Analyzing Mega Man 10's Endless Attack: Classic Stage Homages

Here's a video feature I've wanted to make for a little while now. You may recall how Mega Man 9's Endless Attack mode paid homage to classic Mega Man by using a few stage segments from Mega Man and Mega Man 2. As to be expected, Mega Man 10's Endless Attack mode has some homages of its own, quite a few more in fact! If you're a long time Mega Man player you probably recognized a lot of these already, but here they are compared side by side. The video runs a bit long, but there turned out to be a lot of homages! And who knows, maybe there are even more. It's not like I have every stage memorized (just almost). Perhaps you can point out others.

Second Helping of Mega Man 10 DLC Dishes Out This Week, Videos

Have you started getting a little tired of playing as Bass and battling against the clock with Enker? Well look alive, because the rest of Mega Man 10's DLC releases this week, and it's alreadsy out today for the Nintendo Wii. This update includes the other two special stages, as well as the supremely awesome Endless Attack mode. Content descriptions and videos below. Special Stage 2 (Punk) = $.99 USD /100 Wii Points/ 80 Microsoft Points. Special Stage 2’s boss is second Mega Man Killer Punk, also created by Dr. Wily. He was designed to be bigger than Enker in size and his special attack is a rapid spinning tackle. Now folks are going to be tempted to rush through on these stages because they are timed, but be careful because the Parabombs in this stage will make life hell for you.

Special Stage 3 (Ballade) = $.99 USD /100 Wii Points/ 80 Microsoft Points. And finally for the Special Stage 3 we have Ballade, the third Mega Man Killer created after Enker and Punk. This robot is enormously proud of himself and he will not give up easily, even he’s close to death! Make sure to watch out for the fierce attacks he unleashes from high jumps. His stage requires smart decision-making because a series of conveyor belts and diverse traps will challenge the most masterful Mega Man pro.

Endless Attack = $2.99 USD /300 Wii Points/ 240 Microsoft Points Test your skills on a stage without end. Try to break the record for getting the farthest. Results will be displayed in the Rankings page. Not compatible with other Challenges.

Additionally, below are a couple videos demonstrating the Screw Crusher and Ballade Cracker, two new special weapons you can get by beating Special Stages 2 and 3.