Rockman Dystopia Tracks Revealed

Rockman Dystopia Tracks Revealed

It's been a while since we heard about the forthcoming release of Rockman Dystopia, a concept album of hard rock and techno designed to reflect the darker atmosphere of the Rockman X series versus its lighter Classic-based counterpart in Rockman Utopia. But now, at the dawning of a new year, we have new info to share as well.

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We are ROCK-MEN! 2 Cover, Plus Minor ROCKMAN HOLIC Updates

Lovable ol' Ucchy-san from Rockman Unity has an update concerning the latest Rockman albums we've become inundated with. Not much new if you've been following TMMN like a responsible Mega Man fan, but a couple points of interest are present. First and foremost, the completely and stupidly sweet cover to WE ARE ROCK-MEN! 2 as seen above. I have a feeling Tabby especially will enjoy this one. Unfortunately, details about the album's contents will have to await future updates.

We also have a little bit of intel on the just announced ROCK HOLIC album. First off, Ucchy-san confirms the album will cover classic Rockman and Rockman X, and it is specifically intended to be a vocal arrange album. Along with rock, jazz and dance, it will also include works in the trance and Eurobeat genres.

Man, all this musical love is pretty intense! I mean, I do still remember when Mega Man was, you know, a game. But I think it shows what worth the series has with so many jumping on supporting the 25th anniversary!

Guess What? Another Rockman Arranged Album! "ROCKMAN HOLIC"

We're becoming so inundated with Rockman albums this 25th anniversary, you could practically get drunk on them. Appropriately, then, the newest announced album is called "ROCKMAN HOLIC ~the 25th anniversary~". This time the album is being produced by music circle SOUND HOLIC, and it's their debut album.

For the uninitiated, which included myself, SOUND HOLIC is a long running independent music label, employing a wide array of musicians and singers. They've contributed a great deal to doujin works appearing in Comiket, Nico Video and Touhou Project. But now they're jumping on Rockman's 25th anniversary for their first leap into major retail.

The description on the Amazon JP listing states that the album will consist of songs from the early Rockman series (not necessarily limited to classic) done in a variety of styles, including jazz, rock and dance. Also, expect some singing, because the album will include the talent of vocalists such as NaNa Takahashi, A~YA, 709sec, aki, Hanatan and anporin. Yep... all your favorites, with more to come. Furthermore, the first run of the album will be produced in a special package. You can also browse the ROCKMAN HOLIC website, and follow the album on Twitter.

ROCK HOLIC comes out on December 19th (same day as We are ROCK-MEN! 2) and will retail for ¥1,980 (roughly $23.25 US). We'll keep you posted on more details, as well as the other fifty Rockman arrange albums bound to pop up.

News Credit: CAP Kobun

25th Anniversary Arrange Albums Tracks and Samples

Next week on the 10th, a new piece of the Mega Man 25th anniversary merchandise collective will release in Japan: The 25th Anniversary Rockman Rock and Techno Arrange Ver soundtracks by Team Entertainment. At long last, we now know what tracks to expect. What's more, we have samples of every single one! Check out the list below and have a listen.

25th Anniversary Rockman Rock Arrange Ver.

01.Elecman~Crashman~Magnetman Medley from ROCKMAN1-3 / Livestrow Basiscape Band [audio:] 02.Select~Bubbleman~Heatman~Woodman~Airman Medley from ROCKMAN2Yoshimi Kudo [audio:] 03.Metalman from ROCKMAN2Hitoshi Sakimoto [audio:] 04.Dr.Wily Stage1 from ROCKMAN2Kenji Ito [audio:] 05.Darkman Stage from ROCKMAN5Hiroshi Tanabe [audio:]

Check out the rest of the tracks, and the techno arrange tracks, after the break!

06.Dr.Cossack Stage2~Dr.Wily Stage2 Medley from ROCKMAN4Tetsuro Sato (WASi303) [audio:] 07.Dr.Wily Stage1 from ROCKMAN8Mitsuhiro Kaneda [audio:] 08.Galaxyman from ROCKMAN9Azusa Chiba [audio:] 09.Splash Woman from ROCKMAN9Azusa Chiba [audio:] 10.Solarman from ROCKMAN10Yoshitaka Hirota [audio:] 11.Wilyboss Medley from ROCKMAN3,4,6Yoshimi Kudo [audio:] 12.Ending from ROCKMAN3Mizuhiro Ohta [audio:]

25th Anniversary Rockman Techno Arrange Ver.

01.Stage Select Medley from ROCKMAN1-10Azusa Chiba [audio:] 02.Title~Opening & Ending Medley from ROCKMAN1,2Denji Sano [audio:] 03.Quickman~Flashman~Heatman Medley from ROCKMAN2Takeshi Hama [audio:] 04.Hardman~Snakeman Medley from ROCKMAN3Masahiro Iwata [audio:] 05.Dr.Wily Stage 3&4 from ROCKMAN7Yoshimi Kudo [audio:] 06.Pharaohman~Skullman Medley from ROCKMAN4Hitoshi Sakimoto [audio:] 07.Darkman~Dr.Wily Medley from ROCKMAN5Yuto Takei [audio:] 08.Mr.X Stage from ROCKMAN6Shinji Hosoe [audio:] 09.Dr.Wily Stage2 from ROCKMAN9 / Far East Recording [audio:] 10.Opening Stage1 & Frostman from ROCKMAN8Azusa Chiba [audio:] 11.Dr.Wily Stage1 from ROCKMAN2Yoshimi Kudo [audio:] 12.Dr.Wily Stage2 from ROCKMAN8Mitsuhiro Kaneda [audio:]

25th Anniversary Rockman Arranged Soundtracks Coming Too!

We announced to you the major "Rockcan" music set being brought out by e-Capcom, but that's not all you can look forward to. Recent online store listings have shed light on a Rockman 25th Anniversary Rock Arrange Soundtrack, and a Rockman 25th Anniversary Techno Arrange Soundtrack. Both are brought to us by TEAM Entertainment, the same label that delivered the previous 20th anniversary rock and techno albums (pictured above).

Each album is a single disc covering Rockman 1~10, and will release August 29th for ¥3,150 (roughly $39 US). It is unknown what tracks will be offered, nor if the same musicians are backing them (electronic artist  Shinji Hosoe, who's behind Beatmania and Mega Man Network Transmission, and guitarist Tohru Iwao of Guilty Gear fame), although the Techno Arrange is said to have multiple artists.

I will make a pledge to you here and now. All Rockman and Mega Man 25th anniversary goods released this year will, in some form, at some point, be prize material offered on this site (and perhaps others). Keep your eyes peeled for more details!

Thanks for the tip, rockman!