Mega Men Take Super Smash Bros. by Storm

Mega Men Take Super Smash Bros. by Storm

Nintendo has just concluded their Super Smash Bros. Direct video, and as you can probably guess from our posting about it here, there was indeed new information about Mega Man's part in the game to behold!

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A Peek at Yellow Devil in Super Smash Bros.

dailyThe Super Smash Bros. Official Site treats fans to a new screenshot everyday. Of course Mega Man has shown up here and there, but here's our first direct look at Yellow Devil (previously we only see him assembling at the end of the trailer). They really nailed his classic appearance, even with the shape of the hands. And just what is Kirby doing up there? Is he stuck in the Devil, or just clipping through? Or maybe he's even controlling the behemoth (unlikely, but neat idea). I've been curious what kind of role Yellow Devil plays in the game. I'm supposing he's probably a hazard that shows up in the Dr. Wily castle stage. But what do you think?

Thanks for the tip, KXN!

Your First Look at WF2012 Summer Rockman Goods

Wonder Fest, as you may know, is a twice a year super-assembly for model and figure-making fans. And lately, there's been more and more Rockman wares available by dedicated garage artists. Sadly, it does not appear that Hobby Rock is organizing again for this event, unless they plan to release a close call announcement (Wonder Fest 2012 Summer is in just a few weeks). But that doesn't mean fans still won't be bringing the Rockman goods!

First we have some sweet new Rockman Killer figures by Planeswalker, pictured up top. Punk was definitely one of the big draw's at the 2012 Winter show, and now he's getting an all new kit! What's more, he'll be accompanied by Enker and Ballade too. Needless to say, I love these. On his blog, Planeswalker also lists a couple figures from fellow collaborators, Plant Man and Zero from Rockman EXE Transmission.

Next we have Kid's Company. Earlier this year they joined Hobby Rock with a poseable Prairie garage kit. At the time they were also working on Aile, but she wasn't far along enough yet. But now it seems she's about ready. This kit will feature all the same poseability as Prairie, AND it will come with parts for Model X and Model ZX transformations.

As for one of the most unique subjects, here is Zero from Rockman EXE Transmission (the not terribly well remembered platforming Battle Network title). This figure is being created by Bamboo 238. I really have to give garage kit modelers credit - they like going for the interesting characters!

Finally, we have this amazing Yellow Devil figure by Minamida Koren. Koren participated at the previous Wonder Fest with these figures of Rock and Roll. Yellow Devil, however, is an interesting route to go. I just love the size and shape of it!

That's all we have so far. Sadly, I won't be going to Wonder Fest this time around, although I'm a little relieved as well because of the trouble it is. Nevertheless, we'll do our best to show you all the great wares to be available!