Arcademan and Co. Get "Xover-fied"

arcademanEarlier this month the winning fan-submitted ideas were chosen for Rockman Xover. Now those concepts have been given life by Capcom's designers. Arcademan here will appear as an original Master Boss and Battle Memory. You can see the other three runner-ups: Tabletman, There and Dharman, on the contest page along with their original entries. This content will become available in Xover in May. News Credit: Rockman Unity

And Your Glorious Rockman Xover Boss Contest Winner is...

arcademanArcademan! By Mr. boss13. This is the character that will be appearing in Rockman Xover as an original Master Boss and Battle Memory. As you can tell, his gimmick is to use attacks based on various Capcom games. Additionally, Tabletman, There and Dharman are runner-up winners, and will be featured as original Battle Memory cards. You can check them out on Rockman Unity with the full report from Ucchy-san. These fan-made contents will appear in Xover in early May.

Check Out the Rockman Xover Boss Nominees

xoverbossesThe selection process for the Rockman Xover boss character contest has come to a head. Of the total 816 entries submitted, 50 have been chosen as nominees. You can view the whole roster here. Over at Rockman Unity, Ucchy selected ten of those 50 to comment on, including the likes of Octo Man, Proto-Over-0, There, Photon, Tablet Man, Stationery Man, Money Woman, Gimmick Man, Exband (possibly Expand) Man and Warder Man. The final winners are planned to be revealed on April 12th, Friday. I'm sure you'll be dying to know who makes the cut. I'm kind of bummed Wily Machine 25th Anniversary didn't make it though...

Rockman Ultrabook Package Contest Opens

illust_sample The Rockman Ultrabook endeavor has moved from polls to a contest. There is now a contest open for designing the package for the fan-fueled laptop PC. The winner, not surprisingly, will get their own Rockman Ultrabook. The rules are as follows:

-Can contain any Mega Man character from any series (classic, X, Zero, ZX, Legends, Battle Network, Star Force or Xover). It cannot contain any other characters. -Your work must be in Photoshop PSD format, using CMYK coloring. It must be in A3 (297mm x 420mm) in 350 dpi. -After making this graphic, you may submit it as a GIF, JPG or PNG that is compressed to under 10MB. -Those under 20 must have approval from a guardian to enter the contest.

The contest is running from now until April 22nd. Of course, I don't really imagine readers here will have much interest in entering, but there's the info just in case.

The Rockman Ultrabook goes on preorder March 29th, next week. No details about the poll results or price have been revealed still.

Rock Miyabi's FABULOUS Valentine's Day Contest

vdayIt's that time of year again. That time after Christmas, after New Years, and you're in a rut. Well, fear no more, Rock Miyabi's annual Valentine's Day Contest is here! To those of you who are newer, my good friend Rock Miyabi hosts this contest (and a few others) on his deviantART account every year. They're always a ton of fun and he's always looking for more people to enter them. This year, he's got some great themes. CATEGORY 1: 50 SHADES OF ASHE AND GREY (Humor) Content Requirements: - Ashe or Grey from ZXA - Blushing

CATEGORY 2: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT FABIO-LOUS! (Talent) Content Requirements: - Emulate a Harlequin Novel Cover - Jewel Man - Additional female character of your choice

And what do you get for a prize if you win? To quote Miyabi:

"Sounds like most of you like the option of picking your prize, so the grand prize winners of each category will be able to get the prize of their choice, at $50 USD or less. Want a  Bandai D-Arts figure or one from Kotobukiya before they disappear? Soundtracks like We Are Rock-Men! 2 or Rockman Holic? Got something else in mind you've wanted to get from eBay, but haven't had the cash? Want a year subscription to dA? It's yours. As long as it's under $50, it's game. A cash prize through Paypal is also an option. The second place winners will get a prize of their choice under $25, so something like a T-shirt from the Official Capcom Store, an Archie Comics subscription, or a 6-month dA subscription. The third place winners will get a prize of their choice under $15, with options like Bobble Budds, Epic Scents air fresheners, keychains, an Archie Comics graphic novel or a 3-month dA sub. And I'll probably throw in some random Link/Progress/Advanced Battlechips as usual. Yes again, that's me giving you guys nearly $200 in prizes. I am so broke because of y'all."

The deadline for this contest will be Thursday, February 14th, by 11:59 PM CST.

For more information on how to enter and longer descriptions on the categories, please see Miyabi's post.


Archie Contest Gets Your Art Featured, Plus Great Prizes

archie_contestWanna cool way to get some bragging rights, and a lot of great prizes on top of that? Archie Comics and Capcom Unity are teaming up to hold a mighty contest. Archie will be accepting submissions of Mega Man fan art, and the grand prize winner will have their art featured on a full page in the upcoming issue #23 of Archie's Mega Man comic. Furthermore, this winner also gets the first for Mega Man graphic novels, plus issues 20~23, plus a copy of Mega Man Tribute, PLUS a prize pack care of Capcom Unity. Three runner ups will also have their work featured in the fan art section of issue #23, and also receive copies of issues 20~23 and Mega Man Tribute.

You have until February 1st to either e-mail or snail mail your artwork to Archie. You can find more information at Capcom Unity. How could would it be to have your own artwork given a full page feature in this great comic!?

Contest to Design the Face of a Mega Man Battle Network "Chat" Bot

If you follow the Facebook group 100,000 fans for Mega Man Battle Network 10th anniversary collection, you might have seen a link to an amusing little bot based on MegaMan.EXE which responds to what you type... and eventually bludgeons the English language with a blunt object. That said, our Sheet Music Director, Bey-Heart, has taken over the operation of the page and they're attempting to create such a bot of their own. However, this one would be based on a new NetNavi named "Aria," and is based on ALICE 1.7, "one of the most intelligent bots to date." And for that, he's looking for a little help, and has opened a contest for people to participate in to design a bust (head and shoulder area) for the new Navi.

There doesn't seem to be any prize, however, other than being able to boast that it's your design people are talking to. For more details, check out this post to enter before November 5th.

TMMN's September Giveaway Winner is...

We got nearly one hundred people submitting their ideas for how they'd pay tribute to the Blue Bomber this 25th anniversary. There were definitely some pretty amusing ideas! But in the end, only one could be chosen. And that chosen one is... Anthony Martinez! Here is his tribute:

My tribute to Mega Man would be to dress up in the Mega Man costume that I made for a marching band video game show and walk around town, shouting to the world the many wondrous things about Mega Man. In doing so, I would recommend people to play my favorite Mega Man games (which would be all of them). And to top it all off, I would offer people to play some of the Mega Man games and read some of the comics and mangas.

Very neat, Anthony. I'd really like to see this Mega Man costume of yours! We've emailed you via the address you commented with, so please respond soon! And to everyone else, thank you for your comments! Sorry we didn't have much to offer this month, but there are already more prizes headed down the pipeline. Your chance to win could be coming as soon as October! Keep your eyes peeled, and keep loving Mega Man!

Enter This Facebook Contest for a Chance to Win a Rockman.EXE Axess DVD Set

Want a chance to win this set of Rockman.EXE Axess DVDs? The seemingly inspired Facebook group "100,000 fans for Mega Man Battle Network 10th anniversary collection" is giving them away to one lucky winner.

To enter, all you have to do is 1) "Like" their Facebook page, 2) "Like" this picture, and 3) "Share" the photo. With that done, you'll be set for the drawing on September 30th!

Thanks for the tip, Nonspecificloser!

Public Voting on Neo Devroom's "Ruin Roundup" Begins

Imagine you are a seasoned and accomplished Digger. You've been on countless adventures over the years. Unfurled bizarre mysteries. Battled building sized Reaverbots. You've got so many refractors in the bank, it's kind of ridiculous, frankly. And no pirate's going to try to mess with you, because you maxed out your Shining Laser. It's hanging right there on the wall, next to your SSS Digger's license, and a framed picture of you with Mayor Amelia. You two had dinner together. As you sit back in your leather recliner, swishing around a glass of vintage 20XX wine, and flipping through the latest issue of ACTION, you stop and have to think. Just which of those adventures really was your favorite? What was the best ruin you ever conquered?

Well it's time for you to decide that now. If you'll recall, the Neo Devroom, those true blue Legends fans keeping the MML3 spirit alive, started a contest for generating new ruins. Now, the finalists have been narrowed down, and it's up to you to decide on which one is the most fantastical. You can head over to the Neo Devroom activity and vote among the five finalists. There are prizes at stake for the winners, so make it count! And give the Neo Devroom guys some serious cred for keeping hope alive!

Zero 2nd Contest Entries - A Mega Man Merchandise Party!

Even after wrapping up this contest, it still haunts me! As promised, Tabby and I have collected together all the entries for your viewing pleasure. I think when you look over them, you'll come to understand why we had so much trouble deciding on a winner. Be warned, this is a very image intensive post - I hope the site will be able to take it. Some of you sent in so many images, we had no choice but to offer them entirely in zips. Nevertheless, beyond the break you'll see a truly impressive trove of Mega Man toys; some stuff I didn't know existed, some stuff made entirely from scratch!

I cannot think everyone enough for taking the time to arrange and send your pictures and videos. They're all extremely cool! Also, rest assured, we are working new giveaways to come soon. Stay tuned!

Moogy - Grand Prize Winner

My MegaMan figure collection, along with the rest of my other figures, are a small number. But "small" does not mean "not cool enough" now, isn't that right?

Well I can definitely say my collection should not be briefly set aside. My collection is scarce, yes, but in their companionship, my figures have learned humility, dignity, and to treat those around them with the utmost respect..

They are the few,

they are the proud.

My figures.

Gallantly taking reign on my dresser are our favorite reploid trio: X, Zero and... Zero, riding on their majestic steeds claiming their place in my household. Rest assured, however, they are willing to spare a place for one OTHER red-clad blondie.

... especially when the most unfortunate events today occurred to poor D-arts Zero, while taking this picture.

While I was preparing for more photos, to show off MORE of the wonder that is my collection, fate had something else in mind.

And apparently, Zero's hair was no longer needed.

Fate can be so cruel.

And just mere minutes after the unfortunate loss of ol' Zello's golden locks, the ball joint that connects to his wrist fell out as well!

"It's okay Zero. They'll grow back! ... right?"

Clearly fate is also quite biased in this situation.

... it has not been a good day for our dear hero.

Oh well. It's nothing a little super glue can't help!

"... you SERIOUSLY want to put GLUE in my hair? REALLY?!"

Yes, Zero. Yes I do.

But for all the disasters that have occurred in the past 12 hours, they are still a proud three. A strong three who, as we can see, will always stick together, no matter what may happen!

That, in my opinion, makes my collection pretty cool.

And an extra blonde partner would just make it even cooler!

"Please! So we can share joints or limbs, or hair, or SOMETHING!"



. . . . . . . . . . . .

"Thank you for your time."

Alexx1083 - Grand Prize Winner


Dash My in-progress Zero helmet for my Otakon costume. The LED assembly mock-up (it's been installed since). A mosiac my friend made for my for my birthday. My Zero figure collection so far. Aaaaand finally, my Zero tattoo.


DL: donald's collection









DL: Runner - Zero Contest




The Gov



L, E

The bad guys have captured Roll! It's up to every Megaman ever to join the fray!


DL: Gileum Model Contest Entry


DL: Andrew Collection






Mr. K





Lunaar has a huge collection! Click here to see more of his photos!

Cainer san



Robert has a large collection! Click here to view the rest of his photos!


Undamned also has photos of his collection! Click here to view the photos!




Majinman has a huge collection! Click here to see all his photos!


glitchy *Asked that we do not display their entry on the site.



DL: Avatarofnyx's Megaman Figure Collection


RDG and Ginga




Nick Man X

Oscar (Lumine Infinitus)

Angie Bass

Announcing May and June's Contest Winners!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I sort of hate to admit this, but being able to announce these winners lifts a huge weight off my shoulders. This is far from the first time I've had to apologize for the lateness of a contest this year, but I'd like to explain something. See, I love doing contests that encourage you guys to make things. There is no lack of talent in this community, and I see awesome fan creations on a weekly basis. That being said, a few burdens have come up in trying to do contests like this every month. First, it's tough to keep thinking of ideas that cover a varying range of skills. It would be easy to do fan art contests every month, but not everyone thinks themselves a great artist. Next, judging these contests also becomes difficult, as I've painfully found out. Not only does it take a lot of time, it takes making some harsh decisions as well. We often just get too many cool entries to make such a simple decision on. A lot of you put in fantastic efforts, but only a few can win.

But, that's largely my own sob story. And I'm very thankful for the efforts you all continue to put up in spite of how inadequately we've handled some of these contests. In the end, I just hope that we can provide some joy and fun in these times where Mega Man is on the back burner. So, without further ado...

Woah! A sudden page break! For drama!


The winners of the D-Arts Zero Type 2 figures are alexx1083 and Moogy! I want to point out here, the above images are only portions of their entries. I plan to put up everyone's entries in their entirety, but it's going to be a ton of work. Many entries were loaded with images, text, and even video! alexx1083's entry made good use of figures in a series of panels to tell a funny story. Moogy's meanwhile, well... it had a charm straight off the bat that we weren't expecting. Again, it was exceptionally tough. Many entries were deserving of prizes, and would that I could award them all.

Next is the D-Arts VAVA giveaway, the burden of which I put entirely on a random number generator. In this, the honor goes entirely to HeatGutsV3. V3's comment reads:

My favorite moment in the X series is in Megaman X2 after you collect all the pieces for Zero and your on your way to fight Sigma and a fake Zero is there waiting for you. Just when you think you have to fight him three blasts come through and destroy the fake Zero and it was the real Zero that did it. That shows that original is better than a copy.

Phew, and that wraps it up. Winners, we've already notified you via e-mail. Be sure to get back to us at your soonest convenience! Everyone else, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your contributions. Even though I've talked at length about the difficulty of upholding contests, I still pledge that TMMN will continue to have monthly prizes, likely in the form of the giveaway we did with the VAVA figure. This will definitely be the case in the next couple months, since I'll be taking a pretty big vacation in August (though I'll still find a way to be active I'm sure).

Until then, keep your eyes out for future chances of goodies! And thanks always for supporting The Mega Man Network!

Capcom Unity Mega Man 6 Livestream Today - Tune In and Win!

This one snuck up on us; Capcom Unity is continuing their series of weekly livestreams of Mega Man games leading up to the Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary with Mega Man 6, and by tuning in to their Twitch TV Channel today at 2pm PST, you'll have the opportunity to win some of the nifty Japanese Rockman 6 prizes we've contributed (seen above) by keeping the usual log of each way Gregaman dies throughout his journey.

Conjure Ruins of Mystery in the Next MML3 Neo Devroom Event

Mega Man Legends enthusiasts cease to let up, and have been continuing the work of the Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom, if at least to keep up the spirit. You may recall the original Neo Devroom contest to design a weapon, and it wrapped up with big results. For this next contest, the aims are even bigger.

In the Ruin Roundup, you are tasked with designing designing, outlining or otherwise creating one of the ruins in the Mega Man Legends universe; the mysterious underground labyrinths that teem with Reaverbots but promise the treasure of refractors and ancient technology.

This is definitely a complex task, and one that requires a bit of imagination I'd say. There are so many elements to consider! IMO, it's not enough to think of a stage with neat gimmicks; you really have to think of what significance such a place would have had to the ancients. Was it an ancient city, or a factory, or a control system for something else? What kind of elements and hazards would that create? How would the diggers exploring it now interpret it all? It's these kind of wonderings that, among other things, keep the interest in Legends so strong.

Of course, there are great prizes to be had for winning, with the top award being a Mega Man Legends 3 Project poster signed by Inafune himself! You may also snag a MegaMan Volnutt T-shirt, or a custom notebook featuring the winning ruin.

The contest is currently underway, and the deadline is July 1st, Sunday, at 11:59 PM EST. If you fancy yourself a maker of mysteries, give it a shot! You can see the discussion thread here, and submit your entry here. Good luck to you, and keep on supporting! When it comes to Mega Man, the fans never hold back!

T-Shirt Contest Winners, and Who You Want to Represent Mega Man's 25th

The time has finally come! After far too long a wait (my sincerest apologies-- travel + illness + work does not a fun combination make. It's not a good excuse, but it's all I have), we are now ready to reveal the winners of our collaborative contest with Capcom Unity and the Capcom Store to give away three new Mega Man t-shirts!

Plus, we'll take a look at who those that entered thought would be the ideal franchise representative for the 25th anniversary of Mega Man! Read on, as all will be revealed!

Our first winner, who receives the first choice from the three available t-shirt designs, is Dan Diemer! And who did he want to see represent 25 years of Mega Man?

"I want to see my fav: Rock Volnutt."

Straight, to the point, and far from alone; following the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3, 22 people-- nearly a quarter of those who entered the contest-- spoke up to show support for our favorite Digger. Here is what some other entrants had to say:

In an ideal world, the Mega Man 25th Anniversary logo will feature Mega Man Volnutt and be accompanied by an announcement of the resumption of the Mega Man Legends 3 Project. However, if that announcement does not occur I think it would be rather foolish for Capcom to use Volnutt, due to the bitter feelings on that subject. That being the case I would say Classic Mega Man would be the best choice, especially considering that it is the only series that has received any attention as of late. Seriously, where is Mega Man ZX3? There are so many unfinished stories.... --Nick D.

Volnutt all the way. Legends never Die! --Stephen C.

Although I'd like to give a vote for Zero (Rockman Zero) since he's my favorite character and there's also X (Rockman X) who I don't think got enough spotlight and he's earned to get his face smacked onto the anniversary logo, I'd say I would go for Rock (Rockman Dash). Rockman Dash has very few titles compared to it's other Rockman brothers but I think it also deserves some credit for it's revival (or should I say "attempt" at revival). This cold be a way for it to celebrate for it and maybe get some publicity for it.

Legends never die!!! XD --Eiko T.

I think MegaMan Volnutt should appear. I think that it would show the Legends fans some love, since they were so screwed over with Legends 3. --Rikman

...if I must choose only one, then given the support the MegaMan fanbase has shown Volnutt since MML3 was cancelled, I think the least Capcom could do is get him off the moon and onto the 25th anniversary logo. --Joe G.

If MegaMan Legends 3 is something that Capcom is at all regretting canceling, I think it would be a great nod to choose Volnutt. Whether or not Legends 3 will actually be revived, choosing Volnutt would be a very subtle, but kind way for Capcom to say "We're sorry for this, we know you're not happy, and we hope you forgive us." This could potentially backfire and raise false hope, but I'd settle for thinking most fans will feel the former.

I myself never really got into the Legends series, which is even more reason why I feel Volnutt would be the best fit. Capcom has put an extremely bad taste in the mouths of their fans by making all their decisions very "business" in recent memory. Placing a character from a recently cancelled game, and an arguably less popular series, would seem like a silly business decision. Despite this, it would be a very friendly one towards their fans, especially the Legends fans. They could surely benefit from playing the friendly card. They owe it to us to play that card. --Ant V.

The day after the 25th anniversary, however, is the 15th anniversary of Rockman DASH. Mr. Volnutt deserves his own logo. --Cleveland Rock

Up next is our second winner, who gets the choice from what remains after Dan has his pick: Daniel Espino!

(Update: We attempted to reach Daniel for his information, but never received a response. As a result, Mario Chacon has been bumped up to our second place winner, and a new third will soon be chosen.)

While a number of entries picked from the usual suspects, there were a handful which thought outside the box and nominated options we never imagined we would see. In Daniel's case, he believes that the 25th anniversary should usher in a new age of Mega Man with a new Mega Man:

"I would think maybe Capcom would use the Mega Man from a brand new series for the new logo... maybe from a new 3DS Mega Man or something? The other ones from past years have been the Mega Men that were made during that time, so I would think that maybe they would make a brand new one to complement the anniversary. Thanks!"

And at least one other entrant seemed to concur with the "new Mega Man" notion:

X definitely needs more love! You know what would be even better tho? If Capcom made a new game for the 25th anniversary where there is a new iteration of Mega Man that is a combination of all the old ones (minus BBA MM). That would be spectacular. --Andrew St. A.

Here are some of the other more unique suggestions:

It would be good to see a Mettaur on the 25th logo; it's the only character that appears in almost every incarnation of Rockman games. Or maybe original Rockman with a Mettaur hat (just kidding). --Lucas M.

I grew up playing the classic series, and since that is the series turning 25, I feel it's always appropriate for classic Mega to be the mascot. But it doesn't have to be Mega Man himself. Why not Roll, Light, or Wily? They are also turning 25, after all. It would be kinda fun to have Wily's smirk as the poster for the 25th anniversary. --Michael K.

I think Classic Mega Man's helmet should represent the franchise's 25th Anniversary. The helmet is as iconic the character himself, in much the same way that Boba Fett and Darth Vader are iconic for theirs, or Mario's hat or Mickey Mouse's ears.

Lord knows I love Mega Man X; having been born in 1988, X felt like "my generation's Mega Man". But, like Mickey Mouse, there's just something timeless, magical even, about the classic Blue Bomber. I wholly embrace whatever future Capcom wishes to take the franchise (although I'm still not terribly fond of "BBA Mega Man" in SFxT), but it's important to remember the past. After all, he was an icon of the 80's, and even today, I suspect most people, gamer or not, could identify Mega Man if simply shown a picture of him. Like I said, he's simply timeless. --Jared C.

I think the future character that represents Mega Man should be Cyber Elf X because I feel he represents hope in the event of prosperity. --Antoine P.

If I had to pick whoever to put on the 25th anniversary of Mega Man, I’d put Dr. Wily. I mean, without the guy, there wouldn’t actually be ANY games, would there? The guy seems to run the party and make sure everyone is along with it [even if they don’t want too...].

Besides, a game staring the guy would be hilarious; Maybe a flying saucer shoot-‘em-up or something for a mobile phone would be kind of cute. --May

In addition to these, two entrants had a similar idea:

The 25th anniversary (the silver anniversary) is a momentous occasion for any property. As we've seen in the past couple of years, companies will pull out the big guns for Mario, Zelda, Metal Gear, you name it. There's just something about that number, twenty-five, that carries greater importance than twenty, thirty, or so on.

With that in mind, there's only two ways Capcom could go with Mega's 25th: the classic boy in blue or an ensemble. I'm shooting for the latter. We remember that piece of 20th anniversary art with all the Mega Men in a row, right? It would be amazing if the 25th logo could somehow incorporate minimalist renderings of all the various Mega Man helmets, similar to the Olympics rings, linked together. That would demonstrate just how far the franchise has come as well as how each sub-series is separate but part of a greater whole.

Wouldn't that be amazing? --Tony P.

Not particularly the full guy, but the helmet of the original could make for an awesome design. More awesome would be all of their helmets rearranged around a 25. --Alex S.

And now we have our final winner: Mario Chacon!

"To be honest, I think the logo for this anniversary should be all the Mega Men including Zero. We've all had our share of good and bad memories with every single Mega Man so it would be unfair to leave any one of them out as they all need their love doses.

Though if I were to pick one I'd pick Star Force; he's had it rough from the get-go to fit the fans' expectations of having a new Lan and MegaMan.EXE and he's also the only Mega Man who we've seen grow as a person from a cowardly child to a hero who would give his life for the world (Kinda reminds me of a certain Tsubomi from a certain Pretty Cure series I watched with my cousin once).

Anyway, the point is that for this anniversary we shouldn't pick a favorite, but celebrate all of them. Though if it comes down to it, we must give a little more spotlight to the one who struggled the most both as character and person in both his world and our world."

And while Mario might have been the only one to single out Star Force's MegaMan specifically, others shared in the feeling that the entire lineage should take part in representing the silver anniversary:

I'd want all the Mega Men on the logo. or just maybe a Mega Man who has a piece of armour/weapon/whatever of one of the other Mega Men, as a represantation of how much the franchise has grown. Mega Man started simple but has branched out to so many different kinds of games, it would only be fair to include the main character of each spin off. at least in some way. --Ute S.

I would love to see a logo that somehow included all the various incarnations of Mega Man. After all, it may be classic Mega Man that has been around the longest, but it's X, Volnutt, EXE, Star Force, Zero, and ZX who have each in turn been passed the torch. As such, I feel that the franchise as a whole needs to be represented. --Joe G.

And that does it for our winners, who will be contacted in order to learn of their choice of shirt. However, those aren't the only suggestions we received. As one would imagine, Mega Man X has his fair share of supporters:

I'd like to see X get some spotlight for once. I think if they used Trigger, it would more than likely just irritate an already irate fanbase. So, X, for great justice! --Chris H.

Mega Man X deserves some more love from Capcom! Let's see an X9! The series seems far from concluded to me, although ZX also feels that way, and a Battle Network 7, as well as a classic Mega Man with SNES style graphics, are also in need. A new series might be interesting and draw in new fans, but I am not sure what they would do. Anyways, X9 should be there top priority! --Matthew B.

For the 25th anniversary, the best choice for a Mega Man should definitely be X. X came before EXE yet he has yet to appear for anniversary logo. He also looks the closest to the original Mega Man. --S.M.A.

Getting to the point, I believe Mega Man X should be the representative for Mega Man's 25th Anniversary and be featured on the 25th Anniversary logo. Seeing the release of Mega Man X for the iOS, the reveal of Project X Zone (with X being featured in it, along with Zero) and the upcoming Korean MMORPG Rockman Online (with X being being featured on many promotional posters and being one of the "character types"), X should get some glory this year. I mean the last game he had was back in 2005 was Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, a remake of the first X game.

Also, gamers were mad when X was not included in the Marvel VS Capcom 3 roster, as well as its second version, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, and even though he was featured as a downloadable costume for Zero, it just wasn't the same. Plus, D-arts is dishing out the X series characters and they are amazing, if I do say so myself. The X series has always been one of my personal favorite series ever, but I believe X should be better recognized. Hopefully, something happens in the near future to revive the Mega Man series in general, as well as show some love to X. After all, X is, quoting Dr. Light at the end of Maverick Hunter X, "the world's hope." Rock on, fellow Mega Man fans! Mega Man will come back and have his day (or hopefully his year)! --Eleazar V.

Naturally, some feel that the top honor should go to the one who started it all...

I would like to see the classic Mega Man represent himself for the 25th anniversary. He is the original icon and knowing the recent history of past events, no other series is currently trending or controlling a large popularity to represent this coming anniversary's banner. Mega Man can don the banner himself, Proto Man, Roll, Either Doctor, Bass, even Rush can help stand proud alongside Mega Man, but I see no particular reason to represent any particular series over the other ones. There is one thing that the classic series has that the rest do not. It was the original, and it represents them all equally. --Michael B.

As much as I would like Volnutt to represent a show of solidarity among fans with the cancellation of Legends 3, I think the milestone belongs to the original Mega Man and considering he's had games made about him and people are still interested in him 25 years later, he deserves the spotlight. --Aaron S.

I feel like the original Mega Man would be most appropriate. X has been the only series getting represented lately(we're not even going to count Street Fighter x Tekken's contribution), so the public image to many non-Mega Man players is X and Zero when someone says Mega Man. The logo should be more targeted for the longtime fans of the series. MegaMan.EXE would be the next most logical choice, but there hasn't been a game starring him in too long for it to feel proper. Star Force never garnered enough attention in the first place, and it would be an insult to many fans to use MegaMan Volnutt. --Doug B

Personally, I think Classic Mega Man should be the representative for the 25th Anniversary. He's the one that started it all and, as you said, is the one turning 25 this year. X is awesome, but the Classic is always going to hold a special place in my childhood, being the first Mega Man game I played. --Grant Van S.

This is where it gets a bit more interesting. Rather than Classic or X, a surprising number feel that the man responsible for both (no, not Inafune) should have the spotlight...

I think with the de facto real-life "creator" of Mega Man having left Capcom more-or-less recently it would be nice to see the in-game creator of Mega Man featured: Dr. Light. --Zarshir

As in a soccer team the keeper doesn't always get the most attention, he is most likely the most important member of said team. In a similar fashion Dr. Light is the under-appreciated star of the team. He built Mega, he built X and as such started the new era in his world, the era of robots. This era echoes all the way into Legends where this planet is populated by carbons, much like Reploids once were co-inhabiting Earth with the humans.

Let us hope that in our world too a new era may start, under the banner of Dr. Light, the era of Mega Man! --HeatPhoenix

For the 25th anniversary why not try someone different and outside the box for the mascot, why not Dr. Thomas Light, the creator of Mega Man. --Bertrand P.

Then, to our surprise and amazement, came these suggestions:

I personally wouldn't mind seeing either Bad Box Mega Man from Street Fighter X Tekken, or the Universe art style of Mega Man for the 25th Anniversary's logo. Mainly because they are the most recent versions of Mega Man that are available and known to the public. --Amir M.

I would like to see the original box art megaman on the 25th anniversary logo. --Michael P.

I was thinking about and then I realized that every year had a game come out, so it would make to most sense for Bad Box-Art Mega Man to be on the logo. LOL --Sean C.

Definitelly should be the Mega Man 1 box art lololol. -- Nick F.

In my humble opinion, I think that the most suitable "Mega Man" for the 25th Anniversary logo is obvious! I'm surprised you guys didn't suggest it in the original post. (We didn't need to, apparently. --LBD)

"Bad Box Art/Old Man Mega Man" is obviously the face of this generation of Mega Man gaming. No ifs, ands, or buts. --Joseph C.

If Capcom is determined to make Bad Box Art Mega Man the new thing they just throw into games, I guess maybe he should be the mascot for the game's anniversary. It's sort of appropriate, I guess, since he actually WAS on the first game's box. --Adam B.

Of course, there are also those strictly opposed to the idea...

The one thing I think we can all agree on, however, is that Bad Box Art Mega Man should stay out of this one. --Cleveland Rock

The above would seem to indicate otherwise.

Finally, another interesting suggestion would seem to bring us full-circle...

My opinion is sweet and simple, :) I feel the 25th anniversary logo should be the classic 1up Mega Man because Capcom has not made any significant projects in awhile. --Bandit Bandit

8-bit Mega Man needs to be the featured iteration of Mega Man for the 25th anniversary. His is the only series in the past five years that has actually gotten brand new games, aside from Star Force, who not only just got a turn, but whose current relevancy is also surely less than the original Blue Bomber's, and ZX Advent, which only had one game in the last five years. Choosing Ashe or Grey to be featured would just come off as somewhat... idiosyncratic.

So there you have it. Classic Mega Man in 8-bit glory all the way! --Ethan P.

I would pick the classic 8-bit Mega Man sprite because it is the one that is now 25. New ones got the nod, but the classic needs to be recognized. --Tien L.

The original Mega Man. It's his birthday after all. Pixelated 1up preferred. Thanks for this contest. --Mortimur G.

You're welcome!

I would like to enter the contest and I believe that since it's the 25th anniversary of Mega Man, the original Mega Man from the NES days should be represented in the logo, preferably in 8-Bit form! --Steven T.

The best representative for the 25th anniversary is 8-Bit Mega Man. If not him, the runner-up would be Bad Box Art Mega Man. The cancellation of two major games plus the fact that the only truly relevant releases these past few years have been Mega Man 9 and 10 show a series in decline. The present isn't worth celebrating, so we might as well celebrate the past. --Tim J.

I think that of the recent games, Mega Man 9 was the most prominent, and therefore the franchise should indeed be represented by a retro NES-style rendition of the original Mega Man. --Corlagon

I had thought about all kinds of things, like "Volnutt, like it or not he's the Mega Man who has made the most fan impact in recent times" or "Bad Box Art, since at least he got to be in a game this year" or even "put a helmet on from each series and make it a GIF file (or for IRL merch, one of those optical stickers where the image changes with the direction you look at it from)" ...but you know what? I rather like the 1-UP version. I say keep it. Mega Man needs a 1-UP right now. --#20

And with that, we will apparently have to change the password to keep certain mischievous Servbots from rummaging through our e-mail. Naughty-naughty, #20!

Also with that is the end of our contest. We thank everyone for participating; though we couldn't post everyone's reply here (though we did post quite a few, didn't we?), it was a blast reading through each and every one of the entries! Hopefully, we can hold another contest sometime which invites this level of participation!

If you missed it above, we are notifying the winners in the order shown above, once we know the previous winner's choice. So if you were selected, keep an eye on your inbox!

Edit: And I nearly forgot to mention that if you still want one of these shirts for your very own, you can order them (and/or the new Zero t-shirt) for $19.95 each in the Capcom Store!

D-Arts Zero Type 2 out this Week, and Someone's Gonna WIN ONE!

Zero is pretty much the coolest character ever. You actually can't disagree with that. You can TRY to, but it just won't come out; it's physically impossible. If you can hear yourself think otherwise, or see it written by someone else, it's just a distortion of reality caused by errant gamma rays bouncing off microscopic black holes (which happens often). Ahem, ANYWAY. Bandai's super sexy Zero Type 2 figure comes out later this week in Japan, and ought to hit America next month. If you're a fan of the D-Arts line you know the great quality and features to expect. But perhaps instead of buying one, like some normal person might, you could WIN one instead!? Well, that's gonna happen!!

Normally I make a special contest page, and I will in due time, but this contest is so simply I can cut to the chase here. To enter, all you gotta do is show us your Mega Man figures. You can try to impress us with how awesome your collection is, or use your figures to make cool or funny scenarios; whatever tickles your fancy. We'll be on the look out for the images that make the biggest impression on us as we judge. We want to send Zero to a very deserving collection!

There will be TWO (2) winners, and the deadline for entry is Sunday, June 10th, at midnight PST. Anyone around the world can enter, as long as your country accepts mail from Japan. So get to it, and show us how cool your figures are!

Of course, if you still feel like paying for one yourself, you can pre-order one from HLJ and BigBadToyStore (sadly Amiami is sold out - told you that Zero guy is popular).

Watch Capcom Unity Play Mega Man 5 for a Chance to Win Rockman 5 Prizes

Continuing their monthly 2012 tradition of counting down to the 25th anniversary of the Blue Bomber by playing through all of the Classic series games, Capcom Unity will be playing through Mega Man 5 for the month of May this Friday the 18th. Tune in to Twitch TV for all the fun at... er, sometime (their last began at 2pm PST, but as of this writing, Unity has no time posted).

And the prizes this time? IF you live within North America, then you will have two chances to win a copy of the Japanese version of this month's game, Rockman 5. One is a copy we have donated, courtesy of Heat Man, and will be won by the person who can count the number of times Brett dies, make note of how he died each time (pit, Robot Master, etc.), and be the first to comment with that information in the stream's Unity post (which goes up Friday) with that information.

The other prize will feature not only a copy of the game, but a plush Proto Buster as well. "This will likely be trivia," they note, "with the first correct answer posted in the Twitch TV chat receiving the item."

A Quick Update from MMN HQ

Just a quick, personal site note for you frequent MMN readers out there. I'm heading out of town next week to visit some friends and family; with any luck, I'll be able to continue my updates while I'm away from home, save for when we're traveling on the road. Of course, as I'm sure those of you who make long visits on rare occasions know, things don't always go according to plan, but I'll try to keep things rolling.

Now, some of you may be wondering what this means for a couple of things we have going on. As of this writing, I've not heard back yet from Matt at UDON about when we're going to get to the "A" part of our Robot Master Field Guide Q&A, I'm not sure when that will take place. Between that and the recent resurgence in some questions being asked, I'm just going to say "keep them coming" for now. Maybe that will be handled while I'm away, too?

Update: The answering process has begun, so we've closed the question submission for now. Stay tuned!

And finally, there's the t-shirt raffle. First, we've got all the entrants and their choices of anniversary representative locked in. As I alluded to previously on Twitter and here, the turnout was far beyond my previous expectations, and I want to make sure I do this right. Things have been a little hectic as of late, and as a result, while I might get to work on it while away, I'm currently penciling it in to be finished and posted after I get back (that would be the 23rd, so probably the following day or two).

I just hope you'll enjoy the finished product as much as I did reading through them all. And, so as not to break the whole thing up (and perhaps add a little suspense), the winners will be announced in that same article.

So, that's basically it. Things kind of got squished up against the timeframe for the trip, and I apologize for that.