Details on MM10, Zero Collection from World Hobby Fair

The World Hobby Fair Winter 2010 is running in Japan right now, and attendees at the event have been able to Net Battle in OSS, try out Mega Man 10 and hear a little about the Mega Man Zero Collection. Here are some of the details we have from the event: MegaMan 10

  • Unlike the CES demo, this demo featured both Strike Man's and Blade Man's stages playable to completion (though it's not mentioned if they had Robot Masters).
  • Proto Man was playable for the demo in both easy and normal modes.
  • Strike Man's stage midboss is called Goalie Keeper.
  • Blade Man's stage midboss is a castle-like robot (as seen in the promotional video). Its eyes are its weak point, and when defeated it throws up a white flag.
  • 200 Mega Man 10 caps were given out to attendees.

Mega Man Zero Collection

  • Was formally announced at the event right after the OSS Survival NEO Net Battle tournament, with screens of the game shown. There was also a one page ad for it in the event pamphlet.
  • A promotional movie featured both artwork from the games and official character illustrations.
  • A new feature to called the Collection Mode for now was announced. Details about it are unclear, but it may be gallery mode to view character artwork and such.

We'll keep you posted with more info as it comes.

News Credit: CAP Kobun

RnR3: Amazing Wave Battles

As you may know, the Winter '09 World Hobby Fair has been going on in Japan, and Capcom has been there hosting Wave Battle tournaments for Ryuusei no Rockman 3 (Mega Man Star Force 3). You can catch the action for some of the top battles at Capcom's website. So far they have videos of battles from the Osaka and Tokyo conventions, with Nagoya and Fukuoka coming in the next couple of weekends. And let me tell you, these kids are pretty good. Just be warned that the videos may contain mild spoilers for Star Force 3, since they go all out with many of the special attacks. Think you could beat these guys?