X as Ultimate MVC3 DLC... Sort of? Plus Tron & Frank (Update 2)

Though Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is not due to be available until November 15th, it seems that some avid fans are already getting their hands on copies of Bradygames' official guide to the beefed-up fighter. Such is the case of Shoryuken forums user TheDarkPhoenix, pictured with his prize at right. And what secrets the guide contain? Well, given the nature of this website, you know we aren't talking about anything to do with Captain America or Phoenix Wright or Rocket Raccoon. That, and the title sort of spoils it.

Anyway, another pic was uploaded, which you can see below. But odds are, you already have an idea of what to expect. As for how you'll take it... well, look on, and decide for yourself.

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That's right: the downloadable alternate costume for Zero will be none other than the much-desired and frequent poll winner for new fighters, Mega Man X. Might this be the "Mega Man news" Seth Killian alluded to previously?

We don't know whether this merely changes the appearance of Zero, or more (name, voice, cutscenes, or anything), which will no doubt leave a bitter taste in the mouth of those championing the Blue Bomber's appearance in the game. On the bright side, it's not as though X has never wielded Zero's saber before, and the Buster is in, so... well, it's something, at least. Just not necessarily what fans were wanting, though as said before, that remains to be seen.

In addition, TheDarkPhoenix notes that another Mega Man-related alternate costume download is Frank West in his Blue Bomber attire. Plus, there seem to be some Mega Man cameos in some of the game's endings; to avoid spoilers, we won't post it here, but check out our Twitter feed for a link if you wish to see it for yourself.

Thanks to @AquaTeamV3 for the tip!

Update: Thanks to @DMThigpen for providing not only an image of Frank West's DLC attire, but Tron's as well:

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MMN Note: Yeah, the post changed since it first went up; Heat and I were both making one, but we decided to run with mine.

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