Some Details on Jasco's Upcoming Mega Man Board Game, Crowd Funding

boardgame1Jasco Games, the creative minds behind the upcoming Mega Man edition of their Universe Fighting System card game, are present at Gen Con, and long time TMMN viewer Boco got some details about the upcoming board game in the works. Maybe details are still in the dark, as much of the game elements are pending approval from Capcom. For now we know that the game is intended for two to five players, although expansions could boost that up to eight. Each player plays as Mega Man in a race to be the first to defeat Dr. Wily. Other playable characters may be introduced depending on the result of crowd funding. More on that, as well as other details and pictures after the break.


To progress in the game, each player must complete challenges which are passed on from other players. The harder the challenge, the more you advance. The challenges are meant to represent playing stages and fighting Robot Masters. It will be possible to obtain weapons from the Robot Masters you beat. Failing a challenge results in damage to your character. Rather than using dice, moves and actions are determined through a customizable card set, which allows for changes in the dynamics of play for each game.

The current game contents are based on the original Mega Man. Expansions are planned to add levels, Robot Masters, and weapons from later games. Jasco is considering making each stand alone, so if you were to pick up the Mega Man 3, set, you wouldn't need the original Mega Man set. However, with multiple sets you can create games by mixing together contents from various sets.

A Kickstarter campaign is planned to begin in September sometime. This is not simply to fund the game - it will be ready to go and Jasco has the funds to produce a basic version of it. Therefore, the aim of the Kickstarter will be to gauge fan interest in the board game, and raise funds to refine the game's quality and provide additional features that would be too expensive to include normally. One example of how funds could be used would be creating colored miniatures of the player characters and Robot Masters in different poses. A couple figure sculpts were present at the con. But regardless of how the Kickstarter goes, a complete product will be released nonetheless.

boardgame3 boardgame4

It's important to note that all elements of the game, including its rules, pieces, and artwork used are pending approval by Capcom. While there is, in a sense, a structured board game ready to go, it could change entirely depending on how the approval process goes. As a result, Jasco has been refraining from releasing additional details for now.

Many thanks to Boco for taking the time to get this info for us! You can also check out Boco's Tumblr for some pictures of the UFS card game as well.

Details Arise for Bandai's D-Arts Ultimate Armor X


Late last night, Bluefin Tamashii Nations officially announced the release of D-Arts Ultimate Armor X in the US on September for $45.99 USD. They promise more details will be forthcoming, however Tamashii Web in Japan may have the jump on them. Now that Ultimate Armor X is available for pre-order in Japan, they've released the figure's details, which include:

  • Two changeable face parts
  • Changeable right arm
  • Changeable wrists
  • Effect parts

Pretty much standard fair along with the other D-Arts figures of X. However I am curious to see if he will get more buster effects besides his neon green pine tree. Just for reference, Ultimate Armor X releases in Japan this August for ¥4725.

Incidentally, you can now pre-order D-Arts Bass and Figuarts ZERO Sigma on Amazon! Thanks for the notice, Sean!

Check Out These Great New Images and Details on D-Arts Bass (NA Release Details Added)

dffa69b4-s e2f4cb4b-s 8d96cb12-s
D-Arts Bass is just about ready to go on pre-order in Japan. To celebrate, Ucchy-san has the privilege of showing off some snazzy pictures of the upcoming Bandai figure. You can check out more at Rockman Unity!

As for what to expect with the figure, it will come with two changeable face plates, one changeable wrist part for his right arm and two for the left, a changeable left arm, and his trademark Bass Buster, which goes on the left arm. And as you know, he also comes with a figure of Treble, who is said to be quite large. Bass himself stands a full centimeter taller than the D-Arts Mega Man figure. Curiously, there is no mention of shot effect parts.

D-Arts Bass will be limited to online order via Premium Bandai and e-Capcom in Japan, and won't come to retail. Don't be concerned, however, since he should meet retail sale in the west. This was the same situation with D-Arts Vile.

D-Arts Bass goes on sale in Japan this June. Details on the North American release should come soon, too!

UPDATE: And as we said, Bluefin Tamashii Nations has announced the North American release! It will retail for $43.99 and is expected to come out June/July.

"We are ROCK-MEN! 2" Track List and Other Details

Alongside ROCKMAN HOLIC, We are ROCK-MEN! 2 releases in Japan this month on the 19th. And now thanks to Famitsu, we have the full track list plus some other details:

01. METAMORPHOSE (Original) 02. THEME OF ROCKMAN Xover (from Rockman Xover) 03. NAPALMMAN STAGE (from Rockman 5) 04. SKULLMAN STAGE (from Rockman 4) 05. Dr. WILY STAGE 2 (from Rockman 3) 06. EXPLOSE HORNECK STAGE (from Rockman X3) 07. DOPPLER STAGE 1 (from Rockman X3) 08. X vs ZERO (from Rockman X5) 09. Dr. WILY STAGE 1 -OMEGAMAN MIX- (from Rockman 2) 10. SNAKEMAN STAGE (from Rockman 3) 11. THEME OF ROCKMAN EXE (from Rockman EXE) 12. SKY WAVE (from Ryuusei no Rockman 2) 13. FLUTTER VS. GAZEL SHAFT (from Rockman DASH) 14. TIME AGAIN feat. DIMENSION (Original) 15. TIME AGAIN ROCK ver. (Original) 16. METAMORPHOSE feat. DIMENSION (Original)

First of all, yes, it appears we have some original tracks. This include METAMORPHOSE (perhaps the new ROCK-MEN theme song), and TIME AGAIN. TIME AGAIN is written by original Mega Man and Mega Man 2 composer Takashi Tateishi, aka Ogeretsu Kun. Meanwhile, the ad nauseum FLUTTER VS. GAZEL SHAFT [sic] track is performed by Makoto Tomozawa, who was behind the Mega Man Legends soundtrack, and also worked on Mega Man 7, Mega Man X and Mega Man 10.

Additionally, two of the albums tracks (including TIME AGAIN) are collaborations with Japanese fusion band DIMENSION. I'm not sure what connection DIMENSION has ever had with Mega Man, but it appears they are celebrating their 25th anniversary as well. Finally, as no real surprise, this album also comes with an exclusive Rockman Xover special card; this one being 8-bit Rockman.

Overall, some tracks I'm pretty excited about! It's disappointing that Flutter Vs. Gesellschaft seems to be the only Legends song in existence anymore, and I also wish the album had something from Zero and ZX. However, Napalm Man, Skull Man and MM3 Wily 2 are tracks that I'm really happy to get arrangements of. Hopefully samples will be coming along soon!

By way of PRC.

Plenty of New Rockman Xover Gameplay Details and Images

Famitsu has posted an article concerning the Rockman Xover contents set to appear in their upcoming coverage in Famitsu App. The details give us the biggest look at the game we've had yet.

The article introduces Dr. Cossack's daughter, Kalinka. She acts as your navigator in the game. She is 14 now, compared to age 9 from the events of Mega Man 4. I don't know if that really adds up with the series timeline, but just run with it...

First in gameplay, the game is composed of various areas, and each area has a certain number of quests. In quests, as explained before, you run ahead automatically and press buttons to jump and shoot. You can also choose "Auto Play" during a quest. As you might expect, this is a feature that pretty much makes your character attack automatically as well; essentially making the game play itself. It's an option for those wanting to make some quick progress in the game. However, it's not recommended if your aim is to gather up items and upgrades.

Next, the card system. This is where you place the Battle Memory cards you collect to upgrade OVER-1. Setting Battle Memory can of course increase your various stats, including HP, attack and defense. But Battle Memory can also alter other factors, such as your element type and particular skills. It's said it will be important to set your skills appropriately to bolster your given stats. OVER-1 also has a cost indicator, and Battle Memory cards each have a particular cost. The combined cost can't exceed what OVER-1 is capable of.

Battle Memory cards themselves come in elemental flavors, indicated by their background. White is neutral, red is fire, green is wood and wind, yellow is electricity, and blue is water and ice. Determining your elements maximizes how effective you can battle enemies with elemental weaknesses. However, it's not exactly indicated how setting cards changes/manipulates your elemental status.

Next up is the armor change system. This relates to the silhouettes we saw in the trailer. New armors can be acquired by collecting their parts - five in total. These new armors give different benefits for how Battle Memory cards can be used, such as "bonus lines" and "bonus spots." For example, the attack-centric OVER-2 armor gives you six spots for Battle Memory cards instead of five. Three of the spots are red, and improve attack power. Furthmore, if cards that are linked with lines have the same element, attack power is increased even more. A defense-centric OVER-3 armor is also shown.

Next are the Master Boss and Team Battle modes. Master Boss battles can be unlocked by collecting map parts in regular quests. Accessing them lets you fight a powerful, large boss. You can summon in your friends' characters to fight the boss with their equipped skills as well. Beating the master boss will reward you with special items, but the reward payout changes depending on each character's contributions to the battle.

In Team Battle, you will encounter a boss in the middle of a quest. However, the boss will try to flee instead of attack, making your goal to crush the boss. One of you friend's characters is randomly chosen and selected to battle with. You're then paired up against another team of two, and the two teams compete to be the first to beat the boss. Your partner is controlled automatically in this mode, and is updated once a week. Beating the boss first wins you rare Battle Memory.

And last, the promotional OVER-1 card that Famitsu App is giving away in its magazine. This card can be used in the game once you clear the tutorial. It will strengthen OVER-1's attack power during boss battles. The code for the card is redeemable up until the end of December 17th.

Additional images:


We are ROCK-MEN! 2 Cover, Plus Minor ROCKMAN HOLIC Updates

Lovable ol' Ucchy-san from Rockman Unity has an update concerning the latest Rockman albums we've become inundated with. Not much new if you've been following TMMN like a responsible Mega Man fan, but a couple points of interest are present. First and foremost, the completely and stupidly sweet cover to WE ARE ROCK-MEN! 2 as seen above. I have a feeling Tabby especially will enjoy this one. Unfortunately, details about the album's contents will have to await future updates.

We also have a little bit of intel on the just announced ROCK HOLIC album. First off, Ucchy-san confirms the album will cover classic Rockman and Rockman X, and it is specifically intended to be a vocal arrange album. Along with rock, jazz and dance, it will also include works in the trance and Eurobeat genres.

Man, all this musical love is pretty intense! I mean, I do still remember when Mega Man was, you know, a game. But I think it shows what worth the series has with so many jumping on supporting the 25th anniversary!

New Details on MML3 Prototype Version

Here's some delicious news if you've been hotly anticipating the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version (and all of you should be). reports that the downloadable title will indeed be chock full of content. Like previous demo editions of Legends games, the Prototype Version will allow you to experience the gameplay in the form of different missions you can select as you like. The Prototype Version will have over 10 missions ranging from exploring ruins and battling Reaverbots to causing mayhem with the Aero and the Bright Bats. Of course, as a "free running RPG," you're free to run around wherever you like too. The prototype will also feature drawn scenes for the game's event scenes, which are described as "moving storyboards," which appear prior to the full polygon action. It's uncertain if this is a feature they intend on extending to the complete game, but it is a first for the series. Additionally, loading screens will be adorned with images of concept artwork.

The 3DS eShop seriously cannot come too soon! Check the article for even more screens.

Update: The US Devroom now has a reciprocating post on the game details. The only thing to clarify is that the "animated storyboard" scenes are intended to fill in places where scenes made with 3D models haven't been implemented yet. So it does not sound like this will be a feature in the final game, but simply another look into how game development works. Otherwise it's generally the same info, but give it a read anyway!

Archie Mega Man Priced and Detailed

If you're looking forward to Archie's Mega Man comic, Archie has just recently released details that you'll probably like to know:

"Let the Games Begin!" Part One: The future looks bright when brilliant and benevolent Dr. Light unveils his latest creations: the Robot Masters! But when the nefarious Dr. Wily steals them for his own sinister purposes, there is no one left to stop him. No one - except Mega Man! Don't miss the first issue of this brand new ongoing series!

SCRIPT: IAN FLYNN ARTIST: PATRICK "SPAZ" SPAZIANTE, JOHN WORKMAN, MATT HERMS COVER: PATRICK "SPAZ" SPAZIANTE 1 IN 5 SKETCH VARIANT COVER: CHAD THOMAS Shipping Date: 4/27/2011 On Sale at Comic Shops: 5/4/2011 Newsstands: Week of 5/17 Comic, 32 pages, 40 lb. glossy stock, Full-Color $2.99 US

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Yet More Rockman Online Details

Getting tired of hearing about Rockman Online? Actually, from most of the comments I've seen, most of you folks are pretty much frothing at the mouth to play this game. Well, better move to South Korea! But if that option is unavailable, here are some more facts to chew on.

  • NeoWiz is aiming to have a closed beta test started during the first half of next year.
  • The game was originally planned to be an MMORPG, but is now being developed as just an MORPG.
  • The G-Star demo featured the Gaia area, which contained the forest stage and secret base stage. Additional areas being planned include Atlas, Oceanus and Nike.
  • Besides X, Zero and Duo, Cinnamon is indeed an additional character type, and they are thinking of adding 2-3 more.
  • Stages are being planned with three levels of difficulty, and the G-Star demo represented the absolute middle. Having four players is recommended to tackle the game's hardest difficulty.
  • One of X's special attacks is described as a Capoeira-style spinning kick he can do in the air to repeatedly hit enemies at close range.
  • Trap elements include items like decayed floors, bombs and switches to open and close doors.
  • One of the features of the game will be "up and down" movement. Despite being a 2D platformer, this will make use of the 3D graphics to bring out more depth. (Perhaps like Metroid Other M).
  • There are five points of character customization: head, body, weapon, legs and case (presumably for a carry-on item). The more you level up, the better equipment you can use, and already there is equipment as high as level 50.
  • The matching lobby will be able to hold roughly 200 players, where they can buy equipment and communicate with one another. PVP is also planned on being added.

News Credit: GAME Watch (via CAP Kobun)

Rockman Online Demo Details

This has definitely turned into a Rockman Online week. And while you've no certainly seen tons of footage, how does the game itself play? Japanese gaming site 4Gamer has a hands on report with the G-Star demo, along with the video footage, and they were also able to speak with NeoWiz's assistant manager Min, Woon Gi. In the final game, players will be able to join together in up to teams of up to four, although the demo was only single player. When you start the game, you select your character and transfer to a "town" that serves as the lobby. At the town you can purchase avatars and weapons, and select the stage you want to go to. According to Min, the ability to use stronger equipment when you level up, and how it relates to your avatar design, will be very "Rockman-ish." In the G-Star version the town was not implemented, but the town is already complete (for the final game).

The characters are controlled simply with the keyboard. Directional keys are used to move right and left, pressing down crouches and you use up when the area moves (not sure what this means). You can dash by double typing right and left on the directional keys, or by pressing C. X is jump, Z is attack, and holding Z lets you charge your attack. A gamepad was not available for use with the demo, and there's no word if the final game will support one.

In this version of the game, special attacks could be assigned to A, S, D and F. There were empty slots in the demo, so the number of keys may increase as you gain new weapons. Furthermore, four kinds of Battle Disks could be cycle through with the tab key, and activated by pressing B. Battle Disks give special abilities, such as becoming immune to spikes, causing your character to attack automatically, and increasing speed and defense. The player was using X, but it's likely these keys are the same for every character type.

Finally, the 1 and 2 keys let you use refill tanks; 1 is for HP (like energy) and 2 is for MP (weapon energy). There's a "cooling time" after using a tank that prevents you from using another for several seconds, though the writer speculates this was only for the G-Star demo.

As a final note, the writer adds that when you die, it makes the classic "tiun tiun" noise in the headphones when you die.

Rockman Online is expected to go into public beta sometime in 2011, though its formal release is not set. Furthermore, there is also no plans for service in Japan yet (nor anywhere else, I'd imagine).

There is also an event report from Capcom's own Ucchy-san. Largely the same info, but many fun pics from G-Star if you're interested, including Rockman ring toss. Yes, really.

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Detailed Rockman Online Blog Info

Yep, we're still milking the original post from the opening of the Rockman Online blog. But this ought to be the finale, as we have detailed translations of the site's direct contents. This has all been translated by Ka-hun Yu, via the page 200 Percent Protagonist. Hit the jump for detailed info on the game's storyline, factions and player types. Be warned, it is quite a large block of text. Thanks, Ka-hun Yu!



The birth of robots who look like humans, who think like humans, who feel emotions like humans…

Why did humanity create robots that resemble human beings?

One of their two creators, Dr. Light said, “Humanoids are the descendants of humanity. They are friends that will work together with us to create a more prosperous way of life.”

Their other creator, Dr. Wily said, “As god made man in his image, the birth of humanoids is simply humanity’s first step to becoming gods.”

The wars started from the two creators’ differences in ideals. Nobody ever expected them to rage on for the length of centuries without end.

Now, a new chapter begins in the history of these long wars, surpassing eras and generations!

The first post in the Hunter Intelligence Center, which, setting-wise, is being administrated by Alia. The UCA/URA post.

Thank you for visiting the Hunter Intelligence Center. I’m Alia, the leader of the operator team in charge of administrating the Hunter Intelligence Center. Pleased to Meet you.

The Hunter Intelligence Center was created to provide newly recruited Hunters as yourself with history, character biographies and combat data. Because there is a vast amount of important intel that has been gathered by the UCA, access to most files has been restricted from new recruits. As such, it may look significantly empty at the moment…

Because “Gaia” is a military complex that’s different from the era that most of you are from, I’m sure you all have a lot of questions. The operator team plans to periodically unlock access to the information you need to get used to life on Gaia, so please stop by regularly and check if there are any updates.

While you are primarily associated with the Irregular Hunters which were formed to protect mankind and repliroids from Irregular attacks, you are also associated with the UCA and are to engage combat with the Irregular forces, the URA. Today, we’ll introduce you to the the UCA.

UCA (United Continent Association)

The UCA was founded due to the need for a new organization for political, economic and military activity on a larger scale as national boundaries disappeared with the birth of a global government.

The UCA, founded by representatives with the most power from each administrative district(which are divided according to continent), is the most powerful organization on Earth, along with the global government.

As Irregular activity rose all across the world, the UCA determined that the global government’s large-scale army couldn’t efficiently respond to the skirmishes with the Irregulars and responded with troops of Irregular Hunters cloned from the DNA data of legendary Irregular Hunters from the past.

The UCA’s Irregular Hunters efficiently handled the Irregular outbreaks across the world and were acknowledged for their efforts. However, stronger Irregulars joined together and formed the the URA to counter the Irregular Hunters, and as a result the UCA also been criticized for providing the motivation behind the URA.

Iris and Colonel are the shadowed ? characters. Information on their types hasn’t yet been released.

URA (Ultimate Repliroid Association) [Translator's Note: I'm going by Repliroid because that's more in line with the "Rockman" naming scheme. Korea has a bit of an issue with consistency, sadly.]

The term Irregular is used to refer to Repliroids that act against the policies of the global government and Repliroid Union with war and acts of terror. While their activity has been constant, over the past few years it is widely believed that they have been effectively suppressed by the global government’s army and the UCA’s Irregular Hunters.

However, gathered by a common interest, the Irregular forces designated by the UCA gathered in secret to create the URA, an organization with the purpose of countering the global government and the UCA.

Those who seem to be Legendary Irregulars are at the center of the organization, similarly to the UCA’s Irregular Hunters, and through the URA’s well coordinated activity the global government and the UCA have lost control over a large number of areas. As the URA grows in size and becomes more organized, what used to be minor skirmishes have now grown into full-blown wars across the world.

According to recent intelligence from a UCA spy, behind the URA’s organized activity lies an important figure who seems to be involved with their origins.

[Translator's Note: As in, involved with how Irregulars came to be]

This concludes our introduction to the UCA and URA.

Recently, Gaia, the UCA military complex where new Hunters such as yourself were born, is also suffering casualties from the URA’s organized attacks. However, don’t worry, as countless Hunters who have inherited the will of past heroes are guarding this facility.

While it may be uncomfortable and difficult for now, us operators will continue to support you as much as we can until the day where you face off against the enemy as the UCA’s Irregular Hunters arrives. Please take care of yourselves until our next meeting.

Player: X Type

Hello, I’m Layer. I’m sure you’ve already heard about the Intelligence Center from Alia.

I’m in charge of introducing you to the types of Repliroids, Irregulars, and techniques that you will encounter.

You’ve heard about how you were cloned from the DNA of legendary Repliroids from the past, correct?

I must warn you that the ones who completed legendary feats are those who provided their DNA to you, not you.

It would be helpful if you remembered that. On occasion there are those who foolishly rush towards the URA’s Irregulars as if they were legendary heroes.

Sigh… It’s a pain to clean up after their mistakes, so I request that you at the very least patiently hone your skills.

If you know your enemy and know yourself, you can win every battle.

Like that phrase, I’m here to inform you of your abilities and the Irregulars that you have to face.

Before we begin our lesson, to those of you who are giving dirty looks, some of you occasionally happen to act friendly for no reason at all. Well, if it’s a Zero Type I’ll let it pass, but keep in mind that I’m in charge of analyzing combat techniques and that I’m also your instructor.

You just might end up being unable to tell your control chip apart from everything else.

Well then, shall we have a look at the the DNA Type, “X”?

File Number RX1135

Accessing the DNA data for X.

Access Approved…

X is a legendary Irregular Hunter who worked to destroy the Sigma Virus, which causes destructive behavior in a repliroid, turning it into an Irregular.

He eventually won his battle against the Sigma Virus, and after confirming the world was in peace, went to eternal rest.

For ages, mankind and repliroids believed that the Sigma Virus had been completely eradicated.

Now, ages later where the Irregular Hunters’ battles remain as nothing more but a distant legend…

The Irregulars suddenly returned.

To stop the returning threat, the UCA cloned the heroes of the past.

The first to be copied was X, who brought forth numerous victories against the Irregulars.

The “X” that was born by cloning X’s DNA data is almost identical to the original X in appearance and ability, but lacks his memories, including combat techniques.

This X copy is a different entity from the X of the past, but people believe that like the X of the past it will be a beacon to bring hope to mankind and repliroids once more.

Combat capabilities


The X-Buster is X’s signature weapon. This high-energy weapon can fire multiple high-temperature plasma shots in rapid succession or charge to inflict large amounts of damage to the opponent. The X buster is equipped with a function that allows it to emulate the abilities of other repliroids by equipping their DNA chips, and the mystery behind this technology has yet to be solved even to this day.

The X-Buster is primarily for long-range battles, but it’s also a multi-purpose weapon that can handle close combat by copying the abilities of other repliroids.

X Armor

By equipping armors, X can carry out missions in various environments, including deepsea areas and hazardous rocky areas. The legendary armors that Dr. Light is said to have given to X have all been lost over the course of time. As a result, an armor researched developed by the UCA is currently being supplied.

Because Armor research requires a substantial amount of funding, Armors are only supplied to highly trained repliroids who are considered to be capable of using them efficiently.

Nova Strike

X has a special engine in his body that allows him to absorb external shock as energy and release it at a later time. Because a substantial amount of damage is required in order to gather enough energy to release, and all of it is drained upon release, it must be used with caution. At the same time, due to its destructive offensive capabilities X can use this to turn the tide against a stronger opponent.

As you can see from the DNA data, X Types specialize in long-range combat but can adapt to various situations by gaining enemy abilities and can overcome environmental obstacles with armors. In addition, there’s an additional fact that you must remember, even though it doesn’t appear in the DNA data.

X was originally classified as a B-Rank Hunter. Unlike other repliroids, he had the ability to “suffer”, which caused him to avoid conflict and limited his combat capabilities. However, the reason he was able to become a Special A-Rank Hunter and become a legend was that he was able to grow stronger due to his suffering, and that he had a heart of gold.

He always hesitated and was always worried, but once he made a decision he never turned back on it. I want you to think about that aspect of X in the slightest instead of just desiring power. A man who thinks long and hard before his conviction that always goes by his beliefs. Doesn’t that sound cool?

Well, let’s have a short break. Even if you guys don’t say anything, I can tell that your heads are hurting. Whew. In order to survive on Gaia, remember what I told you. If you become a Special A-Rank hunter later on, remember that it’s thanks to me. REMEMBER. Well then, goodbye~

Player: Zero Type

What do you think is the virtue of a good man?

Hmm? You want to hear what I think? Well, it’s nothing special.

Good looks are a given. Don’t you think it’s to support you even in silence, to always protect you by your side?

The legendary Irregular Hunter I’m about to introduce to you is that kind of guy.

You don’t need a long explanation for the best of them.

Well then, shall we have a look at the information for the DNA Type, “Zero”?

File Number RX0102

Accessing the DNA Data for Zero.

Access approved…

Zero is the masterpiece of Dr. Wily, who tried to use Humaroids (humanoid robots) to take over the world.

Zero is known to be the the original host of the Sigma Virus, which turns repliroids into Irregulars, and openly acknowledges that fact himself.

However, despite that dark past, Zero defeated countless irregulars with his undying belief in what’s right, and always trusted the sometimes unsure X, supporting him by his side.

Along with X, the UCA selected his greatest partner, this hero with undying courage as the best Hunter to defeat the Irregulars, and used all of their technology to successfully duplicate his highly-advanced body.

Hunters with the DNA Type “Zero” show the greatest compatibility with “X” Type Hunters, and can protect the long-range oriented “X” Type Hunters with their close-range techniques.

Combat Capabilities


Zero originally used a Buster like X, but during the first of the Irregular Wars caused by Sigma, by giving his parts to X so that he could defeat Sigma, his buster functions become virtually useless. Because it was a weapon designed by Dr. Wily’s earlier technology, there was no means to repair it at the time, and thus he gained a new weapon, “Z-Saber”, a powerful beam sword.

He handled the Z-Saber using the full capabilities of his highly advanced body, and defeated many infamous Irregulars with his superior close-combat skills. The Z-Saber, which can now be called Zero’s trademark, became stronger after countless upgrades and Zero’s continuous training, eventually exceeding his Buster as an anti-Irregular weapon.

Zero Armor

Unlike X, Zero didn’t originally use an armor. However, the by utilizing the technology gathered from Zero’s DNA Data, the UCA has successfully created an armor that Zero Type Hunters can equip. The armor for Zero Type Hunters implements not only defensive abilities meant to increase survivability in close combat, but also enhances their offensive abilities to allow for the easier defeat of Irregulars.

Double Jump

Due to superior physical specs than X, Zero can jump an additional time in mid-air. By utilizing this ability, Zero can jump to higher places.

Most of you will probably have wished to have been born as Zero Type Hunters.

But in order to become like the real Zero, you need to put in a lot of effort and patience over a long period of time.

Since in addition to being naturally strong, he always tried his best to help his friend, X.

I’m overexaggerating? Hehe…

Doesn’t every woman have a knight in shining armor in their hearts?

I think I’ve said too much.

Well…Let’s rest for a while, and then go look at the DNA Types of other newly recruited Hunters

Player: Duo Type

Welcome. This time, we’re going to look at a different kind of guy from X and Zero.

There are probably some of you who have large chins that you can’t ignore even if you want to. We’re going to have a look at their DNA Data, the “Duo” Type.

Unlike the other Hunters, Duo’s not originally an Irregular Hunter.

He’s a lot older than X, so the UCA is pretty amazing. I don’t know where they got the DNA Data for a robot as old as him, but they managed to fully replicate him as you can see.

Duo’s a robot who made his appearance on Earth long before the free-willed repliroids appeared, but he’s said to have technology that’s even more advanced than today’s repliroids.

Shall I tell you why? That’s because he’s a robot from space.

You want me to stop joking? Then shall we have a look at the DNA Data?

File Number RC0158 Accessing DNA Data record for the Humaroid, Duo. Access approved…

The specifics of Duo are top-class classifed information. This documentation’s purpose is to help the understanding of Hunters who interact with Duo-Type Hunters.

Warning: Hunters working together with Duo MUST be familiar with the contents of this documentation.

What you must always keep in mind is that Duo has complete immunity to the “Sigma Virus” which causes a fatal error in free-willed robots, and all other variations and similar viruses.

In addition, Duo Types have the ability to detect viruses or Irregulars with negative intent.

Because they can instantly tell whether or not somebody is lying, attempting to lie to or cheat a Duo Type Hunter is forbidden.

Warning: Duo Type Hunters are made to naturally eliminate evil. They will instinctively launch a punch at even the slightest little fib. Before lying, always be on the lookout for Duo Type Hunters. A single careless lie can cause both parties irreversible trauma.

Because of this, it is highly recommended that Duo-Type Hunters are dispatched if the area is contaminated by a virus or a reploid seems to be an Irregular.

Due to the crude exterior of Duo Types, they are often mistaken for old-generation robots.

Because of this, there are cases where technicians or reploids meant to service older robots are called in when a Duo Type is heavily injured. However, this is discourtesy towards them.

They have been developed with technology more complex than any repliroid, and there are only a select few who can understand and repair Duo Type Hunters.

As such, if a fatal flaw is discovered, we request that you immediately make an emergency communications link with UCA headquarters.

Warning: Contrary to their external appearances, Duo Type Hunters have an extremely intricate internal structure. Attempting repairs and check-ups without the proper qualifications is forbidden.

Currently, the UCA is doing extensive research on the repair of Duo Type units on the battlefield.

However, most Duo Type Hunters have advanced self-repair capabilities, and as thus repair most injuries using standard repair kits.

Combat Capabilities

Duo Knuckle Duo doesn’t have any particular armaments. His primary weapon is his fist, which flows with mysterious energy. He grinds the opponent into dust by swinging his giant fist with force that befits his massive form.

Duo Armor

The UCA doesn’t have the proper technology necessary to develop an armor for Duo Type Hunters. However, this mysterious robot designed his own personal armor, which mimicks the armor technology of other Hunters. Duo Type Hunters are known to arm themselves with armors that fit their current experience and monetary deposits.


Duo can use use the rockets on his back to achieve flight for a short amount of time. Duo Types are capable of using this flight capacity to cross traps or pits more safely than other Hunters.


Duo can use his mysterious energy to provide a protection effect or enhance offensive capabilities.

[Translator's Note: The target range is kinda unclear, but if it can help guys on the same map, it's gonna be a decent ability]

You can’t see anything about it being an alien robot?

Oh my, I forgot I have higher access than you.

I accidentally leaked classified information, so I’d appreciate it if you just forgot that bit.

It’s so preposterous that you can’t believe it? Well, if you hang around them for a while you’ll understand why I talked about Duo being an alien.

Oh, before you become friends with them, make sure to follow the guidelines.

There are a lot of guys who ignored the warnings and tried lying to them.

Be careful of what you say, take care, and let’s see each other again next time~

A Little Look at Kotobukiya Rockman's Detailing

We know that the upcoming Rockman figure from Kotobukiya will come with quite a bit of detail, articulation and accessories. But an article from a hobbyist magazine reveals yet more. As you can see above, the Rockman figure will come with multiple "eye plates" that fit behind the face. Using these, you can even customize the direction Rockman's eyes are looking! I actually find this a bit useful, since sometimes, depending on the placement and orientation, a figure's face can look a little off.

And for those feeling daunted by seeing the blank eyes, don't worry. While painting the eyes on is an option, I'm also pretty sure the figure will come with detailed eye decals (I'd heard of the same feature with the Roll figure). Kotobukiya's Rockman figure releases next month! And man, really makes you wonder what level of detail will go into Blues' face...

News Credit: Brandon, Image Credit: Ngee Khiong