Mega Man Makes List of "10 Examples of Fan Service That Fans Hated"... Twice

76740cc2e8cb28b8795ee9a9a93af91cc6807430.jpg__576x480_q85 GamesRadar has been celebrating their annual "Week of Hate," and today's feature involves "10 examples of fan service that fans hated"-- instances where companies try to do something to please fans of a certain franchise, only to have the whole thing blow up in their face with fans frothing venom and rage. Mega Man, as it happens, has the dubious honor of being featured not just once on this list, but twice, either making it appear that Capcom can't get it right or we're just a bunch of ungrateful sods ("This whole list could be comprised of the anger of Mega Man fans," they note).

Their banner reveals one sore spot for many in the notoriously badly-timed inclusion of Bad Box Art Mega Man in Street Fighter X Tekken, while the other to actually lead off the list is the addition of Mega Man items in the Xbox Avatar Store. To read more about their inclusion, along with others such as Left 4 Dead 2, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, and Fire Pro Wrestling on XBLA, click here.

Your Xbox 360 Avatar, Megafied!

f8548af025045267d1e641560ce9beec Capcom Unity has just announced that before the year is over, the Xbox 360 Avatar Marketplace is going to be receiving a new batch of items based on Mega Man! In addition to a Mega Buster or Mega Man helmet, you can also purchase a full Blue Bomber costume, or one of the other Robot Masters from the original game: Bomb Man, Cut Man, Ice Man, Guts Man, Fire Man, and Elec Man.

Prices have yet to be announced, but for a look at all the pics, check out Brelston's post on Capcom Unity here.

No Mega Man (or Pac-Man) for Street Fighter X Tekken on Xbox 360

Well, it looks like we have some good news and some bad news today. The funny part is, it's all the same news, and pretty much depends on your outlook. Remember when it was discovered that not only were the PlayStation 3-exclusive Street Fighter X Tekken characters of Mega Man and Pac-Man included on the game disc, but that they were also found in the code for the Xbox 360 version? It feels so long ago... But at any rate, it seemed that with such a find that, despite Capcom not saying anything one way or the other, 360 owners would get their chance to use the duo eventually?

Well, it turns out that isn't the case at all. Mega Man and Pac-Man aren't timed exclusives, they're just PS3 exclusives... period.

As reported by Siliconera via Destructoid, producer Tomoyaki Ayano to them that "Unfortunately for Xbox 360 users, Mega Man and Pac-Man are exclusive to the PS3 version of the game."

So why is the data there in the first place? Ayano explains:

Every game has data on it that is unused. In this case, Street Fighter X Tekken for the Xbox 360 did have the Mega Man and Pac-Man data on it. But, we never intended to release these characters on the 360. They are PS3 exclusives and that was our intention from the very beginning. The are not going to be timed exclusives either, they’re PS3 exclusives.

Well, that apparently settles that, though Destructoid adds that they aren't exactly PS3 exclusives, strictly speaking: They'll also be available immediately in the PlayStation Vita port of the game, which will come out in Europe on October 2nd, whereas the U.S. and Japan will see it on October 23rd and 25th, respectively. Either way, it seems like Sony must have offered Capcom a hefty hunk of change to keep the mascots on their turf.

That just leaves one question: Were any of you holding out for this information to make a purchase? If so, how has this affected your plans? Tell us (but keep it civil)!

Mega Man 10 Half Off on XBLA

Are you kidding me? You think ten bucks is too much for Mega Man 10? I'd have paid twice that! But if you're an Xbox 360 owner, and being a cheapskate is the only thing keeping you from battling Sheep Man, this is your time. Xbox Live's Deal of the Week is featuring Mega Man 10 for half off; just five measly bucks (400 points). In fact, a good handful of downloadable Capcom titles are available for half off in this week's deal. So seriously, just skip a trip to Jack in the Box today and grab one of the coolest Mega Man games to come out in recent years. Thunder Wool awaits you. 'Course, who am I kidding? Most of you have it, I'm sure! *pats loyal fanbase*

Via Capcom Unity

Xbox 360 Owners, Be Thankful

Do you own an Xbox 360 and have looked at Mega Man 10 sitting in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, thinking to yourself "wow, old school-style Mega Man action, that's so cool! But 800 Microsoft Points (about $10) is more than I feel comfortable with paying. After all, my Avatar needs clothes to wear, and Value Meals don't supersize themselves..." Well, you get the idea.

But we digress; if 800 Microsoft Points is above the threshold you are willing to spend for Mega Man 10 (now officially the last Classic game worked on by Keiji Inafune, and would surely be a collector's item of sorts were it not a digital download release), then Microsoft has good news for you. From November 23rd through November 29th, Microsoft is holding a Thanksgiving Week sale, and the downloadable adventures of Mega Man and Proto Man is 400 Microsoft Points, fifty percent off for Gold and Silver members alike!

Of course, that is far from the only thing on sale this week. For details on everything else, check out Joystiq's report.

In addition, Protodude's Rockman Corner notes that Black Friday will yield further discounts, leaving a possibility of Mega Man 9 or some other related goodies hitting the chopping block.

So there you have it: go forth, and be merry thankful!

Mega Man Fights the Console Wars

Doctor Octoroc is pretty well known for making mashups of pop phenomenons in old-school video game form.  It comes as no surprise that he would finally tackle the video game console wars in a way that would grab the attention of both old-school and current-gen gamers alike.  In a reprisal of what could easily be considered the most traumatic RPG battle on the SNES, Mega Man joins Nintendo's heavy hitters in a battle for survival.

Source: Doc Octoroc, via Kotaku

Get Mega Man 10 for Half-Price on Xbox LIVE Arcade (Update)

The title pretty much says it all, but just in case you needed them, here are the extra details.

Today and today onlyThis week (as we've now learned from JGonzo of Capcom), Xbox LIVE Gold members can log on to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and download the most recent of the Classic series, Mega Man 10, for 400 Microsoft Points, or five dollars (depending on how you look at it). That's half the normal 800 point/ten dollar price.

This comes as a part of Microsoft's "Spring Leftovers" sale, which also includes After Burner Climax for the same price, and Scrap Metal for 800 points.

For the Blue Bomber's latest, this is a hard deal to ignore. Plus, it helps take the sting out of the cost of the extra downloadable content (including the playable Bass and the Mega Man Killer stages) when you're not paying full price for the game itself.

Source: Cheap Ass Gamer (via Protodude's Rockman Corner)

Crazy Xbox 360 Mega Man 10 Giveaway! (All Codes Out!)

Whaaaat? How can we possibly give away more? We just can! In our last hurrah for celebrating Mega Man 10, we're giving away a whopping ten download codes for the Xbox 360 version tonight! Not only that, but Protodude's Rockman Corner is also in the midst of giving away ten codes, so all in all you have twenty chances to win! Insane-o! Here's how it's going to work this time. Much like before, I will be asking you to discuss a particular topic in the comments for this post. As time passes and I see comments I like, I will drop two codes at a time in this post, for a total of five updates. Once the codes are dropped it's first come, first serve. So don't lallygag!

This is the topic for your discussion. A couple of weeks ago, Nintendo announced it would release a new handheld, the Nintendo 3DS, which, among other features, will include the ability to render 3D effects without the use of special glasses. What kind of Mega Man game would you want to see on such a system? What new features could 3D deliver to Mega Man?

Think hard about those answers and let the discussion flow. I'll be keeping track of the banter and warning you when codes are about to drop.

Our ability to give you these codes is all thanks to Capcom*Unity, especially jgonzo. You guys, seriously, are freakin' cool. I have renounced Hephaestus as my master and will swear my allegiance to you. And seriously, Capcom*Unity is having cool contests and events all the time! Go check them out!


Thank you for participation! If you missed out, be sure to check Protodude's Rockman Corner for codes. And much thanks again to Capcom*Unity!

Games Radar MM10 Contest Video Highlights Every 8-bit Boss Level

Earlier, we mentioned that Mega Man 10 could now be purchased on the 10bo10 360 (still nothing? Okay then), but there may be some of you who are unable to purchase it for whatever reason. If this sounds like you, then Games Radar may have you covered. Following is a video they've whipped up of every 8-bit Mega Man boss level. Name them all, and you can win a download code (assuming someone hasn't already). And really, who among you reading this seriously can't name them all, right?

GR notes "We omitted 7 and 8 because they’re weirdo games that don’t fit the style (and they wouldn’t synch up as well, derp), and we also left out the Wily levels, as they’re never really part of the true Mega Man experience. Which is figuring out which bosses to beat in which order, by the way." I'm sure many will argue the latter points, but nonetheless, there it is.

Good luck to anyone who tries for it. And if it's too late, well, at least it's a fun video to watch, right?

What Are Quick Man and Air Man Doing in Microsoft's Game Room?

Over on Kotaku, it's reported that a blogger found some interesting unused achievement graphics in the PC version of Microsoft's Game Room, a service that allows people to play and compete in classic game titles on the Xbox 360 and Windows PCs. So far Game Room has a modest collection of arcade, Intellivision and Atari 2600 games. However, could Mega Man be coming in a future update? One of the unused achievement graphics, shown right, appears to to have Quick Man, Air Man and Pac Man (one of these things is not like the other). Of course the unused graphic may be just that -- something that wasn't ever intended to be used. But it is curious nonetheless. News Credit: XD375

Mega Man 10 Achievements for Xbox 360 Revealed

Mega Man 10, much like Mega Man 9, isn't just about returning to basics and retro chic appeal - it's about bragging rights too! Today has revealed Mega Man 10's achievements for you to bump up your Xbox Live gamer score, if you so desire. They are as follows: WHOMP WILY! - Clear the game once. BLUE BOMBER - Clear the game in under an hour. SUPERHERO - Clear the game on HARD. HARD ROCK - Make it to a boss room without getting damaged. HEADBANGING - Defeat the 8 bosses without your helmet on. DESTROYER - Defeat 1000 enemies. WORLD WARRIOR - Defeat one of every type of enemy. TRUSTY SIDEARM - Defeat the 8 bosses with just your default weapon. NO COFFEE BREAK - Clear the game without using any energy, mystery or weapon tanks. TENACIOUS - Clear the game without continuing. INVINCIBLE - Clear the game without dying. MR. PERFECT - Clear the game without getting damaged.

The achievements seem mostly the same as those for Mega Man 9 as well. Interesting, though, that this time there's an achievement for clearing the game in hard mode. This seems to indicate that hard mode, much like Proto Man, will be available from the get-go as opposed to being downloadable content. Incidentally, I'm also sure Mega Man 10 itself will have many more in-game achievements than these, also like Mega Man 9.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner.

A sign of Mega Man Legends 3? *Updated*

legendsFile this one under curiously hopeful. Gaming news site N4G has listings for Mega Man Legends 3 under both PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. I'm not much a traverser of N4G myself so I'm not sure how these things pan out there, but then again recall how Mega Man 9 began with a curious entry on the Australian OFLC. Still, with no info listed at all, including even a developer and publisher, we'll just have to wait on this one. Should it hold any water, I imagine info will trickle down in the near future. News Credit: Dan

Update: Nope, this is pretty much wishful thinking on the part of a N4G user.  Their moderation system doesn't check against the existence of a game before they list it and anyone can add a game to their listing for any platform.

Sorry guys, but until someone actually references Mega Man Legends 3 in an announcement, it's not happening for a while.

On a side note, while watching G4TV I noticed they had a poll up asking which game needs a sequel.  Contenders were Misadventres of Tron Bonne, Okami and I forget the last one.  Naturally, Okami won with about 66%, but that the game was even mentioned on G4 should count for something... right? --- LanceHeart