RushJet1 Embarks on Chiptune Arrangement for Mega Man

Late last year, musician RushJet1 released an incredible "cover playthrough" for Mega Man 3, rearranging the game's original soundtrack with added stereo and VR6C effects. Now he plans to do so with the original Mega Man. Every week RushJet1 will add a new level theme, which will hopefully culminate in an album release like before. So keep an eye on his channel!

For now, things start off with the title screen theme. Of course, the first Mega Man has no such theme. Thus the Game Boy game lent its tune.

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Listen to Heaps of Mega Man Music Get Genesisized

Maybe Genesisized isn't really a word, but I hardly care. Since late last year, arranger Based Renegade has been undertaking the awesome task of remixing many if not all of the classic Mega Man soundtracks into Genesis style. And as a chiptune lover, I just can't get enough. It was hard enough to pick a single song for this news post.

You can check out Renegade's playlists for Mega Man 1 & 2, Mega Man 3 & 4, Mega Man 5 & 6, Meg Man 7, and Mega Man 8 (currently in progress), and I certainly recommend you do. If Archie's Mega Man and Sonic crossover Worlds Collide had a game soundtrack, it'd probably sound like this!

More Chiptune Grooves to Enjoy

Following the release of RushJet1's superb Mega Man 3 chiptune arrangement, here's another new album in a similar vein. Sugar Sugar Marathon 20XX is a 25th anniversary celebratory album with tracks from across the main ten Mega Man titles with a predominant chiptune sound. Artists include Cjeeey, Hpizzle, Capcomposer & Thretris, FantomenK, Nestrogen, kami68k, 2PLAYER, ThePlasmas, NESMETAL and eLectrodreams.

You can listen to the album above, and if you like it, downloading is as simple as a right click here. Keep it up, fans. This has been the most musical anniversary ever!

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A Fantastic Mega Man 3 Arrangement for Chiptune Lovers

Now here's an arrangement I can really get behind! Chiptune artist RushJet1 (whose work has been featured on the album Chiptuned Rockman), brings us a chiptune arrangement of Mega Man 3's superb soundtrack nine months in the making. But wait, doesn't MM3 already have chip programmed music? That's the thing, this arrangement uses Konamis VRC6 chip, which added three additional sound channels to the typical NES's four. What you get is a soundtrack that has much more depth, but still wreaks of old school awesomeness.

The above video is a complete gameplay of Mega Man 3 using the new soundtrack, but you can listen to or purchase it from Bandcamp as well, and I'd say it's well worth it. Besides just overall great sound, the album has some nice surprises as well, including special arrangements for... well, I'll just let you see for yourself. If you love Mega Man or chiptune music, this album will have you grinning and rocking out!

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Mega Man, Meet the Mega Boy

Okay, everyone, you can relax: Capcom isn't saddling us with a new, younger version of Mega Man that feels cribbed from Jim Henson's Muppet Babies (he's already 10, and they already gave us Powered Up, if the idea needed to be driven home). Rather, one fan has taken one of the greatest video game systems of all time, and tricked it out with a Mega Makeover. As you can see in the image to your right (click to enlarge), the classic brick model Game Boy has apparently volunteered to be converted by one Hyaki Ikari into a fighting machine, so that it can stop other portable gaming machines of the late 80's and early 90's from spreading boredom and draining batteries the world over. It has been equipped with a blue D-pad and blue A and B buttons, a custom-printed screen, a Pro Sound 1/8” TRS stereo jack, and perhaps most interesting of all, a blue backlight. No more "creamed spinach color!"

Okay, so granted, having the classic 8-bit Mega Man doing his best Dan Forden impression in the lower-left corner may do little to benefit your gaming prowess, but Tiny Cartridge suggests that this unit is likely meant more for "dudes who plan to tinker with LSDJ or other Game Boy music stuff," given the chiptune-specific modifications.

Nonetheless, if this is a piece you would like to own, then you can find it at auction on eBay here, with about three days left (as of this writing) to buy at a price of $184.23, or your best offer.

Mega Man 2 Retro Remix Album

Looking for yet another fix of arranged Mega Man music? Artist The Greatest Bits has recently released a Mega Man 2 themed album containing the majority of Mega Man 2's music, given the retro treatment but with a bit of a kick. I really do love chiptune music myself and I definitely got into some of the samples, especially Heat Man, Quick Man and Flash Man. On the other hand, Mega Man 2 is an especially popular choice for game music arrangers, and with as much variety out there I felt a couple track seemed a bit too plain, such as Air Man and Wily Stage 1-2. But overall, I might see myself grabbing this. If you do dig the album, or at least some of it, you can purchase individual tracks or the full album digitally via Amazon, iTunes or CD Baby. Just to note, the iTunes shop is quoted in Euros instead of US dollars, so using the other two options will save you a little money.

Thanks, The Greatest Bits!