Mega Man 10 Half Off on XBLA

Are you kidding me? You think ten bucks is too much for Mega Man 10? I'd have paid twice that! But if you're an Xbox 360 owner, and being a cheapskate is the only thing keeping you from battling Sheep Man, this is your time. Xbox Live's Deal of the Week is featuring Mega Man 10 for half off; just five measly bucks (400 points). In fact, a good handful of downloadable Capcom titles are available for half off in this week's deal. So seriously, just skip a trip to Jack in the Box today and grab one of the coolest Mega Man games to come out in recent years. Thunder Wool awaits you. 'Course, who am I kidding? Most of you have it, I'm sure! *pats loyal fanbase*

Via Capcom Unity