Sample the Music and Gameplay of "Rockman Ciel"

rcllogoRockman Ciel is a fan project I've kept my eye on off and on, but I don't think there's been any reporting of it on TMMN thus far. To the best of my knowledge, it serves as a continuation of sorts of the Zero series, now with Ciel picking up the saber and fighting evil. The game has existed as concepts and character art for a while among fans (it even got an art book release a ways back). In more recent times, however, the drive to put together a game has gotten more serious. The other day, the Project RCL team posted a number of music tracks for interested viewers to sample. It's pretty snazzy stuff, and you might also recognize a couple of tunes. Additionally, a gameplay engine demo was also released last month. The demo lets you move around, jump, dash, wall climb and attack (only while standing).

While there's still a long way to go, Rockman Ciel looks like it could be easily comparable to a real Zero game. Let's hope we get to see more updates soon! You can keep track of the project on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for sending news our way, Alpha!