A Call to Artists for Worldwide Mega Man Homage

Do you like Mega Man? Do you draw good? Then you're eligible for to contribute to a Mega Man fan endeavor of global proportions! However, time is very much against you, so if you're interested, read carefully and act quickly. Some people, particularly the Japanese, observe June 9th as Rockman Day (since the characters for 6 and 9 combine as rokku - see here). Fans around the world, including our own eye on Rockman Online, Amunshen, are organizing a character collage made by you the fans, with each person contributing at least one character.

However, there are very particular guidelines you must follow. First you must apply for a character not already taken (there is a list in the above link), by sending a tweet to @argent_fox01 with your character of choice. You can choose more than one character as long as they're not taken, as well as other bosses and minor enemies. If it's in the Mega Man universe, it's good.

What's more, the deadline is the minute before midnight on June 8th, Japan time. This means, if you live in America, you have until June 8th, 10:59 AM on the east coast, 7:59 AM on the west. In other words, you have about three days to submit your completed work, so you probably shouldn't bite off more than you can chew!

Be sure to check the main project page thoroughly for other requirements as well, such as the image format and size. When it's all taken care of, you can mail your entry to zero6428@gmail.com.

I know this is a bit short notice and technical, but all the same I encourage everyone to make a strong effort and apply. It is of the utmost importance always to show our love for Mega Man in these times. Don't hold back! Thank you!

Update: If you don't want to use Twitter to apply, Amunshen has agreed to accept applications made in the comments for this post as well. Just mark them accordingly. Twitter is still the preferred way to apply, though, and assures your application will be registered the quickest.

Homage to old-school gaming on Community tonight

Cult favorite TV sitcom Community is renowned for doing stylized and spoof episodes based on all kinds of popular culture and tonight's three-part season finale is no exception. The first episode of the night, Digital Estate Planning, will have an old-school gaming segment which sees the Greendale 7 take sprite form. IGN's Youtube page has a preview clip of the episode, which is available after the jump.

Jeff Winger, self-proclaimed "leader" of the Greendale 7 group, moves an awful lot like a character in classic Mega Man games. He has the run and jump, though the slide seems to be from none other than Shadow Man. That's obviously the least of the homage content in the clip and likely the tip of the iceberg for the entire episode. Can you name all of the others?

This episode of Community airs tonight, May 17th, on NBC at 8PM EDT/PDT, 7PM CDT in USA and on CityTV at 8PM in Canada.

Tonight is also a special season finale event which sees two more episodes of Community starting at 9PM EDT/PDT, 8PM CDT in USA. CityTV has not confirmed airing the two additional episodes in Canada.

Sources: IGN Youtube, Capcom-Unity

Legends/DASH 3 Appreciation Art Starts Rolling In

Teisel tries his best to draw...So, Mega Man Legends 3. Pretty big deal. Lots of people excited. Some crying even, I've heard. I doubt it'd be an exaggeration to say this will be perhaps the most anticipated Mega Man game for another whole 10 years. So it's no surprise that those with an artistic affinity are already celebrating the best way they know how. Past the break, you can check out a gallery of Legends 3 love in visual form. Though I will admit, a lot of this was found on Pixiv. Pick up the pace, western artists! But for now, hit the jump below and enjoy the wonderful eye candy.

by Yaguruma

by Cement

by CAP Kobun

by Yoshi

by Dinef

by Grand

by Umeboshi


by Postino

by Ryuufu Yuya

by M'i

by Yosaku

by Unou

by Kinniku

by Radix

by Midoriko

by Kevin X.Nelms

by Heat Man... yeah

Ok, so maybe that last one doesn't quite count. But yes, lots of fantastic artwork (besides mine), and sure to be many more to come! In fact, if you have your own celebratory Legends 3 fan art, be sure to promote it in the comments! Or better yet, submit fan art to our gallery!

Introducing Our Brand New Community Forum!

Nearly a year ago, we began making efforts to revamp The Mega Man Network, making it a richer and more user friendly site. We are still continuing with these efforts, which honestly goes to show how lazy we are. But progress is progress. Today is perhaps a small milestone, though, because we are ready to unfurl our new TMMN Community Forum. Unfortunately, you all must rejoin, should you so desire. The new forum is a much newer version of the script than the one before, and truthfully, having people rejoin will afford them the opportunity to check out what's new. However, you not need to be a member to interact either, as we are now allowing guests to post replies to topics.

A couple of other things to note. The old forum is not gone, just inactive. If there is some thread of posts or the like that's vitally important to you, we should be able to go back and get it for you. Also, our gallery is no longer bridged with the forum, so fan artists now must use the gallery to login and such. We will also be working on the gallery to make that a little easier to use too.

Anyway, I know this is all a bit sudden, but I recommend you just hit the ground running and have fun! We hope you enjoy the new community!