Mega Man Drawn in 60 Seconds

Last week I tweeted about a little challenge on 4 color rebellion. Following a trial of having people draw Sonic the Hedgehog blindly, Josh put out call for people to try drawing Mega Man in 60 seconds. Did any of you rise to the challenge? At any rate, here are some of the results. They're pretty varied, and some are pretty decent! But some, well, some are as skillful as I can draw. Except it'd take me 60 minutes.

Heat Man terrorizes the UK in Gamesmaster

gamemasterYou have to admit, as cheesy as they were, old videogame shows from the 80s and 90s were way cool. It's a shame that today gaming is much too "sophisticated" for stuff like that (unless you live in Japan, where you have the awesome Game Center CX). One such show from the 90s that I was unaware of is the UK show Gamesmaster, where kids faced challenges in various games from the eponymous "Gamesmaster" to win a golden joystick trophy. Reader Viper has alerted us to this video from an episode where a kid must clear "the satanic Heat Man stage" in under three minutes without dying. Can he make it? Well, you should watch the video to find out! Though it is probably a bad sign that the challenger is not a big fan of Mega Man. Also, if you're wondering why it seems a little slow, Viper informs me this is due to PAL conversions for NES games at the time.

Everything about this video is corny but fun. I love the setup. I love the host's reactions to little enemies like the Springers. I love the audience cheering. This is not a TV show about gaming being awesome. It's a show about gamers being awesome.

Thanks Viper!