Rockman Kubrick Now Available for Pre-Order at NCSX

A MMN reader (not sure if he wants us using his real name or not, so redacted for now) passed a tip along to us from Kotaku that lets us know that the Rockman and 1-Up Bearbrick Kubrick figures we reported previously are now available for preorder at National Console Support, Inc. Unfortunately, there is currently no sign of the Blues and Blues 1-Up Bearbrick set yet, but if the Blue Bomber will suffice, then theirs will ship in mid-January. However, the price seems to be a point of contention; as of this writing, the Price field says $30.90, but the description says "JPY2800 or US$40.90." I would think the listed price is what it would ring up as, plus the earlier report which listed the price as being closer to the lower point. However, buyers may want to play this one with caution.

Edit: Corrected the price of $30.90.

Rockman and Blues to grace Kubrick toy set

mmkubrickNo, I don't mean the director. Kubrick is a Japanese figurine, somewhat similar to a Lego figure. However, a large variety of Kubrick figures are modeled after characters from movies and so forth, including a number of limited edition figures, making them a popular collector's item. In February of next year, Rockman and Blues will be among the collectibles. Both the Rockman and Blues figures will stand at 7cm tall. Rockman has a additional parts so that you can make him helmetless and comes with two facial mmkubrick2expressions and a removable buster. Meanwhile, Blues has his optional Breakman face and removable shield and buster. Both figures also come with translucent Be@rbrick figures which have sprites of the respective 1-Up of each on the front. Each figure will run ¥2,940, or roughly $31.94 US by today's conversion.

I imagine these will be fairly sought after by Rockman toy collectors!

News Credit: CAP Kobun