Another Summer Giveaway! Grab a Doujin Music Compilation!

cdsHow's the summer treating you? I don't know about other places, but there've been record highs in Japan this month. I'm seriously ready for things to cool off... and I'm Heat Man! But this giveaway might only heat you up more. We're offering two copies of the 25th anniversary celebratory doujin album Mega Rock Carnival, presented by EtlanZ. I originally talked about this album early last month (where you can hear some samples as well). And as promised, we're going to give away copies to two lucky people!

So what do you need to do? Simply post a comment on this article discussing which Mega Man series has your favorite music. You can go into as much detail as you please, but pick one! After the deadline passes, we will randomly select two comments to be chosen as the winners. Please only leave one comment, and please use a real e-mail address so we can contact you!

The deadline for this giveaway is September 1st, the stroke of midnight PST. Good luck!

Mega Rock Carnival is a Triumph Among Doujin Albums

メガロック カーニバル
Mega Rock Carnival is one of the newest Mega Man doujin albums to hit the scene. Produced by EtlanZ, who has long been in the game music arrangement scene, it was first released this weekend at the Mega Rock Fan Festa. This two disc album contains 37 tracks by a variety of artists, and representing all seven series.

But what makes it so special is who those artists are. It includes work from a variety of people connected to Mega Man, such as Manami Matsumae (Mega Man), BUNBUN (Mega Man 3), Makoto Tomozawa (Mega Man 7, Mega Man Legends), Seiko Kobuchi (Mega Man X Command Mission), and SENSORS made up of Ippo Yamada and other Inti Creates sound staff. Other tracks are backed by people who have worked in various game and anime music, people who do live shows and other well known doujin artists. For a doujin album it's loaded with a myriad of star power!

You can sample the album with these two cross fade selections: [audio:] - Disc 1 demo [audio:] - Disc 2 demo

Furthermore, while I was intending to keep this under wraps, I will say now: I have two copies of this album that we will be giving away on TMMN in the near future. Stay tuned for that opportunity!

Have a Listen to an Upcoming Mega Man Fan Album

Here is a cross fade sample of an up and coming Mega Man fan arranged album, MegaMusicMix. The album is being put together by Colis Records, creators of past doujin albums like RockLove and Rockbuster. However, this album is recruiting various fan artists to put together the music. They hope for 15-20 tracks covering all of the series.

The album is still in production but is planned to go on sale at next month's M3 doujin goods convention. 1,000 copies will be printed and sold at ¥1,000 a piece. Doujin music fans, keep an eye out!

Another Fan-Made Tribute Album to Check Out

When it comes to Mega Man, top notch music is one thing many think of. And that music continues to be arranged by loving fans. In that tradition, here's another 25th anniversary celebratory album, "Rockman Forever," by doujin music label Prismatic Music.

The album consists of a handful of tunes from Mega Man, Mega Man X and Mega Man Battle Network. The overall style is electronica and trance, so it might not gel with you strongly if you're into more orthodox arrangements. But if you like something with a deep sound and strong beat, this is for you! And the best part is, it's totally free!

News Credit: GO

Rockman Fans Will Converge for "Rock Party"

Fans of Rockman are gearing up for a mega event marking the Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary. This time the shindig is Rock Party: an all Rockman, only Rockman doujin convention.

Right now Rock Party has a pre-site open, and they plan to begin adding event details later this month. The event itself, however, won't be until next year, February 24th, and will take place in Tokyo. I'm definitely gonna try to make it there!

For the time being, the group has released some promotional art for the event flier. The top one is by GO!, and the bottom is by Miyazo; both fan artists very active with the Rockman community and events (GO! is also involved with the Rockman Zero 10th Anniversary Anthology). Pretty cool stuff; I can't wait!

News via CAP Kobun's Daletto Blog