Mega Man 4 Soundtrack Now Available on the Capcom Store

e6b61b23959e643c7816c2d0d4534eae Oh, right then. Literally the day after we told you that the Mega Man 3 soundtrack was available on the Capcom Store, they managed to sneak in and put the Mega Man 4 soundtrack up, too.

Between this, the last entry in "A Critical Look at Mega Man 4 Stages," and the release of the game itself on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, it seems the stars have aligned for a little Mega Man 4 Mania. Are you in?

Mega Man 3 Soundtrack Now Available on Capcom Store

mm3soundtracklisting It seems like just yesterday that the Mega Man 2 soundtrack was released to the Capcom Store... but it was actually ten days ago. How time flies, huh?

Well, now it's Mega Man 3's turn, as it's now available for just $8.95, and contains all the tracks you see above. Admit it, your life won't be complete until you get a bunch of friends together in front of a camera, dance to "Shall we go on a Magnetic Continuous tour?", and post it to YouTube. And now you can!

Mega Man 2 Soundtrack Now Available on Capcom Shop

Rockcan-Disc02This weekend, Capcom added Rockman 2 portion of the "Rockcan E-Can" to their store for digital purchase. Like the original Mega Man soundtrack, it runs for $8.95 and contains all the tracks from the NES classic, as well as a arranged tracks from the PSX release and a couple bonus tracks. I will note that, there is some discontent with the quality of the first couple discs from the Rockcan. The tracks were processed and recorded to sound as authentic to how you would hear them coming from the NES as possible. But it seems Mega Man 2 in particular has some hiccups. You can sample a couple tracks from 2 on e-Capcom's product page to see for yourself if it's an issue.

Mega Man 2 Now Available on the 3DS eShop in Europe

MM2EuropeAh, any excuse to post this amazing box art is great. Good news, fellow fans east of the Atlantic. If you didn't hear, Mega Man 2 is now available for you on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. You can buy this classic for £4.49/€4.99. North Americans, fear not. Mega Man 2 is planned to come your way later this week, February 7th for $4.99. Grab what is arguably the best Mega Man game ever made. (Now you will all proceed to argue with me.) News Credit: GoNintendo

Mega Man X2 Headed to Virtual Console

Well X fans, if figures galore weren't enough, how about another retro download? Mega Man X2 is headed to the Wii's Virtual Console service! So far this is confirmed for both Japan and North America.

Nintendo of Japan's VC lineup has Rockman X2 listed for a December release, just in time for the game's 17th anniversary. Meanwhile, notification of the game's North American release comes by way of the ESRB, where the game is already rated Everyone (phew!). Since NA tends to get the releases after Japan, we can probably expect an early 2012 release, but perhaps sooner anyhow!

News Credit: CAP Kobun, via RTTN01

We are ROCK-MEN! Available on iTunes, but...

Only in Japan. The album is available on iTunes for download for ¥1,800, or ¥150 per track. But unless you have a Japanese account, you won't even be able to find it. Of course, you can go ahead and change your iTunes account's region to Japan, and then find it by searching "We are ROCK-MEN." However, unless you have a credit card registered in Japan, you still won't be able to buy the music. But in the above link you can at least listen to samples, which range from 30 seconds to 1:30.

Way to go, Apple. Really not seeing what's so great about this system of yours.

News via Rockman Unity

Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge Hits eShop Today

If you tune in to your 3DS's eShop updates today, you'll find something a little Mega Man themed. According to a Nintendo press release, Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge will be hitting the download shop today for $3.99. It also will be arriving in Europe as well, as we previously reported. Dr. Wily's Revenge is perhaps one of the smallest Mega Man titles ever developed, with only six stages, but I still find it a joy to play through and am particularly fond of its renditions of music. It is a bit tough too but definitely one of the ones you can keep playing over and over, despite how small it is. Also Enker is cool. If you haven't had much of an experience with the game before, I recommend it.

Thanks to Matt for the tip!

Mega Man 5 Lands on Virtual Console Today

Not sure about Europe, but in North America today you can power up your Nintendo Wii, jump on the Wii Shop and grab Mega Man 5 for 500 Wii Points. I'm going to be charitable today, and while Mega Man 5 isn't one of my favorites (far from it), it's still a pretty darn good NES game. Pretty easy game but pretty fun too. Hey what the heck. If you have a Wii connected online, first person to comment with the right boss weakness order in MM5 gets it gifted to them. How's that for charity? (Just remember I can only gift to users in the US). Update: Free giveaway has already been claimed, but feel free to discuss which Robot Master you start with.

Rockman 2 on PSN this Week, Rockman 4 in Japan the Next

The PlayStation Network is getting a little richer in Rockman this week (may be today even, if my knowledge of update schedules is right). Following the original Rockman, you can download the Complete Works version of Rockman 2 on your PlayStation 3. Remember that these are under the import classics line, and that all the additional features and such the Complete Works series has are still in Japanese. Additionally, Japan (where Rockman 1~3 are already available on PSN) will be getting Rockman 4 next week on the 9th of February. This is seemingly part of the results of the poll that Capcom Online Games had over Twitter for their game archives selection on PSN. Though, suspiciously, it does tie up the number of Rockman games on the Wii's Virtual Console service too.

News Credit: CAP Kobun (for Rockman 4)

Rockman Complete Works Hits PSN This Week

Here's a treat for you PlayStation 3 owners. Rockman Complete Works will be coming to PSN this week for $5.99. This is the original PSX remake released in Japan, with a helpful navigation system, character and enemy bios, and an alternate arranged soundtrack. These were this was the same version of the game used for the Mega Man Anniversary Collection. Since this comes under PSN's "Japanese Classics," a lot of the game's extra features will still remain Japanese. But of course, it's not necessary to know Japanese to enjoy the original Mega Man, unless seeing the name "Rockman" just blows your mind or something.

Hopefully more Complete Works titles will be coming along in short order too!

News Credit: Capcom Unity

Mobile Rockman 9 Goes a Little Easy

Rockman 9 released for purchase on mobile phones in Japan earlier this week, adding to a long list of Rockman games supported by cellularly. And we now know of some features this edition includes. First of all, it is reported to come with all the DLC that could be purchased optionally via the console versions. However, if playing the super hard mode doesn't meet your fancy, that's not a problem either. This Rockman 9 also comes with a "Rookie Mode," which starts you off already having three E Tanks and an M Tank. Additionally, there are fewer enemies in stages. If you live in Japan, you can "rent" the game for ¥315 (roughly $3.80 US) a month, or purchase it for ¥525 (roughly $6.33 US). And if you don't live in Japan, well, just keep playing it on console I suppose!

News Credit: COCOROG

Mega Man 10: A List of DLC for You and Me

There is plenty of excitement surrounding the release of Mega Man 10 on WiiWare today, with subsequent releases to come on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. And while Capcom and Nintendo have both proudly announced the game's availability to anyone with a Wii and a wifi connection, they kept mum about something many of us have been wondering about: downloadable content. Downloadable content, and that pesky prospect of a third playable character, as mentioned by Nintendo Power in their reveal, but never again since. Well, sort of. Though there was no glitz or glamor, Nintendo did indeed reveal what we can expect from their game profile:

That's right: once the game is available across all three consoles, downloadable content will soon follow with the eagerly-awaited "Bass Mode" arriving on April 5th for 200 Wii Points, alongside "Special Stage 1" for 100. Then, on April 26th, "Endless Attack Mode" will arrive for 300 Wii Points, accompanied by "Special Stage 2" and "Special Stage 3" for 100 Wii Points each.

The only question left is, "will Bass have any story?" At this point, we don't know, but if Proto Man in Mega Man 9 is any indication, probably not. On the other hand, the presence of the Easy Mode in Mega Man 10 shows Capcom's willingness to address perceived shortcomings in the previous game, so there may be a chance yet.

Meteor Crimson Battle hits Nintendo Channel

001For you Mega Man Star Force 3 owners, you can grab the special card Meteor Crimson Battle from the Wii's Nintendo Channel this week. This powerful giga class card summons the game's last boss to dish out some severe damage to your enemies. Yeah, it is kind of a game spoiler, but the game has also been out for a month now. I think that's the fair time limit. News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner

No plans for Legends on PSN yet

sadservWe do know that Mega Man games for PlayStation are on their way to the PlayStation Network for download. Unfortunately, the Legends series isn't among them so far. Over at the Capcom-Unity forums, Christian Svensson had this to say about the fate of delivering the Legends titles:

I know that people want them and I'm working with Japan to see what we can do about that. But they're not on the docket right now as they need to be recleared for rights issues (voice actors, musical score, middleware, any IP infractions, etc.) before we could contemplate putting them up. As it stands today, they are not "cleared" by the IP dept for future use.

While it's by no means a dead end, it is still unfortunate. As Mega Man fans, I suppose all we can do is kick and scream, and hope that will get things worked out sooner than later.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Get Equipped with Download Data!

A lucky day for Star Force 3 owners! Capcom has given players the opportunity to download a new battle card to their game, details on what it is and how to get it after the jump. The battle card in question is powerful Acid Arrest card which causes Ace's Wizard to appear and attack enemies at random three times with different attacks.  To nab this card, have your copy of Star Force 3 inserted into your DS and have the DS Wireless Communications enabled (for those of us with a DSi, because I always forget, myself...) and then go to the Nintendo Channel on a Wii. Select Find Titles for You, then DS Download Service. Next, pick "Mega Man Star Force 3 AcidArrest Battle Card" from the top of the list. On your DS, start the DS Download Play, and once it's received the Acid Arrest program, start it up. Ace will prompt you for which save file you want to add the card to, and voila! You now have your own copy of Acid Arrest! Enjoy, and happy busting, folks!