Another Summer Giveaway! Grab a Doujin Music Compilation!

cdsHow's the summer treating you? I don't know about other places, but there've been record highs in Japan this month. I'm seriously ready for things to cool off... and I'm Heat Man! But this giveaway might only heat you up more. We're offering two copies of the 25th anniversary celebratory doujin album Mega Rock Carnival, presented by EtlanZ. I originally talked about this album early last month (where you can hear some samples as well). And as promised, we're going to give away copies to two lucky people!

So what do you need to do? Simply post a comment on this article discussing which Mega Man series has your favorite music. You can go into as much detail as you please, but pick one! After the deadline passes, we will randomly select two comments to be chosen as the winners. Please only leave one comment, and please use a real e-mail address so we can contact you!

The deadline for this giveaway is September 1st, the stroke of midnight PST. Good luck!

Sample Capcom's 30th Anniversary Music Album

As we reported late last month, Capcom of Japan is releasing a 30th anniversary album containing both original and arranged versions of popular music from 10 of their series spanning the decades. Tonight they've also put out a cross fade demo of some of the tracks on the album. You can jump to 2:00 to hear an arrangement of Cut Man's theme by Tetsu x Neko (of Team Nekocan), and 3:00 to hear an arrangement of Armored Armadillo's themed by Deadball P. The album also contains the original versions of these tracks.

Given that the two disc set is said to contain over 40 tracks, there may be yet more Mega Man music in store. The album will release September 25th for ¥3、150 and come with a 16 page color booklet.

News Credit: GoNintendo

The Decisive ROCKMAN HOLIC Trailer

The previews keep coming, and this is certainly the most in-depth preview yet. Here is 15 minutes of ROCKMAN HOLIC, with cross faded samples of all 16 tracks. All in all it's shaping up to be a pretty rockin' soundtrack! ROCKMAN HOLIC is due out in 9 days, alongside We are ROCK-MEN! 2 (which we've still yet to hear any of).

News Credit: COCOROG

New ROCKMAN HOLIC Sample, Plus Xover Bonus Item

Here's another sample from the upcoming album ROCKMAN HOLIC for you to enjoy - in fact, it appears to be a complete track! And unlike the previous sample, perhaps you can even sing along to this one.

This is "Together As One," an arrangement of the Wily stage theme from Mega Man 2 (a track you always gotta have). Lyrics and singing are by the bilingual artist nano, so for perhaps the first time on an arranged soundtrack, we have a fully English song.

Furthermore, SOUND HOLIC has also announced that ROCKMAN HOLIC will come with a special serial code for the upcoming iOS title Rockman Xover. The code unlocks a Zero battle memory card.

"We are ROCK-MEN! 2" Expanding its Horizons

Are you excited for the new album by Capcom's own ROCK-MEN? Last year, the crew produced a CD covering a delicious variety of Mega Man and Mega Man X tunes, as well as a track from Mega Man Legends. For this new album, while we still don't have a track list, it sounds like the variety of content will be pushed even further. Capcom of Japan's summary of the new arranged soundtrack states "On top of a foundation of classic Mega Man and Mega Man X tunes blasted in rock and techno, there are richly arranged tracks from series up to Battle Network and Star Force adding to the variety!"

Honestly, I'm both excited and frustrated by this news. I love variety in my arranged soundtracks, and Battle Network is especially overdue in having some sweet arranges. However, the original "We are ROCK-MEN!" was pretty loaded at 17 tracks, and adding more series may mean fewer available songs from each. Man... there are so many arranges I'd love to hear! What would you want to see in this multi-series music tsunami?

Exploring the Vocalists of ROCKMAN HOLIC

Last week we unceremoniously broke the news of another new Mega Man arrange album, ROCKMAN HOLIC. As SOUND HOLIC's debut retail album, it will contain arrangements of Mega Man and Mega Man X tunes with singing by a number of well known vocal talents under their label. The ROCKMAN HOLIC official site recently revealed another wave of participating vocalists as well, adding Gom, nano, Daisuke Kishio and Masakazu Morita.

Chances are, though, unless you're a big Touhou Project fan or something, you probably don't know who many of these singers are. So I scoured YouTube to find a sampling of works and give you some idea of what to expect with an album like this. Now I'm no SOUND HOLIC fanboy myself, so pardon me if I didn't grab your favorite track or the artist's most representative piece!

SOUND HOLIC is planning to reveal a third batch of singers sometime soon, so we'll keep you posted. For now, consider the songs after the break.

Nana Takahashi








Daisuke Kishio

Masakazu Morita

Game Boy Mega Man Tunes Get the Arranged Treatment

The Game Boy Mega Man games have some of my favorite music in the series, though in truth the tunes are often overlooked by fans and musicians. So thank goodness that Blues 'Chaos' Light has cooked up his own arranged EP, featuring a track from each game.

You can listen to the songs above, or head over to his site and download the fan album for your personal enjoyment.

OCR's 5-Disc Mega Man X Album 'Maverick Rising' Out Now

Mega Man X: Maverick Hunter Rising It's here. After being held hostage by Sigma for several days, it's finally here. Mega Man X: Maverick Rising is out now. Go get it.

This album is massive. We're talking five discs here with over four and a half hours of remixes by 49 artists spanning the entire Mega Man X series. That's a lot of music! Where to start?

Having listened to the album in its entirety earlier today, I'll go ahead and make a few personal recommendations. For those who like funky jams, "Put Ya Guns On" by Diggi Dis is a must (and probably my favorite track on the album). Looking for a more straightforward (but face-melting) rock song that stays true to the source while adding additional flair? Try "Crawfish Crackdown" by Devastus. Or maybe you just want to dance the night away. Might I recommend "Anoplophora" by Jewbei?

Of course, that's just to get you started. Be sure to check out the album in its entirety when you can. You know... when you have four and a half hours to kill.

And for those that missed the trailer in our earlier post, here it is again:

Maverick Rising Gets a Launch Trailer

Maverick RisingWhat does it mean when OverClocked ReMix posts an album trailer on their homepage? It means the release is IMMINENT! We've been talking about Mega Man X: Maverick Rising for a long time now and it seems it's finally about to drop. That's 3 full hours of remixes from the Mega Man X series brought to you for free by 43 dedicated Mega Man fans.

It's only a matter of time before we can pump this into our ears. In the meantime, let's all just watch the trailer below on loop and pretend the album is already released.

And in case you missed it the first time, be sure to check out the video of the full Infinity Mijinion remix in this post.

Thanks for the tip, Fei-Long!

Maverick Rising Coming in 2012, Site Launches with 2 Videos

Maverick RisingWho wants to hear 3 full hours of Mega Man X series remixes? Was "everybody" your answer? Because it should be. The colossal fan album Maverick Rising is finally inching closer to release. The "2012" launch window may be a bit vague, but with the launch of an official website and a couple of videos released, it can't be too far off.

For those that need a refresher, Maverick Rising unites 43 talented artists to remix 64 songs spanning the entire Mega Man X series. That's 5 whole discs of pure musical delight. Did I mention it's free? It almost feels like stealing!

Head on over to the official site to get really excited, then disappointed when you realize the download links don't actually work yet. Remember, it's not out until next year! But you can read a bit about the album, learn who each contributing artist is, see which tracks were chosen to be covered, and take a gander at some really wicked disc art like the one featured above.

While we've posted a few teasers of "work in progress" tracks in the past, there is now an informative teaser video featuring a clip of Boomer Kuwanger's stage from the first game. You can also listen to the entirety of Infinity Mijinion's stage, complete with amusingly enthusiastic facial expressions from the guitarist himself.

Thanks for the tip, Michael!

"We are ROCK-MEN!!" Track List and Delicious Samples

Got some good fodder today for you music lovers. The album's full 17 tracks have been made known in an update on Rockman Unity, and I must admit they're rather interesting. The tracks are: 1. We are ROCK-MEN! 2. GAME START (Rockman) 3. DARKMAN STAGE (SIDE-R) (Rockman 5) 4. CUTMAN STAGE (Rockman) 5. OPENING STAGE (Rockman X) 6. OPENING STAGE (Rockman X2) 7. ZERO (Rockman X3) 8. ARMOR ARMARGE STAGE (Rockman X) 9. ENDING (Rockman 3) 10. DARKMAN STAGE (PIANO Ver.) (Rockman 5) 11. BOSS (Rockman 6) 12. STAGE SELECT (Rockman 3) 13. DARKMAN STAGE (SIDE-D) (Rockman 5) 14. FLASHMAN STAGE (Rockman 2) 15. ENDING (Rockman 5) 16. TITLE (Rockman 2) 17. FLUTTER VS. GAZEL SHAFT (Rockman DASH)

Kind of eclectic, but not in the way I'd have imagined. And dang, someone sure is a big fan of the Dark Man stage theme, it seems. The addition of the track from Rockman DASH seems like a nice, sentimental touch though. Furthermore, we also have a handful of samples from the e-Capcom page:

[audio:|titles=08. ARMOR ARMARGE STAGE (Rockman X)]

[audio:|titles=09. ENDING (Rockman 3)]

[audio:|titles=13. DARKMAN STAGE (SIDE-D) (Rockman 5)]

[audio:|titles=14. FLASHMAN STAGE (Rockman 2)]

Additionally, the Rockman Unity report has a video preview with the Rockman 3 stage select track. Again the album is releasing on September 21st, for ¥2,100 (roughly $28 US). Check our previous story for more details. I'll sure be picking up a copy!

"We are ROCK-MEN" Album Promo and Release Date

Back at the beginning of the month, we reported that a collective of Capcom sound members dubbed "We are ROCK-MEN" intended to develop a Rockman themed arrange album. Today the above video was put up on Rockman Unity of Rockman 5's Darkman stage, presumably one of the planned tracks for the album. Pretty rockin', eh? what's more, the soundtrack's release date is revealed to be September 21st for ¥2,100 (roughly $27.02 US). The album will contain at least 15 tracks spanning the Rockman and Rockman X series.

Additionally, below is a work in progress version of the album's cover, which is also looking pretty cool. Viva Mega Man music!

New Rockman Album from the ROCK-MEN

Another new Rockman arrange album has been announced by Ucchy-san on Rockman Unity today. This album will be fronted by a team of Capcom's own sound staff who puts on the "We are ROCK-MEN!" podcast on Capcom's Sound Sphere website this includes Masahiro "Asian Guitar Emperor" Aoki on guitar, whose work includes Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, Yasumasa "Original Song Destroyer" Kitagawa on bass, whose work includes Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars, and Mitsuhiko "Bleep Bloop Maestro" Takano on drums, whose work includes Mega Man Xtreme. Guest musicians include Azusa Kato on keyboard and Reo Uratani on guitar (who is currently working on Mega Man Legends 3).

For now, little other details for the album are available, including a release date or what it will even be called. Ucchy-san's blog post contains a couple videos of a talk with Yasumasa Kitagawa, and he also advertises the latest ROCK-MEN! podcast which contains a version of the Mega Man X2 Opening Stage (although I don't know if this meant to be on the album). In fact, the crew seems to be interested in taking ideas from fans about the album, since there are so many Rockman soundtracks available these days (areas to fill in are the message title, your nickname, your age, your gender (male/female) and then your message). How such information will be used remains to be seen.

I'm always up for some more rockin' Rockman music! We'll keep you posted on the details as they develop.

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Joshua Morse Takes Us All To The Robot Museum

Mega Man: The Robot Museum by Joshua Morse and OverClocked ReMixWhile we still have to wait until sometime next month for Ippo Yamada's new album, we can help pass the time by listening to some new classic series Mega Man remixes right now! Mega Man: The Robot Museum is a free, downloadable album from OverClocked ReMix artist, Joshua Morse. Unlike the majority of albums released on OCR, The Robot Museum is a one-man album with Morse's signature style of jazzy, disco funk present throughout each track.

The nine track album features a stage theme of one robot master from each numbered classic game up to Mega Man 8, with the ninth track as an arrangement of the CD Database song from Mega Man & Bass. You can download the album on the official site. Check out the trailer below to see a sample of what to expect.

A Superb "Esperanto" (MMZ4) Remix For Your Listening Pleasure

A Superb Esperanto (MMZ4) Mix For Your Listening PleasureThe Mega Man X Series album from the Overclocked ReMix community is nearing completion (just look at all the finished tracks!). As if the gigantic track list wasn't enough, it will also feature a bonus remix of Esperanto from Mega Man Zero 4 (one of my personal favorite tracks from the series). While there isn't much new to report on the album itself, the bonus track is available in it's entirety right now. You can stream it on YouTube or grab the mp3.

The artist (who goes by "melody") had this to say about the track:

With this arrangement i sought to singularize the multi-faceted gem that is esperanto. the original seems to take on the narrative voice of zero; his response to the oppression and genocide that run rampant in rockman zero's dystopian reality. he awakens from century-long stasis to mere traces of the world he fought to protect in the past, and the song speaks of his noble decision to ultimately press onward in the face of insurmountable odds. an old war hero against the backdrop of a crumbling world, one gets the sense that he truly understands the futility of war and there are overtones of finality as he resolves to make the ultimate sacrifice to propagate his ideals.

Don't let the YouTube time display fool you, the remix clocks in at around five minutes with the other three and a half filled with Zero 4's ending.

Warning: The video below does contain spoilers so if you've never played the games, you might want to go with the mp3 version.

OCR Releases 3rd Teaser of MMX Series Fan Album

In September, we posted a tantalizing preview of an upcoming Mega Man X series fan remix project. Since then, the hard working community at OverClocked ReMix has been slaving away to fill your ear holes with more Mega Man X Series remixes than you can shake a Z-Saber at. The album may not be finished just yet, but they have been nice enough to release a whopping 16 and a half minute preview. It includes a lot of new material as well as some other sections of songs heard in previous teasers.

A quick refresher: The final album is planned to have over 70 tracks, covering (to varying extents) the entire numbered X series (sorry, no Command Mission at the moment).

Warning: Due to the long nature of this teaser, it isn't as polished as the previous ones. There are currently volume inconsistencies between tracks. Also, there is some pretty severe popping from about 7:52 - 9:01 that will, of course, be fixed in the final mix. But don't let that stop you from enjoying the music!

Teaser #3: [audio:]

There's still no word on a release date for the full album, but considering that this is supposedly the "final" teaser, I imagine it's not far off. You can check out the project thread here.

Thanks to Fei-Long for sending this in!

Fans Take on Music from the Entire X Series

Sure, we're still waiting on a few other fan remix projects to release, but that isn't stopping the folks at OverClocked ReMix from attempting to tackle a wide selection of tracks spanning the entire X series. No, they're not tackling every single song ever featured in an X game. There is, however, still a ton of tracks featured. 61 songs have been claimed and are at various stages of completion. Some tracks are even 100% done already.

Started back in January, the project already has two teasers available for your listening pleasure.

Teaser #1: [audio:]

Teaser #2: [audio:]

They're currently asking that artists present their final tracks on October 9th. Hopefully we'll know more about a release date then. You can find the project thread here.

Capcom Announces "Rockman Kai Arrange Shitemita" Soundtrack (Updated)

A new product listing has appeared on e-Capcom for the Rockman soundtrack "Rockman Kai: Arrange Shitemita!!" (roughly Rockman Modified: Let's Arrange It!!). The album will release various Rockman tracks arranged by different musicians, including Team Nekocan of Airman ga Taosenai fame. In fact, Airman ga Taosenai will be a bonus track on the disc. Here is the complete track list: 01. Blow Through Tornado by Team Nekocan (Rockman 9 Tornadoman) 02. Snake dance by Shachou  (Rockman 3 Snakeman) 03. DIVING DAY by Yamadan (Rockman 4 Diveman) 04. RELOADED by Soy-SOUTH (Rockman 5 Napalmman) 05. Upside Down Phenomenology by Deadball P (Rockman 5 Gravityman) 06. Imitation Castle ~To The Castle of Lies~ by kanipan (Rockman 5 Darkman) 07. Scissor Head by Sound CYCLONE (Rockman 1 Cutman) 08. Thermal Power by IOSYS (Rockman 6 Flameman) 09. Knightmare night by Princess Tissue &  Yutaka Sekine (Rockman 6 Knightman) 10. I'm BUBBLEMAN by Hyadain (Rockman 2 Bubbleman) 11.  Power of the Unknown ~Eight Power of Rock!~ by JUNCA (Rockman 2 opening and staff roll)

Additionally, the album will feature Team Nekocan's three Rockman-releated singles: Can't Beat Airman, These Guys Are Supposed to Help? and Won't Sleep 'Til Cleared! The album will ALSO come with a DVD with movies for the three Team Nekocan bonus tracks, as well as a medley of the main tracks. This amazing album will release on October 20th for ¥3,150 with tax (roughly $37 US). A pretty interesting selection for a new album!

UPDATE: After a little snooping around, I found a preview reel for the soundtrack has been put up (for a week, oddly enough). You can take a listen in the video here, although it is a 20 minute long demo. And while I haven't listened to it all yet, it appears most if not all the tracks will contain singing. I have a feeling that might be a bit of a turn-off for some, but eh, don't knock it 'til you give it a listen.

News Credit: Rockman Unity

Ippo Yamada Announces "Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero - Mythos" plus Box Set (Updated)

We just posted a short while back about Ippo Yamada's involvement in various projects. It turns out that CD due in June is Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero - Mythos, an arranged album made in honor of the Rockman Zero Collection. Involvements are scarce so far, but he did announce it will be released concurrently with the Collection, on June 10th. He also mentions that Ryo Kawakami is currently in the midst of arranging, Tohru Itoga will be recording vocals the day after tomorrow, Tsutomu Kurihara will be providing guitar work and illustrator Tohru Nakayama will be designing the album jacket. With the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack just coming out now, it sounds like we have another delicious arrange album on the way! News Credit: Spiceman @ Blog

Update: A couple more details have surfaced from the product listing page on e-Capcom. The album will be a single disc, run for ¥2,000 ($21.31 US), and will contain a 12 page full color booklet. Contents of the booklet include liner notes by Ippo Yamada, a music companion by Ryo Kawakami, and comments from the chief developer of the Zero series entitled "Developer Comments 2010." Additionally, it sounds like the track Tohru Itoga is performing for is a vocalized version of "Everlasting Red," the staff roll theme for Zero 3.

Furthermore, Capcom is releasing a box set of all five Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero albums under the name Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero Limited Box. The box set will go for ¥9,800 ($104.42 US) which may seem staggering, but is cheaper than the ¥14,400 ($153.43) to by all five albums individually.

Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack Additional Details

As it nears its release in a couple of weeks, Inti Creates has made a preliminary page for the Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack. Unfortunately there are no samples yet, and not many new details, but here are the album's features more specifically. -A total of 21 tracks, arranged by musicians throughout Mega Man's history (originally reported, they contain all the musicians from Mega Man 10, along with Masato Koda (Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry), Yoshino Aoki (Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man Star Force), Saori Utsumu (Mega Man Xtreme), and Seiko Kobuchi (Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X)).

-Two drama tracks with Dr. Light (Shozo Izuka) and Dr. Wily (Takeshi Aono). Curious note, Takeshi Aono has done the voice of Dr. Wily in Japan as far back as Rockman ever featured speaking.

-Two vocal arranged tracks, Last Exit (written and performed by Tohru Itoga) and One And Only (written by Hitoshi Ariga, performed by DigitalSpicyDuck with Tohru Itoga).

-The album's front cover is by manga artist Koji Izuki, as well as an included 16 page manga called "ROCKMAN10 -extra F-," which sounds like it will feature Forte (Bass).

Hopefully we'll get some more details, and especially some samples, soon. But even if not, it's only two more weeks. Stayed tuned for more details.