Check Out this Zany Rockman's Soccer Commercial

A lot of Rockman commercials have surfaced over the years, but here's one maybe you haven't seen. Even Rockman's Soccer got its own nifty animated commercial in Japan. It also features Tatsuo Kamon, the singer-songwriter behind the commercial's theme "We Are Rockman," riding around on a jet pack because... I don't know, why not? Doesn't it get you in the mood for soccer?

Also, wow, this game was ¥9,000? That's roughly $85 back in 1994!

News Credit: Hikachi

Remember This? Rockman X6 Commercial Resurfaces

A few days ago, we posted this "lost" commercial for Rockman.EXE 3: Black Version, which had been posted to YouTube recently by hikachi8. Well, he's back at it again! More recently, he posted another Rockman commercial, one that we-- and maybe you-- might remember a little more clearly:

Mind, there is another version of the commercial which has been on YouTube for a few years, but it runs longer and does not feature the sound effects nor the voiceover. Beyond that, traces of the ads seem scarce on YouTube, so it's good to see there are people helping to preserve our fave franchise's history in commercials.

Thanks to TriggerMan.EXE for the tip!

Jack-In to This Lost Rockman.EXE 3 Black Commercial, If That's What It Takes

The old Mega Man Battle Network Express doesn't come by here much any more, but when it does, it's usually a pleasure. Such is the case with this lost Japanese commercial for Rockman.EXE3: Black (released here as Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue Version) starring none other than Masakazu "Meijin" Eguchi (aka "Mr. Famous") in full regalia:

Some might remember that Eguchi wore that very same lab coat for some publicity shots while working on the ill-fated Rockman DASH 3/Mega Man Legends 3 Project. And as Protodude asks, we have to wonder what he's up to now.

Something for Rockman's 25th anniversary, we can hope.