Snatch Up a Special Edition Mega Man UFS Card

spritecardThis limited edition Mega Man card for Jasco's Universal Fighting System was meant to be made available at Gen Con, but was dropped due to printing restrictions. As a result, Jasco has made the card purchasable for this week only via DriveThru RPG. You can pick it up for just a dollar! The card is the same as the one that will come included with the first Mega Man UFS set, but features a sprite design instead of the usual Complete Works artwork. Thanks for the tip, Boco!

Get Tabletman's Battle Memory in Xover for Free

tabmanHey players of Rockman Xover, there's a new special edition Battle Memory to grab, and this time you don't even need to buy a product to get it! Just use the above code, and you can get Tablet Man's Battle Memory. If you'll recall, Tablet Man is one of the runner up winners in Xover's boss character contest. To redeem the card, press the "other settings" button (under the E tank button). Then press the button for special codes (top left button). You can enter the above 16 digit code to grab the card. This guide explains the process visually.

Thanks for the tip, Django!