More Merti, More Color

The last time we saw X's manga-nificent gal-pal Merti/Marti/whatever, she was looking a little... well, barren. At least, insofar as her attire was concerned. And truth be told, not much has changed... but, that isn't to say nothing has changed. Courtesy of Auto, we have a new pic (click to enlarge) of the Reploid-mermaid-pirate-Saint Seiya cosplayer (thanks to Auto again for that one), now with all of her colorful paint apps applied.

As you can see, she now has eyes! She also has more blue across her costume, while the red parts from before now carry a snazzy new metallic sheen, with a fade to gold along the... er, wings? Cape? The things which aren't hair and are going down her back.

Of course, as Heat noted previously, it is a garage kit, and so there will be some elbow grease required in order to have a finished product sitting before you. Whether that includes paint and decals (meaning the pic is just for show), we still have no word. But for now, enjoy!

Merti Appears in Color (Primarily Flesh)

H'ooooooh man. We're not gonna need to install an age gate on this site are we? Here is the basic color cast of Yama Tai Koku's Merti garage kit, commissioned by Rockman X manga writer Yoshihiro Iwamoto himself. If you could attend Wonder Fest next month and purchase the kit, this is essentially what you'd end up with without any additional painting. It's not terrible actually; most garage kits come in plain gray. Along with the photo, additional kit details were also revealed on figure site FG. The kit was essentially designed to match the proportions of the D-Arts Rockman X figures. It will include three facial expressions, three hand types, and Merti's spear-like weapon. The joints, which are typical consumer figure joints, must be purchased separately. There is no word on whether or not the kit will come with decals for the finer details, such as eyes. If you do come to Wonder Fest, though, you can get an autograph from Iwamoto himself!

So if you're really looking to grab this kit, you better be prepared for a bit of DIY work. On the other hand, your laziness is essentially being rewarded with more skin than Merti's outfit normally features!

Thanks for the tip, Auto!

Vile and Zero 2 Appearing in Living Color, Plus a Mystery Zero

We've already been wowed by the prototypes of Vile and Zero "Type 2" but they are just that, prototypes. And typically, when a prototype is shown, it means more months ahead before the final thing comes out. But it seems these two prototypes is growin' up real fast. These are the full color prototypes set to appear in exhibition at Tamashii Nation 2011, starting tomorrow. Also, along with the additional gold trim and boxy shoulder pads, Zero "Type 2" naturally comes with his beam saber for slashies. Other included accessories, not to mention price and release time frame, still remain unknown. Nevertheless it looks like they're coming along great!

There are appears to be an X1 modeled Zero, but with a faceplate not featured with the original figure. Could this be a hint at an Iwamoto manga styled Zero? Unfortunately no details are present.

While I wouldn't consider it a major chance, I am lined up to head to Akihabara this Sunday and check out the Tamashii festivities myself. And with luck, I may even run into Ucchy-san and Bandai's Adam Newman. Can't make any guarantees, but if you'd like me to relay some questions, here's the place to propose them!

Thanks for the tip, ExiledCross! [Image credit: Shimazou Report]

Kotobukiya's Rockman Figure Gets Some Much Needed Color (Updated)

We've reported for a while now on Kotobukiya's upcoming fantastic, fully poseable 1/10 scale Rockman figure. The modeling of the figure has been looking top notch, but something about it still seemed a bit glum. Perhaps it was all that prototype gray that was going on. But that's no longer an issue, as a full color representation has now been introduced. You can check out more fantastic shots at Tomopop, which include Rockman's charged shot and E Can accessories, and various face plates as well. There's still no confirmation on when the figure is coming out or how much it will cost, but as reported before, Kotobukiya is expecting the figure to release in September sometime.

News Credit: Tomopop, via GoNintendo

Update: If you're interested in Capcom USA bringing these our way, then you can leave a comment expressing your interest here.

Update 2: This digital flyer from Kotobukiya announces that the price for the figure will be ¥3,150, or roughly $34.28 US. That's... actually pretty reasonable! Of course the cost of importing will bump that up a bit more, depending on where you ultimately get it from. But it's still not going to break your wallet. The release date is still floating around September.

Update the 3rd!: Protodude's Rockman Corner was nice enough to find some places you can already preorder. The best deal right now is definitely AmiAmi, which is having a 26% off preorder sale, meaning the price is roughly $21.50 US. I already ordered three, which is the max preorder allowed. Why would I order so many? It's not like we ever have contests here.