Some TMMN Contest Results, Finally!

Alrighty folks, I'm using the last of my Golden Week break to finally wrap up a couple of contests (though one has technically been wrapped up a little while now). I do apologize for the amount of time it's taken; same excuses, just been busy and forgetful for a large part. First off, congratulations go to PressStart and Chris for winning the Dot Strap contest! This contest has been finished a while now, and prizes already sent off, but I'm only now getting to posting the results here.

Next, the Roll! Roll!! Roll!!! Puzzle contest. I'm happy to announce the two winners here are Glitcher and Emmy-Roll! This one got pretty few entries, and there was a very tough split decision. It can be really tiring just to make a final decision if you let yourself get engrossed over it. Anyway, the winners here have just been emailed.

Of course, I must apologize again for the time it took, and the general poor management of these past couple contests. I also realize apologies become a lot less meaningful when you make them over and over. Regardless, there will definitely be more prizes to be won coming up on TMMN! For now, I'm just gonna leave it to LBD.

Edit: You can see the winning entries, along with all the others, in the above links to the contest pages.

February 2012 Contest - Show Some Love, Win Some Dot.Straps

Given the downs Mega Man has been through in the past year, you may think that Capcom has really wronged you. But can you find it in your heart to forgive them? If you can, you just might win a set of super sweet Rockman Dot.Straps from the volume 2 collection! What, you think we're kidding? Yeah, I know this is a bit of a touchy subject for some, but we want you to make a Valentine's Day card or love letter to Capcom showing your good graces towards Mega Man's future. And we're not necessarily saying you have to be totally sincere. Most of all, we just want you to have fun with it, and we want to see some really neat or funny cards!

It takes a big commitment to show someone you'll look past their grievances. Show what a big person you are, and you can win big as well! You have until February 29th, Wednesday at midnight PST. Swallow your angst and get into it!

More Mega Merch, and the Mystery of Mega Man Dot Straps

Just two quick bits here, both of which come from Nightram of the Video Game Memorabilia Museum, which archives all kinds of cool video game stuff that aren't actually video games themselves.

First up: we told you a couple of weeks ago about a brand new bounty of sweet Mega Man merchandise which would soon be released. But as you can see above, they aren't stopping there.

This batch appears to be headed to retail in December, and includes an 8-bit keychain of Rush, a classic art Mega Man keychain, a messenger bag, iPhone case, and wallet, all based strangely enough around Mega Man X6 art; a Mega Man Powered Up patch, charm, and wristband (the first two not pictured), and most interesting of all, Classic-style plush Mega Man helmets and Busters.

Up next: I think we might have covered this to some degree as the information became available with their releases, but Nightram looks back at the release of the first two volumes of Rockman Dot Straps (charms featuring 8-bit pixel art of characters and items from the series). Specifically, he looks into the mysterious "?" boxes which appeared on the promotional material, and what those turned out to be.

And of course, with the third volume on the way, there will no doubt be more secretive selections to add to one's collection.

Rockman Dot Straps Vol. 3 On the Way

Do you love Dot Straps? Do you even know what they are? Well whatever the case, more are a-comin'. This time the Dot Straps, sprite-themed charms, will feature Mega Man 2. Oh yes. I must get that Heat Man Dot Strap. I MUST! This new batch of Dot Straps will be out in January, 2012, retailing ¥4,000 for a full set (though various online stores will likely have discounts). If you buy one, it's a random insert. The full set is 10, so there is a mysterious, unseen Dot Strap for now.

News via CAP Kobun, Rakuten

Rare Dot Straps at Wonder Festival Summer 2011

This week has certainly made a lot of people cry. But one group that's been precariously avoided thus far is collectors of all things Rockman. Well, now it's your turn! Cafe Reo and Union Creative are releasing two limited edition Dot Straps at this summer's Wonder Festival, scheduled to go on today only in Japan. The Dot Straps simply feature Rockman in Rolling Cutter and Ice Slasher color variations. Thing is, they are limited to only 300 units apiece. Good luck getting your hands on these, you'll need it!

News via CAP Kobun's Daletto Blog

Your Next Round of Rockman Dot Straps

You remember the Rockman Dot Straps, maybe? Although the first set has yet to go on sale, the second set is already revealed and available for pre-order. As hinted at before, this set of nine includes Rockman, the six original Rockman Robot Masters, and two secret dot straps. Each box comes with eight, however, which might be a tad inconvenient... If these are up your alley, you can pre-order them at AmiAmi for ¥3,100 (roughly $36.58 US). Along with the original batch, you can have the most inconvenient but decorative keyring ever.

Thanks to Heidi for the tip!

Rockman Dot Straps the Next Big Thing

There's been so much Rockman/Mega Man merchandise being pumped out these days that we may need to open another site just for it. Capcom of Japan is teaming up with Creative Union to produce a series of Rockman sprite themed decorative straps: Rockman Dot Strap Collection vol. 1, which you can attach to anything you feel like putting a decorative strap onto. The first volume contains a total of nine straps, representing the main characters of the classic series. Seven of these are revealed, but two additional straps are still a secret. oThe straps will go on sale in May, and you can already preorder them from AmiAmi or HLJ (or e-Capcom if you live in Japan). They are made of PVC and roughly 40mm in size. While I imagine the straps are intended to be sold individually, you can only get them in box sets of eight for now (which sort of indicates a box doesn't net you a whole set) for ¥3,998 (roughly $46 US), although the above mentioned sites have discounts. Still, a bit of money to put down for a bunch of straps.

What's more, the second set is already in the works. Revealed at Wonder Fest, volume 2 appears to contain all the DRN numbers, plus additional secrets (image below). I really don't know what you'd need all these straps for, but if they're up your alley, cool!

News Credit: Heidi (GameSwag), Aldo, CAP Kobun (image via CafeReo Blog)