MM25: Mega Man Rocks Track List and Samples

MM25: Mega Man Rocks Track List and Samples

Capcom Unity has released the track list for their second upcoming Mega Man  anniversary album: "MM25: Mega Man Rocks." This album features songs old and new by  Mega Man  and gaming tribute bands. What's more, you can have a listen to some samples, too.

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Another Summer Giveaway! Grab a Doujin Music Compilation!

cdsHow's the summer treating you? I don't know about other places, but there've been record highs in Japan this month. I'm seriously ready for things to cool off... and I'm Heat Man! But this giveaway might only heat you up more. We're offering two copies of the 25th anniversary celebratory doujin album Mega Rock Carnival, presented by EtlanZ. I originally talked about this album early last month (where you can hear some samples as well). And as promised, we're going to give away copies to two lucky people!

So what do you need to do? Simply post a comment on this article discussing which Mega Man series has your favorite music. You can go into as much detail as you please, but pick one! After the deadline passes, we will randomly select two comments to be chosen as the winners. Please only leave one comment, and please use a real e-mail address so we can contact you!

The deadline for this giveaway is September 1st, the stroke of midnight PST. Good luck!

Learn the Story Behind One Contributor to Mega Man's Soundtrack

mmcartoonsoundtrackcoverartOkay, this one is a bit more old and obscure in the realm of all things Mega Man, but after some light encouragement on Twitter, we're going ahead and posting it. So please bear with us. A little while back, we-- by way of Destructoid's Tony Ponce-- told you about one rather bizarre, officially-licensed item to be found in the annals of Mega Man merchandise: The soundtrack to the Ruby-Spears animated series from the early 90s, which was actually a compilation of the odd arrangement of songs used in the credits for the show's second season, rather than tunes from from the show itself (not even the "Super Fighting Robot" theme was included).

Fast forward to last night, and we're watching the latest episode of Todd in the Shadows' "One Hit Wonderland" over on That Guy with the Glasses, a fun show which looks back at the acts of yesteryear who were only known for just one song. This episode focuses on the group Mr. Big and their hit "To Be With You."

At 9:55 into the video is where everything clicks, as he briefly examines one of the group's follow-ups, "Take Cover." After a moment of listening, we cracked up-- Despite knowing "To Be With You" but not really recognizing the group name, we immediately recognized the song and name together as one of the contributors for that Mega Man album. To this point, we had no idea that the two songs were by the same guys, or even related at all.

Again, this is all kind of vague and obscure, but there it is. If you're interested in learning more about the group and how they went from one successful song to having a blue cartoon robot shill for one of their latest works after most kids have probably stopped watching, then check out the full episode of "One Hit Wonderland" below.

As an aside: Even if you're not a fan of That Guy with the Glasses, aka The Nostalgia Critic, aka Doug Walker, Todd's work is an entirely separate thing from Walker's, so if you haven't before, give it a chance. It's clean and informative, with just a light touch of humor added, and as far as I can tell, should be safe for work.

Sample Capcom's 30th Anniversary Music Album

As we reported late last month, Capcom of Japan is releasing a 30th anniversary album containing both original and arranged versions of popular music from 10 of their series spanning the decades. Tonight they've also put out a cross fade demo of some of the tracks on the album. You can jump to 2:00 to hear an arrangement of Cut Man's theme by Tetsu x Neko (of Team Nekocan), and 3:00 to hear an arrangement of Armored Armadillo's themed by Deadball P. The album also contains the original versions of these tracks.

Given that the two disc set is said to contain over 40 tracks, there may be yet more Mega Man music in store. The album will release September 25th for ¥3、150 and come with a 16 page color booklet.

News Credit: GoNintendo

Mega Man and X Partake in Capcom 30th Anniversary Album

30thalbumTo celebrate 30 years of games, Capcom of Japan is releasing a special two disc anniversary album. The album covers ten of Capcom's series, including Mega Man and Mega Man X. Over 40 tracks will be present on the two discs. The first disc is the "Original" disc, containing the direct game audio of tracks representing the best of the series (so expect Wily's stage theme from Mega Man 2). The other disc, the "Arrange" disc, will contain tracks arranged by  over 10 game loving artists, including representation from SOUND HOLIC (who released last year's ROCKMAN HOLIC), and Tetsu x Neko of Team Nekocan (Can't Beat Airman). The album will release in Japan on September 25th for ¥3,150 (roughly $32 US). As far as I'm concerned, I can always go for more Mega Man and Mega Man X music.

News Credit: CAP Kobun

Mega Rock Carnival is a Triumph Among Doujin Albums

メガロック カーニバル
Mega Rock Carnival is one of the newest Mega Man doujin albums to hit the scene. Produced by EtlanZ, who has long been in the game music arrangement scene, it was first released this weekend at the Mega Rock Fan Festa. This two disc album contains 37 tracks by a variety of artists, and representing all seven series.

But what makes it so special is who those artists are. It includes work from a variety of people connected to Mega Man, such as Manami Matsumae (Mega Man), BUNBUN (Mega Man 3), Makoto Tomozawa (Mega Man 7, Mega Man Legends), Seiko Kobuchi (Mega Man X Command Mission), and SENSORS made up of Ippo Yamada and other Inti Creates sound staff. Other tracks are backed by people who have worked in various game and anime music, people who do live shows and other well known doujin artists. For a doujin album it's loaded with a myriad of star power!

You can sample the album with these two cross fade selections: [audio:] - Disc 1 demo [audio:] - Disc 2 demo

Furthermore, while I was intending to keep this under wraps, I will say now: I have two copies of this album that we will be giving away on TMMN in the near future. Stay tuned for that opportunity!

Sample Manami Matsumae's Original Track with World 1-2 Pre-Order

Some months ago we informed you about "World 1-2," a game music album project bringing together a number of artists from the game industry. This includes an original track by Manami Matsumae, one of the original composers of Mega Man and creator of some of its best known tunes.

World 1-2 is now available for pre-order for $10, and will release on May 2nd. However, you can listen to five tracks from the album right now, including Matsumae's. Furthermore, if you pre-order now you can download those tracks right away in whatever format you desire.

This is Matsumae's first work on a non-Japanese project. What do you think of her single? Does it seem Mega Man-ish?

Capcom US Releasing "E Can" Sound Set as Separate Downloads

Rockcan-Disc01 Last year in Japan, Capcom released an impressive but pricy 25th anniversary commemorative item, the "Rockcan E Can" containing the music from the ten main Mega Man games in a tin E Tank holder. Now Capcom US is selling the tracks their own way.

Capcom has just announced the soundtrack to go on sale on their Capcom Store as a digital download, separated by game. So far, the original Mega Man is available for $8.95. Presumably other sets will come down the road, meaning the total album could be obtained for roughly $90, which is still a bit cheaper than the E Can ran when it was released.

The soundtrack will contain not just the original NES music, but also arranged tracks used in the PSX re-release (which come from titles like Power Fighters), as well as other bonus tracks.

Reika Morishita's "Another Sun 2012" Single Coming Next Month

51ry1uDOdWL Last year we learned that Reika Morishita's arranged theme songs for Rockman DASH garnered enough support to get an actual single release. In case you weren't aware, that album is coming out pretty soon now. Releasing in Japan on March 6th, Another Sun 2012 contains the arrangements for both "another sun 2012" and "Anata no Kaze ga Fuku kara ~Your wind is blowing~". The single album will also contain the instrumental versions of both tracks. It will run ¥1,000 ($10.70 US).

If you can make an account on Amazon JP, you should be able to import the album easily. Of course, the tracks are still available to purchase digitally as well.

An Interview with Mega Man Music Legend Manami Matsumae

250px-Manami_Matsumae_-_04A short while back, we reported to you about the development of World 1-2, a gaming inspired music album headed by Mohammed Taher, and bringing together a number of big names from game music, including original Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae. Recently, Mohammed got to sit down with Ms. Matsumae and had a pretty lengthy conversation with her. They go over details such as how Manami got her start in music, her work in joining Capcom and scoring Mega Man, returning again for Mega Man 10, and the tune she's making for World 1-2. It's a very fascinating read, especially those interested in the people behind game music.

Thanks for sharing, Mohammed!

Image via Videogame Music Preservation Foundation Wiki

Another Fan-Made Tribute Album to Check Out

When it comes to Mega Man, top notch music is one thing many think of. And that music continues to be arranged by loving fans. In that tradition, here's another 25th anniversary celebratory album, "Rockman Forever," by doujin music label Prismatic Music.

The album consists of a handful of tunes from Mega Man, Mega Man X and Mega Man Battle Network. The overall style is electronica and trance, so it might not gel with you strongly if you're into more orthodox arrangements. But if you like something with a deep sound and strong beat, this is for you! And the best part is, it's totally free!

News Credit: GO

Have a Taste of We are ROCK-MEN! 2

While ROCKMAN HOLIC has been spoiler us with samples, we've been without a preview of the ROCK-MENs latest album until just now, thanks to Ucchy-san. Coming in just under the wire (my own copy is already sitting on my shelf), here is a nice cross fade sample of We are ROCK-MEN! 2. And from what you can hear here, I think it's pretty obvious this album delivers just as well as the last.

Don't forgetting, we're currently running a giveaway where this album (as well as ROCKMAN HOLIC) is up for grabs for a lucky winner. If you haven't entered yet, this should be fine motivation!

The Decisive ROCKMAN HOLIC Trailer

The previews keep coming, and this is certainly the most in-depth preview yet. Here is 15 minutes of ROCKMAN HOLIC, with cross faded samples of all 16 tracks. All in all it's shaping up to be a pretty rockin' soundtrack! ROCKMAN HOLIC is due out in 9 days, alongside We are ROCK-MEN! 2 (which we've still yet to hear any of).

News Credit: COCOROG

Here's Another ROCKMAN HOLIC Sample to Jam to

Wow, SOUND HOLIC might want to slow down! We might get the whole album out on YouTube before December 19th!

Anyway, here is the latest sample for ROCKMAN HOLIC. This is "RELOADED", an entirely original track, so nothing to get nostalgic to. But if you're a fan of SOUND HOLIC and doujin themes in general it ought to suit you well. This track is performed by Nana Takahashi with rapping by 709sec.

Just to look back, the other ROCKMAN HOLIC previews include X-Buster, Together As One and Can't Beat Air Man (SOUND HOLIC Ver).

Thanks for the tip, DarkHackerEXE!

More Chiptune Grooves to Enjoy

Following the release of RushJet1's superb Mega Man 3 chiptune arrangement, here's another new album in a similar vein. Sugar Sugar Marathon 20XX is a 25th anniversary celebratory album with tracks from across the main ten Mega Man titles with a predominant chiptune sound. Artists include Cjeeey, Hpizzle, Capcomposer & Thretris, FantomenK, Nestrogen, kami68k, 2PLAYER, ThePlasmas, NESMETAL and eLectrodreams.

You can listen to the album above, and if you like it, downloading is as simple as a right click here. Keep it up, fans. This has been the most musical anniversary ever!

Thanks for the tip, Joey!

"We are ROCK-MEN! 2" Track List and Other Details

Alongside ROCKMAN HOLIC, We are ROCK-MEN! 2 releases in Japan this month on the 19th. And now thanks to Famitsu, we have the full track list plus some other details:

01. METAMORPHOSE (Original) 02. THEME OF ROCKMAN Xover (from Rockman Xover) 03. NAPALMMAN STAGE (from Rockman 5) 04. SKULLMAN STAGE (from Rockman 4) 05. Dr. WILY STAGE 2 (from Rockman 3) 06. EXPLOSE HORNECK STAGE (from Rockman X3) 07. DOPPLER STAGE 1 (from Rockman X3) 08. X vs ZERO (from Rockman X5) 09. Dr. WILY STAGE 1 -OMEGAMAN MIX- (from Rockman 2) 10. SNAKEMAN STAGE (from Rockman 3) 11. THEME OF ROCKMAN EXE (from Rockman EXE) 12. SKY WAVE (from Ryuusei no Rockman 2) 13. FLUTTER VS. GAZEL SHAFT (from Rockman DASH) 14. TIME AGAIN feat. DIMENSION (Original) 15. TIME AGAIN ROCK ver. (Original) 16. METAMORPHOSE feat. DIMENSION (Original)

First of all, yes, it appears we have some original tracks. This include METAMORPHOSE (perhaps the new ROCK-MEN theme song), and TIME AGAIN. TIME AGAIN is written by original Mega Man and Mega Man 2 composer Takashi Tateishi, aka Ogeretsu Kun. Meanwhile, the ad nauseum FLUTTER VS. GAZEL SHAFT [sic] track is performed by Makoto Tomozawa, who was behind the Mega Man Legends soundtrack, and also worked on Mega Man 7, Mega Man X and Mega Man 10.

Additionally, two of the albums tracks (including TIME AGAIN) are collaborations with Japanese fusion band DIMENSION. I'm not sure what connection DIMENSION has ever had with Mega Man, but it appears they are celebrating their 25th anniversary as well. Finally, as no real surprise, this album also comes with an exclusive Rockman Xover special card; this one being 8-bit Rockman.

Overall, some tracks I'm pretty excited about! It's disappointing that Flutter Vs. Gesellschaft seems to be the only Legends song in existence anymore, and I also wish the album had something from Zero and ZX. However, Napalm Man, Skull Man and MM3 Wily 2 are tracks that I'm really happy to get arrangements of. Hopefully samples will be coming along soon!

By way of PRC.

Air Man Still Can't Be Beat in New ROCKMAN HOLIC Preview

Here's another song you can enjoy from the upcoming arranged album ROCKMAN HOLIC. This time it's an arrangement of Team.Nekocan's original track that rocketed to amazingly popularity (and can even be played at karaoke): Can't Beat Air Man. This arrangement features Hanatan behind the vocals, and a bit more of a smooth electronic rock arrangement.

Thanks for the tip, Michael and Stealth Woman!

New ROCKMAN HOLIC Sample, Plus Xover Bonus Item

Here's another sample from the upcoming album ROCKMAN HOLIC for you to enjoy - in fact, it appears to be a complete track! And unlike the previous sample, perhaps you can even sing along to this one.

This is "Together As One," an arrangement of the Wily stage theme from Mega Man 2 (a track you always gotta have). Lyrics and singing are by the bilingual artist nano, so for perhaps the first time on an arranged soundtrack, we have a fully English song.

Furthermore, SOUND HOLIC has also announced that ROCKMAN HOLIC will come with a special serial code for the upcoming iOS title Rockman Xover. The code unlocks a Zero battle memory card.

"We are ROCK-MEN! 2" Expanding its Horizons

Are you excited for the new album by Capcom's own ROCK-MEN? Last year, the crew produced a CD covering a delicious variety of Mega Man and Mega Man X tunes, as well as a track from Mega Man Legends. For this new album, while we still don't have a track list, it sounds like the variety of content will be pushed even further. Capcom of Japan's summary of the new arranged soundtrack states "On top of a foundation of classic Mega Man and Mega Man X tunes blasted in rock and techno, there are richly arranged tracks from series up to Battle Network and Star Force adding to the variety!"

Honestly, I'm both excited and frustrated by this news. I love variety in my arranged soundtracks, and Battle Network is especially overdue in having some sweet arranges. However, the original "We are ROCK-MEN!" was pretty loaded at 17 tracks, and adding more series may mean fewer available songs from each. Man... there are so many arranges I'd love to hear! What would you want to see in this multi-series music tsunami?

Exploring the Vocalists of ROCKMAN HOLIC

Last week we unceremoniously broke the news of another new Mega Man arrange album, ROCKMAN HOLIC. As SOUND HOLIC's debut retail album, it will contain arrangements of Mega Man and Mega Man X tunes with singing by a number of well known vocal talents under their label. The ROCKMAN HOLIC official site recently revealed another wave of participating vocalists as well, adding Gom, nano, Daisuke Kishio and Masakazu Morita.

Chances are, though, unless you're a big Touhou Project fan or something, you probably don't know who many of these singers are. So I scoured YouTube to find a sampling of works and give you some idea of what to expect with an album like this. Now I'm no SOUND HOLIC fanboy myself, so pardon me if I didn't grab your favorite track or the artist's most representative piece!

SOUND HOLIC is planning to reveal a third batch of singers sometime soon, so we'll keep you posted. For now, consider the songs after the break.

Nana Takahashi








Daisuke Kishio

Masakazu Morita