e-Capcom Offers Up a Comfy Mega Man Helmet and Buster Set

plushwear A new special edition Mega Man product is hitting Japan. The e-Capcom shop has opened up pre-orders for a Mega Man plush helmet and buster set, perfect for looking cool, staving off head colds or taking a Mega nap. The plush wear, which is an e-Capcom exclusive product, is expected to release in July, and will run ¥6,090 (roughly $65 US).

Westerners have enjoyed the same product for a while now, not to mention a Proto Man version, via GE Animation. Both are pretty comparable, and while the GE helmet looks like it has a little better depth, the e-Capcom version looks to be more accurately shaped, and has a helmet that will strap around your chin. But never having tried either I can only go on looks alone. Nevertheless, the e-Capcom version looks good enough for Ucchy! You can check out more pics on Rockman Unity.

Ucchy Shows Off the 25th Anniversary Rockcan

While we wait to see what kind of celebration will come this December, we can get a good look at some of the currently Japan-exclusive goodies on the way. This time, Ucchy is showing off the 25th Anniversary Rockcan announced earlier. In case you were wondering, it's huge! But there's more to this news than another amusing photo set. We are now able to confirm that, while the Rockman 8 soundtrack will feature the Playstation version, it will also have a little something extra. It will also include three original Saturn version songs for the first time ever! Finally, you can own the alternate Tengu Man theme as well as the Saturn version of Cut Man and Wood Man's themes on CD for you collectors out there. In fact, you can hear previews of some of these over on e-Capcom right now.

The 10-disc set featuring the soundtracks to Rockman 1-10 will release exclusively at e-Capcom for ¥14,700 on September 19th. So if you live in Japan, have a lot of extra money laying around and want to win my affection, I'd be more than happy to take one of these off your hands.

25th Anniversary E Can Loaded with Music

If there's one thing Mega Man fans can't get enough of, it's music. Lucky for the fans, a can of music is coming to sate your thirsts! The "Rockcan" comes in a steel E-Tank tin, and includes a full color booklet. There will be 10 discs and they cover music from the Mega Man games 1 through 10. Rockman 1-6 has both the Famicom and Playstation tracks. Furthermore, according to Ucchy-san, the music is being remastered using the original sound sources. Curiously, Rockman 9 and 10 cite the Xbox Live Arcade versions as their sound source. And also a bummer, but to be expected, Rockman 8's source is the PS edition, so don't look forward to Cut and Wood's bonus themes.

This collection is going to cost ¥14700 and set to release on September 19th. However, it's going to be an E-Capcom exclusive. So, fire up those eBay accounts, friends.

Source: E-Capcom

e-Capcom offers special edition OSS drinking cup

A100019631010I've ordered Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star already. I'll get it and probably enjoy it. But I did not order it through e-Capcom, so I will not be getting this special edition drinking cup which they are giving to people who preorder through e-Capcom. Sadness. The cup is equipped with a straw that can be capped. But what's even "cooler" is the double Rockman image on the cup that turns blue when cold contents are poured in. Definitely what you'd want to be drinking out of while busting some viruses in OSS. I, instead, will be drinking out of my Harkens Theatres 2009 value cup. Sadness. (Since LBD is out of town right now, this post will not be called 2 Rockmans 1 Cup. I apologize.)