The Mega Man X Costume Featured on Nerdist Can Now Be Yours!

$(KGrHqN,!k8FEMDdnzC4BRedL5uGRw~~60_57Remember the Mega Man X cosplay featured on the Nerdist YouTube channel a few months ago? Originally worn at the New York 2012 Comic-Con, this piece can now be yours! The costume now sits on eBay, pre-owned (of course) but "in excellent shape," and is waiting for a new home with a $130 Buy-It-Now.

You can find more pictured and information here, including the measurements, materials involved, what sort of durability it has, and shipping details.

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TheSpeedGamers Take on 27 Mega Man Titles in Marathon Starting Friday

TSG-Mega-Man-13-banner_2 Beginning March 8th at 6pm Central Time and running through March 11th, TheSpeedGamers is holding a Mega Man Marathon to raise money for the Rocking H Ranch, which supports a number of different charities.

Throughout the marathon, they will be playing the following titles: The numbered Mega Man Classic series titles, Mega Man X through X4, plus X8 and Command Mission, Mega Man Zero, Mega Man Battle Network, the first two Game Boy Mega Man games, Mega Man: The Power Battle, Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, Mega Man Powered Up, Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, and Mega Man ZX Advent.

In addition to watching TheSpeedGamers in action, you can also enter auctions and raffles to win Mega Man-themed prizes. A specific list hasn't been given, but past marathons have seen such items given away as t-shirts, hats, pins, copies of Mega Man games, artwork, and action figures/figurines.

If you would like to donate, TheSpeedGamers have provided the following widget (as ChipIn has closed down), which should also appear on their website:

And if you would like to watch the marathon here on The Mega Man Network when it begins, you may do so with the following embedded player:

Best of luck to everyone involved!

These Rockman EXE Sneakers are Fascinating and Bewildering

Back in the heyday of Mega Man Battle Network, there was without a doubt much merchandise behind the series, especially in Japan. No surprise, given how incredibly popular and marketable the game was (not to mention its counterparts in animation and comics). So when it comes to goods, I'm never surprised that I haven't seen it all. But sneakers? Those are pretty surprising.

Coming from a Yahoo Auction JP, this is seemingly a pair of unused Rockman EXE themed sneakers. They're 16 centimeters, which is fairly small even for children's sizes. The shoes feature Rockman's head, the name "ROCKMAN EXE" here and there, and even EXE's Navi mark on the heel. Surprisingly they don't feature the color blue at all!

The auction gives no other details about the shoes; they don't even come in the original box. The tag in the picture is tough for me to read, so I have no idea what company manufactured these. What's more, I spent a little time searching around but could find no evidence or info on any Rockman EXE themed sneakers. Perhaps they were some kind of limited or special edition product from a contest or something? Or maybe they're prototypes that weren't picked up? I suppose they could be custom made as well, though there's no indication of it.

However they ended up coming to existence, they're available now for a measly ¥500 on the auction. I might consider getting them myself, though buying children's shoes strikes me as a rather weird collector's item. Another curious mystery for now!

Mega Man's First Foray into 3D?

Well, not necessarily as far as games go, but here's a neat piece of merchandise I've not come across before. This is a 300 piece 3D puzzle for the game Rockman 6, released back in 1993. By 3D, I mean both the featured artwork is 3D, and the puzzle itself creates a stereoscopic image. The box front seemingly shows both frames used to create the 3D effect. Pretty cool, though I wish they could've made a more exciting scene...

Right now this puzzle is being auctioned on Yahoo Auctions and sits at a measly ¥350 (roughly $4.50 US) - a great value IMO, though I can't attest for its quality. And truthfully, I can't say with any certainty if this really is the first 3D image of Mega Man, but it's gotta be close!

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Bank on X with this Rare Good (Update: Mega Man and Rush too!)

Are my puns getting as good as BD's? Anyhow, here's another rare trinket to pop up on eBay. This is a piggy bank modeled after Mega Man X in his X2 armor, apparently created as a Rockman X2 good. Can't say I've ever seen it myself, and neither has CAP Kobun, who came across the auction. When even Japanese super-fans are surprised to see something, you can bet it's rare!

The auction presently sits unbid at $49.99, but I can see the price going up a bit if it's indeed something that excites collectors. The question is, if you do manage to win it, will you have any money left to put in it?

Update: Guess it's not just X. There's also this auction and this one for banks featuring Mega Man and Rush as well. Now you'll definitely be running out of money!

News via CAP Kobun

World Domination 101: Acquire a Servbot Army

by Zerothemaster

Click to enlarge.

Have you ever dreamed of ruling the world?

Where you could either be a dignitary that people loved and whose robotic police force plants flowers when they’re not working, or a merciless dictator who could crush any rebels with a giant robot army? Well, you can get one step closer to your plans of world domination with an auction at Yahoo! Auctions Japan (No, Japan is not for sale)!

Until September 18th, you can buy a deadly and fearsome (fearful?) robot army to carry out your wishes, whether kind or deadly! Yes sir, the entire set of 40 limited edition three-inch Kobun/Servbot figurines is for sale, each including a unique expression and accessory, all in a spiffy box!

Unfortunately, robot armies aren’t the cheapest thing around: this rare, complete set is selling for 500,000 yen, comparable to $6,500 USD. That’s a lot of refractors to dig up. What's more, due to the nature of Yahoo! Auctions Japan, you'll have to use a proxy such as Rinkya to bid on your behalf.

Though, I suppose a dictator could just take anyone’s money anyways, so it rather pays for itself, doesn’t it?

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Archie Artist Ben Bates Posts Mega Man Art Auction for Tsunami Relief in Japan

Following the tragic recent events in Japan, illustrator Ben Bates (whose work for the upcoming Mega Man comic from Archie can be seen on the Villain Variant cover here) has decided to team with his colleagues from Periscope Studio to auction off a series of pictures in order to raise money for the relief efforts. As he notes on his blog, "I wanted to draw some of my favorite creative properties that come from Japan. Creations that I feel have greatly enriched my life. Mega Man is up close to the top along with a ton of other Capcom creations."

Check out the full-size image of the piece below.

Bates continues:

This illustration is 11 x 17 done on bristol board with ink and prisma marker. It was penciled digitally and then printed in blue leaving them still visible in the final piece.

My idea for this particular illustration comes from something I thought I saw in a videogame magazine years ago. There was an article on a Mega Man arcade game in which you could play as Mega Man, Proto Man, or Bass which seemed like the coolest thing in the world to me! And it was multi-player! This turned out to be ‘The Power Battle’ and years later I would get to play it and find myself heavily disappointed.

The problem for me was I thought the arcade game I saw allowed you to play as all three characters at the same time. I thought it was like a classic game with side-scrolling levels and tons of enemies pouring out. I thought it would be one of the greatest Mega Man experiences of all time. ‘The Power Battle’ didn’t stand a chance going up against my expectations.

So here’s an illustration for the game I want to exist. There would be levels under the sea and levels blasting through the skies like in 8, Mega Man on Rush Jet, Bass with Treble Boost, and… I’m not sure if Proto Man has ever been depicted flying so maybe we’d get to see something brand new.

You can find the auction for this piece here. At this time, there are currently 23 bids on the auction, with its price at $81.00. There are four days and six hours left on it as of this writing, and all proceeds (minus shipping) from the winning bid will go to the tsunami relief efforts of Peace Winds Japan via the Mercy Corps.

Other, non-Mega Man auctions from Periscope Studio can be seen here.

Thanks to The Illustrious Q for the tip!

GutsMan Gets Gutted

Its been awhile but dose anyone remember that cutaway Mega Man figure? Yeah me either. Well KodyKoala has done it again, this time with one of the most brute members of the Mega Man family: Guts Man.

This figure has been repainted in a metallic paint giving it much more shine and a more robotic feel. You can also take closer looks at the custom skeleton structural and notice the high detail that has been put in it. This is truly an amazing work of art.

As for writing this, the figure has three days left and is at a whopping price of $76! Not nearly as much as his Mega Man went for, but we still have three days so who knows how high it will go!

Insane Mega Man/Rockman Auction for Child's Play

It's that time of year again, when people cast a generous eye towards the Penny Arcade charity Child's Play. And this year, Carmine Macchia III has opted to put a very interesting lot of items from both the Mega Man and Rockman sides of the franchise up for auction in order to raise money. Some of the items are still sealed, and some are even autographed by former Mega Man producer Keiji Inafune! Check it out:

As you can see, the lot is quite plentiful, and the details of its full contents are as follows:

Games are USA version, unless otherwise noted. All of the following games are included:

Mega Man Legends for PS1 [Greatest Hits]: Used. CD case has price stickers. Manual like new.

Mega Man Legends 2 for PS: New. SEALED.

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne for PS1: New. SEALED. CD case has small crack.

Mega Man 8 Anniversary Collector's Edition for PS1: Like New. SIGNED manual.

Mega Man 7 for SNES: Used. Includes box and SIGNED manual.

Mega Man X for SNES: Used. Includes (fairly beat-up) box and SIGNED manual.

Mega Man X2 for SNES: Used. Includes box and SIGNED manual.

Mega Man X3 for SNES: Used. Includes box and SIGNED manual.

Mega Man Soccer for SNES: Used. Includes box and SIGNED manual.

Super Adventure Rockman (Japanese) for PS1: Like New.

Rockman for PS1 (Japanese Complete Works Series): Like New. Spine card included.

Rockman 2 for PS1 (Japanese Complete Works Series): Like New. Spine card included.

Rockman 3 for PS1 (Japanese Complete Works Series): Like New. Spine card included.

Rockman 4 for PS1 (Japanese Complete Works Series): Like New. Spine card included.

Rockman 5 for PS1 (Japanese Complete Works Series): Like New. Spine card included.

Rockman 6 for PS1 (Japanese Complete Works Series): Like New. Spine card included.

Mega Man X4 for PS1: New. Sealed.

Mega Man X5 for PS1: Like New.

Mega Man X6 for PS1: Like New.

Mega Man Battle Network for GBA: Cartridge only.

Mega Man Battle Network 2 for GBA: Cartridge only.

Mega Man Battle Network 3 White for GBA: Cartridge only.

Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue for GBA: New. Sealed.

Mega Man Zero for GBA: Cartridge only.

Mega Man Zero 2 for GBA: Cartridge only.

Mega Man & Bass for GBA: Cartridge only. My favorite game!

Mega Man Network Transmission for GameCube: Like New.

Mega Man Battle & Chase (PAL/Euro) for PS1: Used. Includes case and manual.

Rockman EXE N1 Battle (Japanese) for WonderSwan Color: Used. Includes box and manual.

Rockman EXE WS (Japanese) for WonderSwan Color: Used. Includes box and manual.

•SwanCrystal handheld gaming system, to play the WonderSwan Color Games.

Wily & Light no RockBoard (Japanese) for Famicom: New. Sealed.

Any number of the autographed or sealed items in this auction would no doubt fetch an impressive price on their own, but the winner of this lot gets the whole thing.

Carmine notes that "This is the collection of a lifelong Mega Man fan," and "I had the honor of meeting series creator Keiji Inafune at Gamestop in New York, where he signed all of the SNES manuals, as well as Mega Man 8's manual."

The bidding is already up to $102.52 with three bids as of this writing, and the auction still has nine days and 18 hours left to go. Once the auction is closed and set, ten percent of the final sale price will go to benefit the Child's Play charity.

If you're interested in taking part, you'll find the auction on eBay here. And if you would like a closer look at what is being offered, you may either peruse the gallery on the auction page, or our own gallery below.


Own Your Own Mega Man Cutaway Figure

A popular recurring image of Mega Man is that of his exterior cut away, exposing the robotic construction beneath his metallic skin. This has popped up several times over the years, including (among other appearances) the "Weapon Get" screen for Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge for the original Game Boy. Now, one sculptor has taken it upon himself to craft the image in three tangible dimensions, and following that, place it up for sale.

Check it out for yourself after the jump. Warning: Though it is robotic, some of you may find it a little disturbing nonetheless.

This piece was inspired by the works of Jason Freeny, whose similar Mario figure has gained infamy across numerous websites in recent weeks.

This is the first time toy modder KodyKoala has ever put one of his numerous works up for sale, and if you're interested, you can find it on eBay here. As of this writing, there have been 18 bids thus far, driving the price to $222.50. However, there are almost six days left on the auction, so that price could still climb ever-higher.

Source: Destructoid

Beware of golden temptations

fakecartWe've all heard the story of the fabled Rockman 4 golden cartridge. In fact we even did a story on one of the eight rare treasures last week. We know one of them was sold to a retro games store in Japan, and now waits for its next buyer at a price tag of ¥590,000 (more than $6,600 US). But with only eight carts existing, what are the odds another would go on sale? Well, lightning can strike twice they say, and here's an auction for one at a staggering ¥600,000. But not so fast. According to CAP Kobun, this gold cart is a bona fide phony. As CAP's warning was curiously in English, I inquired about if the seller, capoeiragogo, made a habit of focusing on foreign buyers who didn't know better, and if he had a history. CAP informed me that five people already have been deceived with fakes of super rare cartridges. Feeling incensed, CAP wanted to make sure no Mega Man fans unwittingly took the bait.

Of course I doubt a lot of you reading this really have the money to fork over. But even if it were only a tenth of the price, I'd still be very cautious. Yahoo Auctions in Japan is a good way to get neat import stuff; I've done it myself. But I'd think twice about something rare like this, because you have little means to verify the authenticity before receiving it. Furthermore a lot of Japanese sellers won't ship internationally, making people outside of Japan use auction deputy services, which makes it even harder to report fraud (as you're not really the one bidding on the auction).

Thank you, CAP Kobun!