Intuition! Rockman Footage - The Silliest Mega Man Game Ever

Another little known Rockman cell phone game finally gets some exposure. Intuition! Rockman was released in Japan in January of 2008. A very unusual game, you could perhaps liken it to Mega Man's take on WarioWare. The game is a collection of simple and humorous minigames. Aside from being a Japan only game, it only works on cell phones that have an accelerometer for motion control. Because of that, it probably didn't get terribly too much attention. Which in itself is sad, because the game is so deliciously awesome (in a novel sort of way).

The story of the game has Dr. Wily finishing his next latest invention which will assuredly win him the world. But as if on cue, Mega Man drops in to stop him. However, he proves to be no match for Wily's machine, which is impervious to any of Mega Man's attacks, though Wily himself is troubled that the machine doesn't actually do anything. Roll comes in with a message from Dr. Light suggesting to shake the machine if attacks don't work. Angered, Dr. Wily traps Roll in his machine to power it up even more.

By shaking the phone (which makes Mega Man shake the machine), minigame cards pop out. Each minigame cleared, which is themed with a different Mega Man character, damages Dr. Wily's machine a little, until you can defeat him completely.

So how weird are the games? How about a dance battle with Elec Man? Or guiding Fire Man to ski down a birthday cake? There's even a final battle where you're trying to drive Dr. Wily insane. You can watch the above video to bask in all the zaniness. The game primarily borrows from 8-bit Mega Man graphics, but there are a load of new sprites and such as well. I love Mega Man's victory stance!

News Credit: tarbo (video by Unyu)

Rockman Poker Joins the Capcom Party

A surprise new game has joined Capcom's mobile Capcom Party service in Japan this month: Rockman Poker. Following last month's Rockman Solitaire, you wouldn't be foolish for thinking Dr. Wily might be opening a casino. As you might imagine, it's your typical five-card draw poker. You start with 1000Z, and the goal is to survive 10 rounds and leave the table with any money at all. In the course of the game you face off against Roll, Proto Man and Bass, although the last is very elusive and I've only encountered him once. Not sure what triggers him. After each win, you have the option to play high-low split for double or nothing.

Like Rockman's Solitaire, it's a basic Flash game played over the mobile service, and has no sound besides key tones. What it does have over Solitaire, however, are rather nicely done win and lose animations for each character. Even idling, they blink and rap their fingers. It's a nice little detail to have, which you can see in the below video.

Rockman X4 Headed to Japanese Cell Phones in Two Flavors

Heat Man just passed along to us an item of interest off of the Japanese Rockman Unity blog. There, it is revealed that the popular debut* of the Rockman X series on the Sony PlayStation and SEGA Saturn, Rockman X4, will be coming to the Docomo and AU cell phone services in Japan. IF you happen to be in Japan, then you can expect to see it on December 1st.

Well, half of it, anyway; the game is split into two parts, with X playing Santa by arriving before Christmas. Those interested in the other half of the game will be able to ring in the New Year with Zero on January 1st.

Heat Man adds that "the visual and sound quality is boasted to match that of the original game, making it one of Capcom's highest quality cell phone games yet." If you would like to see some screens from this version of the game, just click here.

* Unless we were to count the port of Rockman X3, of course.

An Overview of Rockman DASH on Cell Phone

Since moving to Japan, one of the things I wanted to set out to do was try all these various Rockman games that are released her for mobile phones. It's been difficult, and it cost me quite a bit, but I finally accomplished that goal. From here on out, I hope to be able to give an in depth look at these games. There are a lot of places I could have begun, but I'm pretty sure that if I'd bothered to ask, most everyone would have me start with Rockman DASH: Itsutsu no Shima no Daibouken! (roughly 5 Islands Great Adventure, though not the prettiest localization). Although it released back in 2008, it's surprising how few details surrounding it have come out (especially given how passionate Legends fans can be).

This is meant to be a basic overview, and I'll provide some gameplay videos at the end (which you will likely scroll down to immediately). In the weeks to come, I hope to provide in depth coverage of each chapter, including (hopefully) fully translated dialogue.

So let's get down to business. As you might imagine, being a cell phone game and all, the scale of 5 Islands is cut down quite a bit from an ordinary Legends game. The "free running" aspect of the game is entirely gone, and instead gameplay is cut up into individual stages which are selected via a map. Missions typically revolve around getting to the end of the stage or beating all of the enemies. Each island has seven stages, with the last always being a boss battle.

While on the map screen you can switch to the main menu, which is where you can travel to other islands, talk to townspeople and shop (they are accessible via a list), develop and improve weapons, equip parts, and manage saves. Your health and weapon energy do not recharge between stages, so you still have to go to Data to recharge. But all of these aspects are reduced to menus.

Stages themselves take place in ruins, in natural areas, and in towns. Although some stages are maze-like and have elements of exploration, they are all essentially linear and unconnected. Some stages, however, have secret items where certain weapons or abilities are necessary to get to. You can exit a stage by returning to the beginning or using an escape item you can buy. If you're beat in a stage you just go back to the map, but you lose half the Zenny you had on you.

You can revisit stages after you beat them, even the bosses. Revisted stages will not replay the story segments that occur before and after the stage, and the stage will lose whatever mission requirement it had. This means that the only way to leave the stage is to go back to the beginning or use an escape item. Revisiting bosses is by far the best way to farm for Zenny, since you're rewarded based on how fast you can beat the boss.

As you might imagine, the controls for the game are a bit rough. You use the phone's navigation keys to move around (pretty much all Japanese flip style cell phones have this in some form). You press 9 to fire your buster, 6 to fire your special weapon, and # to jump. Pressing 3 manually turns your lock-on on and off.

There are essentially two modes for moving around. Under normal circumstances, you press up to move forward, left and right pivots you in those directions, and down makes you walk backwards incredibly slowly. I can't see why they felt the last was necessary. Double tapping on left, right or down will make you do a quick hop in that direction.

Then there's lock-on mode. When you're shooting at an enemy, you'll automatically lock onto them after a moment (the amount of time it takes can be shortened with upgrades). When locked onto an enemy, left and right make you strafe that direction, and since you're always facing the enemy you can manage the classic circle-the-enemy-while-shooting maneuver. You always move backwards much faster while locked on. Ceasing fire or taking damage will break your lock on.

Accessing items like switches and chests is done with 9 when you're right next to them. You also use 9 to grab onto ladders, a feature the original Legends games never had.

While the amount of content the game has might be nice for a cell phone game, ultimately this is pretty limited as well. There are maybe around 10-12 total enemy types, although with color variations too. There are even a couple of repeat boss battles including, sadly, the final battle. Because of the small amount of enemies, you'll at times have Reaverbots appearing on the surface, and Bonne mechas appearing in ruins. Sometimes they even appear together, which doesn't make much since. There is also a single new Reaverbot type, a gold, fish-like Reaverbot, though it is essentially a re-skin of a police vehicle enemy.

The game has a fairly decent system in place for customization. There are a variety of parts for your buster, head, armor and feet you can buy or find. You can also bring parts to Roll to develop special weapons, and improve those weapons, as per the original games. You are actually just given the Hyper Shell early on, which remains a pretty useful weapon the whole game. I was also able to build the Machine Buster and Drill Arm, though there is still more.

Graphically the game looks good enough. Visual design appears to be influenced by Legends 2, but I'd actually say the detail of the models is even less than the original game. The camera angle can be a little tough to work with since you can't move it around as freely. As a result, many enemies have the ability to teleport back to their starting position to prevent them from just sitting on you where they're hard to see. The game also has very little music, maybe a total of eight songs including jingles, but it's all original and pretty well composed. Stage music feels a little more like classic Mega Man themes.

Story-wise, not a lot happens. Although there are some overarching elements, each chapter is essentially its own self-contained story. This makes it similar to the original Legends, where you're essentially just traveling about and encountering events as they come up (as opposed to working towards some ultimate goal or purpose). While you do avert some near disasters, for the most part the plot centers around speculating on the ancient ruins and dealing with meddling from the Bonne family. The final chapter ends pretty anti-climatically, with MegaMan discovering a tower with a gateway leading to Elysium that no longer works. Of course at the point of time MegaMan has no idea what Elysium is.

I know some people have brought up the idea of using the engine developed for Legends 3 to easily port 5 Islands to the 3DS download shop, and I was once a proponent of this myself. After playing the game, however, I don't believe it would work so well. More than anything technical, the game just doesn't have a lot of volume. There would have to be a bit more content added and some more cohesiveness to work, especially with how short stages are in the first couple chapters.

In the end I'd say it's a novel little game, and even has some replayability, especially if you want to grab and max out all the weapons. But it's a very short game, can be very awkward to play, and its content would do little to satisfy even a mild Legends fan for very long. While a nice thought, the game was hardly an answer to the years that passed since Legends 2.

Anyway, now for some video samples which I did my best to record well, though there are a few out of focus moments. Also keep in mind that my stats are pretty high level while playing these stages, and I have boots equipped to negate damage from walking on lava.

I hope you've found this report interesting! Please keep an eye out for more detailed updates to come.

Rockman Sprite Logic Hits Japanese Phones... Except Mine

A new Rockman game is available on SoftBank, Docomo and au branded mobile phones in Japan. As briefly mentioned a while back, this one is Rockman Sprite Logic. If you've ever played Mario's Picross, you know exactly what the deal is. However, with the increased 20 x 20 grid, these might be even more challenging.

Using the numbers on the side and top, you determine where to place a dot and where not to. For example, a 7 3 would mean there is a line 7 dots long and a line 3 dots long in the corresponding row or column, but with at least one empty space between them. Entering the dots correctly builds a sprite image. And Mega Man is pretty well known for sprites after all. Unlike Mario's Picross, though, there's no timer and no penalty for hitting a wrong dot, so maybe not so challenging?

Unfortunately I ended up getting an iPhone. Not really happy about it but long story. Nevertheless, for cool Japanese phones, 20 puzzles are available now and 20 more will be on October 3rd.

Via Rockman Unity

More Puzzle Battle Details, Plus Video and Music

Rockman the Puzzle Battle may not be a game you can get outside of Japan, but thanks to some fans you can enjoy all other aspects of it besides playing it. The above video of gameplay comes from Tarbo-san, who details more about the game on his blog.

  • Aside from the six Robot Masters, you also face Yellow Devil, Copy Robot and Dr. Wily. Bosses don't have weaknesses, the special weapons simply cause advanced moves on the board.
  • Damage is done by aligning three or more of the same color gems horizontally or vertically (can happen multiple times in a turn as gems fall). Getting four or more in a row grants the player an extra turn.
  • Naturally, you beat a boss when his HP reaches 0. In the case of the six Robot Masters you get their special weapon, which can cause board effects (for example, Thunder Beam clears all of the gems of a single color).
  • Using a special weapon once uses all of its energy, but this energy can be gradually restored by clearing gems.
  • It's possible to get E Tanks, which restore just some of your HP. Enemies can also get and use E Tanks.

Additionally, a generous user of Niconico video uploaded all the music. I've cut it up into individual MP3s for you to place on whatever device and enjoy. Naturally, it's mostly decent arrangements from the original Mega Man, but there is one new song for the weapon get. Download the soundtrack (13.2 MB).

Lastly, CAP Kobun brings word of another cell phone game coming in August called "Rockman's Sprite Logic" (sprite as in actual game graphics). Sounds like another interesting puzzle game, we'll just have to wait and see. Edit: According to COCOROG yet again, it appears to be a Picross style game.

New Japanese Cell Phone Game: Rockman the Puzzle Battle

A new Rockman-themed game is out for Docomo series cell phones in Japan: Rockman the Puzzle Battle. Rockman must once again battle Dr. Wily's robotic forces... but this time with puzzles! I love the art style this game features, replicating the sprite poses of classic Mega Man.

The rules are pretty basic. You swap blocks next to each other and try to line up three or more of the same color horizontally or vertically. This makes Rockman attack his opponent, and you beat the opponent when their life gauge reaches zero. As an added feature, although it's not explained in great detail, Rockman can gain special weapons from his defeated opponents and use them to cause various effects in puzzles.

Of course, this is just a simple puzzle game that could have any characters slapped onto it, but I'll say it anyway; Japan gets all the cool Rockman stuff!

News Credit: CAP Kobun

New Cell Phone Game "Rockman Diver"

Capcom of Japan has just announced a new and simplistic keitai game called Rockman Diver for docomo, au and SoftBank branded cell phones. The game seems to be based on Mega Man's worst nightmare: falling slowly through water down a pit of evilly arranged spikes. Your score is based on how far you manage to dive before goofing up and heading to the big laboratory in the sky. Collecting recovery items also boosts your score. The graphics appear to be based on Splash Woman's stage. The game is available for ¥315 per month through the Capcom Party service. I dunno if this game would ever come to the west, but if it does I hope they name it Scuba Die-ving after the challenge stage in Mega Man 10.

Mega Man and X Tennis Battle is Totally Canon

Here's a curious treat. So far as I'm aware, this is the first video footage to be taken of Rockman Tennis, one of many cell phone Rockman games released exclusively in Japan. The game lets you play as Rockman, Roll, Blues, Cut Man, Wood Man and Shadow Man, plus Rockman X is a downloadable character. According to COCOROG, where the video originates, the game features follow:

-No story at all. -Each character had their own theme song. (Roll's is "Kaze yo Tsutaete.") -Each character has different stats. -You can equip characters with items to improve their abilities. -You can direct lobs and return hits. -Hitting left or right will change the ball's angle. -A gauge fills up allowing you to do a super shot.

If only the Maverick Wars had been handled this way instead of all the bloodshed... Wait, X loses? What the heck!?


Mobile Rockman 9 Goes a Little Easy

Rockman 9 released for purchase on mobile phones in Japan earlier this week, adding to a long list of Rockman games supported by cellularly. And we now know of some features this edition includes. First of all, it is reported to come with all the DLC that could be purchased optionally via the console versions. However, if playing the super hard mode doesn't meet your fancy, that's not a problem either. This Rockman 9 also comes with a "Rookie Mode," which starts you off already having three E Tanks and an M Tank. Additionally, there are fewer enemies in stages. If you live in Japan, you can "rent" the game for ¥315 (roughly $3.80 US) a month, or purchase it for ¥525 (roughly $6.33 US). And if you don't live in Japan, well, just keep playing it on console I suppose!

News Credit: COCOROG

Rockman 9 Going Mobile in Japan

According to CAP Kobun, Capcom announced on their mobile site that they intend to release a cell phone version of Rockman 9: The Ambition's Revival!! on December 1st in Japan. It will be released for Docomo FOMA 903i and 703i series phones, but no word yet on au/Softbank versions. No pictures of the port are out yet, but I imagine it'll be similar in guise to the transitions of Rockman 1~6 on mobile devices. Have to admit I'm a little jealous over all the Rockman games that are enjoyed on mobile phones in Japan. But then, considering a game like Mega Man 9... Throwing your controller in frustration is one thing, but throwing your phone is much worse!