character and come up with a line for them to speak about a particular topic of your choosing.

Additionally, to give us some helpful background info, Capcom has also posted a bit of info pertaining to the new location in Mega Man Legends 3! In this post we are introduced to Klickelan Island, Teomo City, and its residents! With lovely concept art to boot, this should be quite tasty for you info-hungry MML fans.

While both tasks seem like a bit less work than the Bonne mecha design, there are still strict regulations pertaining to how many letters you can use for names, lines, etc. Play close attention to these to make your entry count! Both contests have a fairly long run time - they will run from now until January 5th. The winners will then be announced on January 14th , likely while we're already neck deep in another competition!

Get on over to the Capcom Unity Devroom and give these characters some life! And don't forget to vote for the Bonna mecha design contest!

Watch Live Communicated Rockman Now

Not sure how long this has been going on, but here is the live stream of Live Communicated Rockman, the live Rockman music hobby event headed up by Ippo Yamada, Hally and Seiko Kobuchi. Hopefully after the show is over, there'll be a replay to catch all the action! Edit: Removed the embed since the show is over, and the stream just airs a promo. You can access the stream directly here. Again, hopefully they will upload a playback, as there was a nice assortment of remixes at the time (though the stream was very laggy, unfortunately).

Mega Man Legends: City Folk

While those blasted Birdbots are still wreaking havoc on the voting for the current contest, progress must still roll on. The Capcom Unity side of the Devroom has announced the next mission, starting next week on the 7th. This will be the Townspeople Event. This activity is actually divided into two contests. Various townspeople will be revealed. You can either take on the task of naming them and detailing their personalities, or coming up with particular lines for them to say. This seems a bit less tasking than the current Bonne mecha design contest, but should provide a lot of interesting results nonetheless. More details will certainly be revealed next week. And speaking of those voting issues, Capcom Unity states that it will definitely be fixed tomorrow, come what may, and the voting period will be extended.

New Rockman Online Environment, and Upcoming Playability

Pmang has updated their Rockman Online blog with details on a new environment. Detailed info will have to wait for a proper translation, but I've gleaned a few details in the meantime. The above image depicts Kronos Forest, and area right outside of the U.C.A. base Gaia. It's an artificial forest that was once under the control of the U.C.A., but lately has fallen under the influence of U.R.A. forces. Of note, an invisible enemy seems to be attacking those entering the forest (likely Sting Chameleon, given his silhouette shown). There are many paths in the forest, but a number of them are unsafe. However, it's believed there are still survivors lingering in the forest, and the U.C.A. is preparing a force to reclaim control.

Additionally, some news from ThisIsGame.com. Rockman Online will become playable to the public for the first time at G-STAR 2010, a gaming trade show in Seoul, South Korea. G-STAR will run from November 18th to the 21st, so expect the first glimpse of Rockman Online gameplay to come out around then if not sooner. Naturally we will keep you posted!

News Credit: CAP Kobun