We are ROCK-MEN! 2 Cover, Plus Minor ROCKMAN HOLIC Updates

Lovable ol' Ucchy-san from Rockman Unity has an update concerning the latest Rockman albums we've become inundated with. Not much new if you've been following TMMN like a responsible Mega Man fan, but a couple points of interest are present. First and foremost, the completely and stupidly sweet cover to WE ARE ROCK-MEN! 2 as seen above. I have a feeling Tabby especially will enjoy this one. Unfortunately, details about the album's contents will have to await future updates.

We also have a little bit of intel on the just announced ROCK HOLIC album. First off, Ucchy-san confirms the album will cover classic Rockman and Rockman X, and it is specifically intended to be a vocal arrange album. Along with rock, jazz and dance, it will also include works in the trance and Eurobeat genres.

Man, all this musical love is pretty intense! I mean, I do still remember when Mega Man was, you know, a game. But I think it shows what worth the series has with so many jumping on supporting the 25th anniversary!

Mega Man is Ready to Rock in Mega Man #20, Variant Cover Revealed

Fans of Archie's Mega Man comic series, take heed. Here is the newly released cover for Mega Man #20, titled "Rock of Ages." In addition to the regular cover version by Matt Herms and Mike Norton, a variant cover by Ryan Jampole will also be available come December. The story synopsis is an interesting one:

'Rock of Ages': Join us for a very special anniversary for the Blue Bomber! Dr. Wily messes with powers beyond his control, sending ripples through time - and sending Mega Man on a whirlwind trip through his own life - and all the perils to come!"

Who knows what to expect, but what I do know is I love that old NES cartridge style border on the variant! Additionally, we also have a synopsis and cover for the volume four compendium, collecting the recently wrapped up Spirit ex Machina arch:

The explosive new chapter in the Mega Man mythology has arrived! What began as a conference to decide the future of advanced robotics turns to pandemonium when the Emerald Spears extremist group takes everyone at the A.R.T.S. hostage and threatens to blow up the robots present! It's up to Mega Man to lead Elec Man, Pharaoh Man and Quake Woman to save the day, but time is running out for our heroes! Collects Mega Man #13-16, plus tons of art and bonus features."

Thanks for the tip, Merricks!