X as Ultimate MVC3 DLC... Sort of? Plus Tron & Frank (Update 2)

Though Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is not due to be available until November 15th, it seems that some avid fans are already getting their hands on copies of Bradygames' official guide to the beefed-up fighter. Such is the case of Shoryuken forums user TheDarkPhoenix, pictured with his prize at right. And what secrets the guide contain? Well, given the nature of this website, you know we aren't talking about anything to do with Captain America or Phoenix Wright or Rocket Raccoon. That, and the title sort of spoils it.

Anyway, another pic was uploaded, which you can see below. But odds are, you already have an idea of what to expect. As for how you'll take it... well, look on, and decide for yourself.

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That's right: the downloadable alternate costume for Zero will be none other than the much-desired and frequent poll winner for new fighters, Mega Man X. Might this be the "Mega Man news" Seth Killian alluded to previously?

We don't know whether this merely changes the appearance of Zero, or more (name, voice, cutscenes, or anything), which will no doubt leave a bitter taste in the mouth of those championing the Blue Bomber's appearance in the game. On the bright side, it's not as though X has never wielded Zero's saber before, and the Buster is in, so... well, it's something, at least. Just not necessarily what fans were wanting, though as said before, that remains to be seen.

In addition, TheDarkPhoenix notes that another Mega Man-related alternate costume download is Frank West in his Blue Bomber attire. Plus, there seem to be some Mega Man cameos in some of the game's endings; to avoid spoilers, we won't post it here, but check out our Twitter feed for a link if you wish to see it for yourself.

Thanks to @AquaTeamV3 for the tip!

Update: Thanks to @DMThigpen for providing not only an image of Frank West's DLC attire, but Tron's as well:

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MMN Note: Yeah, the post changed since it first went up; Heat and I were both making one, but we decided to run with mine.

MM9 Downloadable Content Bundles, New MM10 Avatars Coming to PSN

There has been quite a bit of talk lately about Mega Man Universe and Rockman Online, but has everyone already forgotten Mega Man 9 and 10? (Come on, it hasn't been that long.) Well, Capcom and Sony certainly haven't. This is made abundantly clear by their decision to release some new downloadable bundle packages for the former title, while the latter will receive new Avatars for the PlayStation Network.

According to Protodude's Rockman Corner, the content breaks down as follows, and can be purchased via Amazon.com (as well as the PlayStation Store, one would assume) as of September 14th:

  • Mega Man 9 DLC Bundle [Online Game Code] - $4.99 - "Purchase all five DLC items for Mega Man 9 with this Mega DLC Bundle. (Includes Endless Attack Mode, Hero Mode, Superhero Mode, Proto Man Mode and the Special Stage). Important: Purchasing this bundle will not incur a credit to you for items that you already own."
  • Mega Man 9 Theme Bundle [Online Game Code] -$5.99 - "Purchase all five Themes for Mega Man 9 with this Mega Theme Pack. (Includes Themes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)."

The following Mega Man 10 Avatars each go for 49 cents:

For those who have yet to get the DLC, this sounds like a pretty good deal. It's too bad the other consoles don't have similar deals in place.

Second Helping of Mega Man 10 DLC Dishes Out This Week, Videos

Have you started getting a little tired of playing as Bass and battling against the clock with Enker? Well look alive, because the rest of Mega Man 10's DLC releases this week, and it's alreadsy out today for the Nintendo Wii. This update includes the other two special stages, as well as the supremely awesome Endless Attack mode. Content descriptions and videos below. Special Stage 2 (Punk) = $.99 USD /100 Wii Points/ 80 Microsoft Points. Special Stage 2’s boss is second Mega Man Killer Punk, also created by Dr. Wily. He was designed to be bigger than Enker in size and his special attack is a rapid spinning tackle. Now folks are going to be tempted to rush through on these stages because they are timed, but be careful because the Parabombs in this stage will make life hell for you.

Special Stage 3 (Ballade) = $.99 USD /100 Wii Points/ 80 Microsoft Points. And finally for the Special Stage 3 we have Ballade, the third Mega Man Killer created after Enker and Punk. This robot is enormously proud of himself and he will not give up easily, even he’s close to death! Make sure to watch out for the fierce attacks he unleashes from high jumps. His stage requires smart decision-making because a series of conveyor belts and diverse traps will challenge the most masterful Mega Man pro.

Endless Attack = $2.99 USD /300 Wii Points/ 240 Microsoft Points Test your skills on a stage without end. Try to break the record for getting the farthest. Results will be displayed in the Rankings page. Not compatible with other Challenges.

Additionally, below are a couple videos demonstrating the Screw Crusher and Ballade Cracker, two new special weapons you can get by beating Special Stages 2 and 3.

Mega Man 10 Website Updates, Plus Specific DLC Release Dates and Code Giveaway

Mega Man 10 was finally released for the Xbox 360 a couple of days ago, and in the time since, some new information has come up that should interest most of you.

For starters, a 3D-ish Mega Man 10 premium Xbox theme, which was previously thought exclusive to Japan, is now available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 240 Microsoft Points. It looks pretty cool, even if those Avatars don't look too excited about it.

Of interest to those outside the Xbox bubble is word that the official Mega Man 10 website has updated. Now you can find boss info, new screens, the viral video trailer, and best of all, some new Mega Man 10 desktop wallpaper.

Some new info has popped up regarding the downloadable content. Nothing major, but as some might have suspected, Bass and the Special Stages won't be hitting all three platforms at the same time. Here is how it breaks down:

North American Schedule/Pricing:

Bass (Playable Character) = $1.99 USD/200 Wii Points/ 160 Microsoft Points and Special Stage 1 (includes Enker) = $$.99 USD /100 Wii Points/ 80 Microsoft Points.

4/5 - Wii

4/7 – Xbox 360

4/8 – Playstation 3

Endless Attack =$2.99 USD /300 Wii Points/ 240 Microsoft Points

Special Stage 2 (Punk) = $.99 USD /100 Wii Points/ 80 Microsoft Points.

Special Stage 3 (Ballade) = $.99 USD /100 Wii Points/ 80 Microsoft Points.

4/26 - Wii

4/28 – Xbox 360

4/29 – Playstation 3

Finally, if you're a member of the Capcom Unity, it might not be too late for you to head over and leave a comment letting them know why you deserve a free Xbox 360 download code for Mega Man 10 in order to have a shot at winning that very prize. They're randomly selecting ten winners today, so go! Go!

Credit: Capcom Unity

Rockman 10 DLC Scheduled for Japan

The launch dates for Rockman 10's downloadable content has been revealed, and continuing the trend they're getting the goods slightly after us. At least according to an information page from the Wii, Forte Mode and and Special Stage 1 will be available on April 9th, Friday, while Endless Attack Mode and Special Stages 2 and 3 will be available on April 27th, Tuesday. Price points will be roughly the same as we're getting. News Credit: Rockmegaman, via Dark Messiah Blog

Bass in Action

To get you more excited about Mega Man 10's downloadable content, here's some promo footage of Bass doing what he does best: looking cool and blowing stuff up. Exhibited are Bass' abilities to shoot in multiple directions, rapid fire, dash, use Treble Boost, and even blast the shields off of enemies. He appears to be a pretty versatile player. Bass will be available with other downloads on April 5th.

News Credit: GoNintendo

Famitsu Reveals Bass in Mega Man 10 (Updated)

If you ever wondered what Bass would look like drawn in classic Mega Man style, your thoughts have been answered. Famitsu has officially unveiled images and screens pertaining to the Bass Mode DLC, coming in April (though the release for Japan is as of yet unconfirmed). A fairly surprising reveal, as we in the West have been receiving all the news updates, and the game itself, in advance. Bass will contain the abilities to dash and fire shots in seven directions. News Credit: GoNintendo

Update: Capcom of America has put out there own press release and assets on Bass. We'll be adding the high quality images to our gallery. Press release below:

We are pleased to announce during this week’s Mega Man 10 launch that the rumors are true! Mega Man 10 does indeed have an additional character you can play as, and that character is Bass! On April 5 th, users can download Bass for 200 Wii points.

Dr. Wily designed Bass with Mega Man’s abilities in mind. Of course there’s a bitter rivalry between the two, although Bass will help Mega Man out if he sees a benefit for himself.

Bass uses a weapon called the Bass Buster, which is a lot like the Mega Buster except that it fires faster and can fire upwards and diagonally (7 directions in all). He can also use the Bass Buster to shoot-down enemy attacks!  He uses dash to avoid enemy advances. He can also copy the weapons of the bosses in the game after defeating them, just like Mega Man can.  When he combines with his robotic canine pal Treble, he can fly and shoot more powerful projectiles with his buster.

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